the Technoholic Twins


Hand Size:
3 (17)


Bambi and Cyndi Gabbamonte were both formerly ordinary humans until their bodies were forever altered by a dose of Technohol 14. This organic circuitry matrix has transformed them into living weapons - though the twins are usually content in their professional lives.


Organic Circuitry (i): Cyndi and Bambi, the Technoholic Twins, were ordinary young women until their bodies were inundated with Technohol 14, an organic circuitry matrix designed to turn them into sleeper operative super soldiers - basically living weapons.

This goal was foiled by Seņor Barnett, who helped the girls to keep their minds, and also liberated the newly born artificial intellects now housed within their bodies. The girls are outwardly normal, save for the Technoholic raspberry pigmentation in their eyes and hair now.

However, since their entire bodies have been upgraded, the girls have the benefit of a wide array of of technologically-inclined powers, including the following laundry list of such (which they almost never use - such is under the control of their A.I.s):

* Adaptive (Body) Armor (s): typically, the Twins' bodies resemble that of a normal young human females; they're just as vulnerable to injury as anyone else. However, when they are aware of an incoming threat, Cyndi and Bambi can mold parts of their body into +4 protective barriers.

* Computer Link (i): the Twins can easily tie into computers or computer networks via many methods - even when the target has no external access. This power works at intensity 15, allowing them access to most computerized data, whether encrypted or not.

* Device Generation (i): this intensity 13 power allows the girls to manufacture complex electronic or mechanical (or both) items, items which bear a like m.s. and otherwise function at this power intensity (unless they normally work at lesser power).

The items so created by the Technoholic Twins bear a trademark, reddish-violet coloration. This holds true whether the item is transparent, metallic or even electronic. Any light given off by their created contraptions will similarly glow in a dark, reddish-purple hue.

While quite advantageous, this power has a catch: every exchange they use this power costs them one Health point. They can bypass this if they can draw upon related matter in their area to concoct their creations, but without such they're somewhat limited in power.

* Electromagnetic Vision (w): the Twins' Technohol has the capability to interpret the entire electromagnetic spectrum. Their eyes combine the effects of infravision, radivision and ultravision into a single, intensity 13 package (they range from radio waves to cosmic rays).

* Regeneration (s): if not slain outright by an attack, the Twins can regenerate from most damage with intensity 11 ability, meaning they recover a card each exchange without a negative aura draw, whether or not they're able to rest and recover from their injuries (barring SD damage).

* Shape Change (a): this highly versatile ability allows Bambi and Cyndi to reshape some - or all - of their body into mechanical and/or electronic implements. This gives them the ability to simulate a wide array of powers, though all are limited to intensity 13 in effectiveness.

Transforming their body into something like an aircraft would give them up to intensity 13 air speed for instance, while a lightning gun would be capped off at like energy damage with each blast. Anything greater must be developed as a separate power stunt.

Hindrances / Augmentations:

Dual Minds: the bodies of the Twins are occupied by both their own minds and that of their on board artificial intellects. These spare minds can take over their bodies in a pinch (bearing the same Willpower scores), and in fact usually do so at night.

Susceptibility: the Technoholic Twins are particularly vulnerable to a special solvent designed to destroy Technoholic material. This fluid ignores their defenses to inflict intensity 5 damage each exchange that they are exposed to the stuff - luckily, it's very, very rare.


Beretta 9mm Pistols (a): each of the Technoholic Twins, whilst their A.I.s take their bodies adventuring, carries one of these purplish handguns. They can be fired to inflict their Agility +4 damage in a single shot, raised to +5 when used to fire a short burst.

First Aid Kits (i): both Bambi and Cyndi carry first aid kits while on patrol - not for themselves, so much as for others they find in need (or those who are injured in the crossfire of their battles). They can use these to stabilize most injured persons when necessary.


Natural Weapons (s): the twins have the inherent ability to use the 'natural' weapons springing from their bodies with ease. They can reduce the difficulty of attacks that wield such contraptions, whether they're mundane (finger claws) or powered (pile driver limbs).

Performer (w): though they're of little use otherwise, both Cyndi and Bambi can make effective use of this skill, albeit in specialized, inappropriate fashions. The twins can use this skill to distract others on an average difficulty Willpower (willpower) action.


While their humans have a large number of contacts in the adult film industry, along with a large number of fans and/or stalkers, the Technoholic Twins possess few friends in adventuring circles. But then, they're only active as such part-time.

If all else failed, the duo could call upon either the Technoholic Man, XII or even Seņor Barnett for aid in a pinch. Or perhaps the other 'hero' they know of stalking the streets of Hollywood: the murderous metahuman vigilante known only to the world as 'It'.


Thrill-Seeker, with a secondary calling of Guardian: while their Technoholic artificial intellects bear a deep need to protect humanity, even from itself, their hosts are hedonistic clowns bent on their own, personal gratification above all else.


During a large portion of the day, Cyndi and Bambi's operating uniform could be called a 'birthday suit'. These two work in the adult film industry, and most of their time is spent amassing money by working non-stop in a variety of niche films - for both fun and profit.

At night however, when their A.I.s take over, the twins generally wear identity-concealing costumes, the better to protect their notorious public identities. Their costumes primarily consist of raspberry colored body suits, with a white lightning bolt etched on the chest.

The two artificial intellects complement these clingy, revealing suits with black leather boