The Technohol 13 Alphabetical Character Roster: T

T'Gin-Zu: a student of various martial arts forms for decades, Joseph R. Rainone has proven himself to even elite ninjas like Storm Shadow! Taken under his wing, that Arashikage warrior brought Joseph into his clan, and subsequently GI Joe's Ninja Force! Availability:

T'Gin-Zu (MSH Classic)

T'Gin-Zu (4C System)

T'Gin-Zu (Marvel Saga)

T'jbang: Sam studied under the Arashikage clan's master swordsman, and has taken a vow of silence as a result. The man is silent but deadly, having developed his sword techniques in darkened caves throughout Japan, which no one has lived to describe! Availability:

T'jbang (MSH Classic)

T'jbang (4C System)

T'jbang (Marvel Saga)

T-AI: the Tactical Artificial Intelligence, T-AI is reportedly the daughter of the Autobots' computer, Teletraan I. She's a highly efficient tactician (surprise!) who helps the Autobots both manage their base and blend in with humanity even better. Availability:

T-AI (MSH Classic)

T-AI (4C System)

T-AI (Marvel Saga)

the Tactical Battle Platform: this easily transportable, prefabricated base can be used by the GI Joe team almost anywhere on earth. Either as a base for other missions or a deterrent in its own right, the Tactical Battle Platform controls any area it occupies! Availability:

the Tactical Battle Platform (MSH Classic)

the Tactical Battle Platform (4C System)

the Tactical Battle Platform (Marvel Saga)

Doctor Link Talbot: a Navy SEAL and a third generation veterinarian, Doctor Link Talbot is a highly skilled member of GI Joe, who didn't join out of choice but out of necessity; it was the only way to protect the animals in his zoo from Cobra chicanery! Availability:

Doctor Link Talbot (MSH Classic)

Doctor Link Talbot (4C System)

Doctor Link Talbot (Marvel Saga)

Tanar'ri (in general): occupying a plane of roiling chaos married to blackest evil, the tanar'ri are horrors without peer. They are mercurial hatred and insane passion given form, and subsequently tempered in the crucible of the harshest spaces known! Availability:

Tanar'ri, in General (MSH Classic)

Tanar'ri, in General (4C System)

Tanar'ri, in General (Marvel Saga)

Tantrum: Dean is an unbalanced fellow who, using the powers he'd recently gained thanks to the White Event, gleefully manipulates others' emotions to serve his own, mercurial purposes. Only Hysteria seems to hold his manic urges in check. Availability:

Tantrum (MSH Classic)

Tantrum (4C System)

Tantrum (Marvel Saga)

Taurus: Varujan Ayvazyan was a Turkish circus acrobat who did undercover work for Interpol, when he wasn't smashing two-by-fours with his face under the big top. An expert in over a dozen languages, Taurus was an ideal candidate to join GI Joe's Renegades! Availability:

Taurus (MSH Classic)

Taurus (4C System)

Taurus (Marvel Saga)

Taxi Taylor: laughed at when he tried to sell the US Army his inexplicable Wonder Car, Jim 'Taxi' Taylor decided to use the bizarre creation himself. Driving into the city, he used his Wonder Car in a one-man war against scofflaws and saboteurs alike! Availability:

Taxi Taylor (MSH Classic)

Taxi Taylor (4C System)

Taxi Taylor (Marvel Saga)

Techno-Vipers: the combat engineers of the Cobra forces, Techno-Vipers are former Vipers who have demonstrated skill in the construction and maintenance of mechanical and electronic things of all kinds, making them popular members of that organization! Availability:

Techno-Vipers (MSH Classic)

Techno-Vipers (4C System)

Techno-Vipers (Marvel Saga)

Technohol: the brain child of the mysterious mad scientist known only as Mister Brewer, Technohol is a revolutionary organic circuitry technology that he needed Permutational Industries' help to develop - which they gladly did - for a price. Availability:

Technohol (MSH Classic)

Technohol (4C System)

Technohol (Marvel Saga)

Technoholic Man: used as a test subject for an organic circuitry super soldier sleeper technology disguised as a soft drink, Sam Xerxes Robbins managed to come out of this on top, and now wanders the earth as a mighty technological hero! Availability:

Technoholic Man (MSH Classic)

Technoholic Man (4C System)

Technoholic Man (Marvel Saga)

the Technoholic Twins: these two oblivious twins were dosed by Mister Brewer with his experimental concoction: Technohol 14! Saved from its mind control components by Seńor Barnett, they've gone on to fail at their acting careers... sort of? Availability:

the Technoholic Twins (MSH Classic)

the Technoholic Twins (4C System)

the Technoholic Twins (Marvel Saga)

Tele-Vipers: vital cogs in Cobra operations, Tele-Vipers are the men and women who relay messages back and forth between the Cobra command and its subordinates. As such, it's rare to see Cobra's leadership without a Tele-Viper handy. Availability:

Tele-Vipers (MSH Classic)

Tele-Vipers (4C System)

Tele-Vipers (Marvel Saga)

Agent Scott Templar, CIA: though not a part of Emmett Proudhawk's paranormal research team, Scott Templar was a CIA operative who found such things fascinating. Imagine his surprise when he deduced Jack Magniconte's paranormal nature... Availability:

Agent Scott Templar (MSH Classic)

Agent Scott Templar (4C System)

Agent Scott Templar (Marvel Saga)

the Terrible Thingus: left for dead by Charlie Chicanery after her exploratory visit to the B'ntri home world, this alien terror has come to earth looking for revenge. Imagine her surprise when she found other, like-minded individuals waiting in line! Availability:

Terrible Thingus (MSH Classic)

Terrible Thingus (4C System)

Terrible Thingus (Marvel Saga)

the Terror: injected with a virus and chemicals extracted from a mad dog, amnesiac Laslo Pevely was transformed into... the Terror! He now wields his inexplicable powers against the criminal element, brutally manhandling evil men! Availability:

the Terror (MSH Classic)

the Terror (4C System)

the Terror (Marvel Saga)

the Terror Drome: prefabricated facilities Cobra can use to rapidly project its power anywhere on earth, their Terror Dromes are large, cylindrical bases of operations. Equipped with Firebat launch silos and a veritable hate ray, they are a tough nut to crack! Availability:

the Terror Drome (MSH Classic)

the Terror Drome (4C System)

the Terror Drome (Marvel Saga)

Teshub: the highly improbable child of Anu and Enlil, Teshub is a storm god born into conflict. While not recognized as one of the Anunnaki, Teshub is most definitely one of them, and has gone on to serve as a member of at least six distinct pantheons! Availability:

Teshub (MSH Classic)

Teshub (4C System)

Teshub (Marvel Saga)

Tertians (Modron): incredibly powerful, the nine tertians are awesome beings. The final arbitrers of legal disuptes in Regulus, they're the equivalent of a modron 'supreme court'. They also pass final sentence on all captured rogue modrons. Availability:

Tertians (MSH Classic)

Tertians (4C System)

Tertians (Marvel Saga)

the Thin Man: Doctor Bruce Dickson found Enlightenment in the lost civilization of Kalahia, and only wanted to bring its intellectual advancements to mankind. After the Kalahians were pointlessly slain by vicious Nazis, he dedicated himself to Revenge! Availability:

Thin Man (MSH Classic)

Thin Man (4C System)

Thin Man (Marvel Saga)

Thrasher: growing up terminally spoiled, the youth that would devolve into Thrasher wanted for nothing. With no discipline to rein him in, Thrasher's violent, destructive urges consumed him, and he ultimately found his way into the Dreadnoks! Availability:

Thrasher (MSH Classic)

Thrasher (4C System)

Thrasher (Marvel Saga)

the 3Xs: Marvel's original hero group, the 3Xs were simply three guys that busted up crime - and did so very well. Little is known about this mysterious trio, other than the fact that they're happy to put their lives on the line for others! Availability:

the 3Xs (MSH Classic)

the 3Xs (4C System)

the 3Xs (Marvel Saga)

Thunder: raised in one of America's loudest neighborhoods, Matthew adores heavy metal - and any other ear-splitting noise. He joined the Army to wield artillery, and his love for his work got him a gig as the driver of GI Joe's Slugger. Availability:

Thunder (MSH Classic)

Thunder (4C System)

Thunder (Marvel Saga)

the Thunder Machine: Thrasher's greatest creation, the Thunder Machine is a car/truck/something that he cobbled together from the remains of numerous other vehicles. Heavily armed and ludicrously fast, the Thunder Machine is a Dreadnok mainstay! Availability:

the Thunder Machine (MSH Classic)

the Thunder Machine (4C System)

the Thunder Machine (Marvel Saga)

the Thunderclap: so heavy that it requires both a tractor and a trailer to move it about, the Thunderclap is a devastating artillery piece. Its eleven inch shells can hit targets twenty miles distant, and detonate with enough force to atomize any opposition! Availability:

the Thunderclap (MSH Classic)

the Thunderclap (4C System)

the Thunderclap (Marvel Saga)

Thundercracker: lording over the skies like a tyrant, Thundercracker disdains those without the power of flight. While he isn't entirely convinced the Decepticons are right, Skywarp and Starscream are usually on hand to keep Thundercracker in line. Availability:

Thundercracker (MSH Classic)

Thundercracker (4C System)

Thundercracker (Marvel Saga)

Thunderfist: little is known about the British brute called Thunderfist, other than the fact that he's mighty even before you consider the Nazi power gloves he was duped into wearing. Strong and silent, he's happy to punch villains for freedom! Availability:

Thunderfist (MSH Classic)

Thunderfist (4C System)

Thunderfist (Marvel Saga)

Thunderwing: tired of hurting others and destroying things without purpose, Spencer enlisted in the Army! Being all he can be, he has channeled his destructive urges into a career as a tank jockey, and is now the GI Joe team's MOBAT driver! Availability:

Thunderwing (MSH Classic)

Thunderwing (4C System)

Thunderwing (Marvel Saga)

the Thunderwing Jet: a series of F-22 aircraft modified for use by the GI Joe team, the Thunderwing Jet is readily its most advanced fighter to date (and it's had some spectacular combat craft in its day), and is perfect for air, ground, and electronic combat! Availability:

the Thunderwing Jet (MSH Classic)

the Thunderwing Jet (4C System)

the Thunderwing Jet (Marvel Saga)

Tiamat: first of the gods, and the mother of deities and monsters, Tiamat is the creatrix of the Anunnaki. Having been both a mentor and an enemy of her descendants over the eons, Tiamat is viewed with both reverence and terror by them simultaneously. Availability:

Tiamat (MSH Classic)

Tiamat (4C System)

Tiamat (Marvel Saga)

Tiger Claw: obsessed with ninjas after watching a seemingly profound martial arts movie as a child, Chad M. Johnson pursued a life amongst them. This culminated with him not only becoming Snake-Eyes' apprentice, but joining the Arashikage ninja clan! Availability:

Tiger Claw (MSH Classic)

Tiger Claw (4C System)

Tiger Claw (Marvel Saga)

Tiger Man: his arms lost in a factory accident, Gustav Hertz began a regimen of exercise to master the use of his feet and teeth as replacements. Growing unhinged, his hatred for machinery caused his government to turn him loose in America! Availability:

Tiger Man (MSH Classic)

Tiger Man (4C System)

Tiger Man (Marvel Saga)

the Tigerhawk: the GI Joe team's 'answer' to the Firebat, the Tigerhawk is just as dangerous an aircraft to fly. While it's small, the thing has an astounding amount of speed, maneuverability and firepower for something its size, which is why Ace likes it so! Availability:

the Tigerhawk (MSH Classic)

the Tigerhawk (4C System)

the Tigerhawk (Marvel Saga)

Time Out: Janet Claymore was an incredibly bored young woman - until she manifested a natural ability to tranquilize everyone around her. After being subsequently recruited by two separate vigilante organization, she's since made up for her lack of excitement! Availability:

Time Out (MSH Classic)

Time Out (4C System)

Time Out (Marvel Saga)

Tollbooth: having a passion for construction since childhood, Tollbooth gained a Masters degree in engineering from MIT - but found the 'real' world lacked a proper challenge. As such, he enlisted in the hopes of becoming GI Joe's combat engineer! Availability:

Tollbooth (MSH Classic)

Tollbooth (4C System)

Tollbooth (Marvel Saga)

the Tomahawk: a versatile aircraft, the Tomahawk can serve the GI Joe team as either a rescue or assault helicopter depending on their needs, whether on land or at sea. Heavily armed and armored, the Tomahawk can take a beating and can dish one out, as well! Availability:

the Tomahawk (MSH Classic)

the Tomahawk (4C System)

the Tomahawk (Marvel Saga)

Tomahawk: an Air Force test pilot who has flown almost every fixed-wing aircraft currently in service, not to mention numerous additional, experimental means of aerial conveyance, Willian P. Folger is a welcome and essential addition to the GI Joe team! Availability:

Tomahawk (MSH Classic)

Tomahawk (4C System)

Tomahawk (Marvel Saga)

Tomax: a cutthroat financier, accomplished acrobat, and amoral mercenary, Tomax is only matched in his avarice by his brother, Xamot. Together, the twins bankroll much of Cobra's operations, and are the dual masters of its Crimson Guard! Availability:

Tomax (MSH Classic)

Tomax (4C System)

Tomax (Marvel Saga)

Tommy Lightning: a troublemaker with a pronounced cockney accent, Tommy Lightning was deemed unfit to serve in the British military for some reason. As such, he jumped at the chance to become a super hero and defend his country directly! Availability:

Tommy Lightning (MSH Classic)

Tommy Lightning (4C System)

Tommy Lightning (Marvel Saga)

Toocheetsch: formerly a Soviet farmer, Nikolai was forever changed after the White Event. Gaining the ability to control his body mass, he was quickly recruited by the Medusa Web, who put him to use in a plot to subvert the USSR itself! Availability:

Toocheetsch (MSH Classic)

Toocheetsch (4C System)

Toocheetsch (Marvel Saga)

Topside: infamous after a childhood spent raising prize pigs in Fort Wayne, John joined the Navy to do... anything else with his life. His stubborn and obstinate nature somehow serving him well, it eventually landed him a spot on the Joe team! Availability:

Topside (MSH Classic)

Topside (4C System)

Topside (Marvel Saga)

Torch: violent and dim-witted, Torch has been an unrepentant discipline problem since birth. Too much for conventional motorcycle gangs to handle, Torch eventually wound up in Zartan's orbit, ultimately becoming one of that villain's Dreadnoks! Availability:

Torch (MSH Classic)

Torch (4C System)

Torch (Marvel Saga)

Toro: his parents being exposed to both asbestos and radium as youths, Thomas Raymond was born a mutant. He eventually developed powers like the Human Torch's, and the duo founded a crime-fighting partnership that lasted for years! Availability:

Toro (MSH Classic)

Toro (4C System)

Toro (Marvel Saga)

Torpedo: a strict vegetarian and obsessive perfectionist, Edward had mastered three martial arts forms before his nineteenth birthday. Parlaying his personality quirks into a successful military career, he became GI Joe's first Navy SEAL! Availability:

Torpedo (MSH Classic)

Torpedo (4C System)

Torpedo (Marvel Saga)

Tow-line: striving to protect the innocents of earth from the otherworldly threat of the Autobots' evil cousins, Tow-line works to assist humans in his 'down time', acting as a lowly tow truck (and thus helping Prowl in his own, law enforcement duties). Availability:

Tow-line (MSH Classic)

Tow-line (4C System)

Tow-line (Marvel Saga)

the Toxo-Lab: the fount of the diabolical Plasmatox, the Toxo-Lab is Cesspool's primary munitions factory. A top-secret Cobra facility, the Toxo-Lab is designed not only to manufacture Plasmatox, but can use the substance against anyone in its vicinity! Availability:

the Toxo-Lab (MSH Classic)

the Toxo-Lab (4C System)

the Toxo-Lab (Marvel Saga)

Toxo-Vipers: chemical warfare is the purview of the Toxo-Vipers, who foul the territories Cobra fights upon to give that organization a tactical advantage. Equipped with minimal safety gear, Toxo-Vipers work fast to avoid gassing themselves in the field. Availability:

Toxo-Vipers (MSH Classic)

Toxo-Vipers (4C System)

Toxo-Vipers (Marvel Saga)

Toxo-Zombies: the end of many a Toxo-Viper's career, Toxo-Zombies are what happens after repeated exposure to Cesspool's refined Plasmatox. Neither dead nor alive, they shamble about doing little else besides satisfying the needs of their reptile-like brains! Availability:

Toxo-Zombies (MSH Classic)

Toxo-Zombies (4C System)

Toxo-Zombies (Marvel Saga)

Track-Vipers: when Cobra minted a massive overhaul to their venerable line of HISS tanks, they had to train up a new class of Viper to operate them! Enter the Track-Viper: not quite as skilled as the old HISS Drivers, but a lot more expendable in comparison! Availability:

Track-Vipers (MSH Classic)

Track-Vipers (4C System)

Track-Vipers (Marvel Saga)

Tracker: a Navy SEAL who prides himself on his supreme self-reliance, Christopher R. Groen is also one of the world's greatest trackers (hence his code name). He's made himself at home in the GI Joe team, as most of them have skills that rival his own! Availability:

Tracker (MSH Classic)

Tracker (4C System)

Tracker (Marvel Saga)

Trader: his mind, body, and soul rendered timeless by a profound love of commerce, the Trader has become an Elder of the Universe. While content to barter his way through life, he's occasionally snookered into his fellow Elders' schemes. Availability:

Trader (MSH Classic)

Trader (4C System)

Trader (Marvel Saga)

Trailbreaker: though he constantly berates his high fuel consumption, Trailbreaker is a valued Autobot. Whether you consider his tactical genius, his powerful force fields, or even his cheery demeanor, Trailbreaker's teammates would feel lost without him! Availability:

Trailbreaker (MSH Classic)

Trailbreaker (4C System)

Trailbreaker (Marvel Saga)

Matt Trakker: a millionaire industrialist and ceaseless philanthropist, Matt Trakker paid the world back for his good fortunes by working to save it. To this end, he led the Mobile Armored Strike Kommand (or MASK), protecting the world from the evil VENOM! Availability:

Matt Trakker (MSH Classic)

Matt Trakker (4C System)

Matt Trakker (Marvel Saga)

TARGATs: the Trans-Atmospheric Rapid Global Assault Troopers are deployed from orbit via space-born personnel carriers. Returning to the earth as weaponized meteors, they strike utter fear into whoever has irked the ire of the Iron Grenadiers' clients! Availability:

TARGATs (MSH Classic)

TARGATs (4C System)

TARGATs (Marvel Saga)

Transistorized Ted: melding magic with technology to bring the products of his imagination to life, Ted can readily be considered something of a mad scientist. He even founded the Electronicists' League, a club of technological outliers! Availability:

Transistorized Ted (MSH Classic)

Transistorized Ted (4C System)

Transistorized Ted (Marvel Saga)

Transport Helicopters: being either heavily modified or directly based upon the Sikorsky S-64 Skycrane, Cobra's transport helicopters are the workhorse of their air force. Though only lightly armed, they can haul lots of things or people far - and on the cheap! Availability:

Cobra Transport Helicopter (MSH Classic)

Cobra Transport Helicopter (4C System)

Cobra Transport Helicopter (Marvel Saga)

Jake Travest: an unrepentant killer, the mentally imbalanced Jake Travest was nonetheless assigned to be Jenny Swensen's assistant during her time with Codename: Spitfire. When she abruptly quit, Jake was chosen to pilot her armor in her place. Availability:

Jake Travest (MSH Classic)

Jake Travest (4C System)

Jake Travest (Marvel Saga)

Tredecuplethink: psychic vigilante and humanist activist, Cecilia Baillargeon doesn't have the corner on Anthropist thinking, but is definitely an alternate voice to Alabaster Jackson-Jones'. Not that she finds his notions any less valid, mind you. Availability:

Tredecuplethink (MSH Classic)

Tredecuplethink (4C System)

Tredecuplethink (Marvel Saga)

Treecko: thought by most to be part of a magnificent marketing ploy, Treecko is in fact a real life Pokémon, brought to earth by Elys to serve as her familiar. Unfortunately, this experience has seen Elys' worst personality traits wear off on him! Availability:

Treecko (MSH Classic)

Treecko (4C System)

Treecko (Marvel Saga)

the Tri-blaster: essentially a go-kart with an enormous engine, this tiny little ride's power plant doesn't make it fast so much as it powers its triple-barrelled laser cannon. It packs a tremendous punch as a result, being incredibly deadly to Cobra operatives! Availability:

the Tri-blaster (MSH Classic)

the Tri-blaster (4C System)

the Tri-blaster (Marvel Saga)

the Tri-Cycle: each of these Dreadnok combat trikes are unique, being custom-built, by hand, using whatever parts and materials those bikers manage to steal from Cobra or other groups. Rugged and aggressive, the Tri-Cycles are a Dreadnok favorite! Availability:

the Tri-Cycle (MSH Classic)

the Tri-Cycle (4C System)

the Tri-Cycle (Marvel Saga)

Tridrones (Modron): the first variety of sentient modrons, tridrones are elite combatants. Capable of rapid assaults in any direction thanks to their curious anatomy, tridrones are particularly effective opponents for the enemies of law. Availability:

Tridrones (MSH Classic)

Tridrones (4C System)

Tridrones (Marvel Saga)

the Triple T: a powerful, yet small treaded vehicle Sgt. Slaughter uses in his personal war against Cobra, the Triple T (Tag Team Terminator) is more than a mere conveyance for the Sarge. Though lightly armed, it can easily plow right through other vehicles! Availability:

the Triple T (MSH Classic)

the Triple T (4C System)

the Triple T (Marvel Saga)

Tripwire: one of the single most jittery human beings you're likely to meet, Tormod is seemingly a klutz. Of course, he's the Joe team's ultimate demolitions expert because explosives are the only thing on earth that can calm him down! Availability:

Tripwire (MSH Classic)

Tripwire (4C System)

Tripwire (Marvel Saga)

Trojan Robots: designed to root out the hidden bases of Cobra's various enemies, the intransigent GI Joe team in particular, a Trojan robot is an automated combatant with one purpose: to send Cobra a signal revealing the location of its enemies! Availability:

Trojan Robots (MSH Classic)

Trojan Robots (4C System)

Trojan Robots (Marvel Saga)

Troublemaker: a wise cracking punk, Troublemaker definitely lives up to his name. Blessed with quadruple jointed limbs, he has become a martial arts master, some he specifically devised to make use of his own body - which he uses for the Web! Availability:

Troublemaker (MSH Classic)

Troublemaker (4C System)

Troublemaker (Marvel Saga)

Tunnel Rat: raised on the surly streets of Brooklyn back in the day, Tunnel Rat grew up to be tough, indomitable, and somewhat jaded. Always looking for a good challenge, he's more than ready to climb into nasty Cobra tunnels to ferret out the bad guys! Availability:

Tunnel Rat (MSH Classic)

Tunnel Rat (4C System)

Tunnel Rat (Marvel Saga)

Twilight: Lenore Fenzl was a retired Latin teacher who lived in a retirement home until the White Event turned her into a glowing, area effect energy leech. While afraid of her powers at first, Lenore ultimately used them to come into her own. Availability:

Twilight (MSH Classic)

Twilight (4C System)

Twilight (Marvel Saga)

Twinkle This: incredibly old, Brigh is one of the few remaining original pixies. She's not inactive by any means though, for she remembers what the fae have done to her people - and works incessantly to get revenge by serving as a familiar to human mages. Availability:

Twinkle This (MSH Classic)

Twinkle This (4C System)

Twinkle This (Marvel Saga)

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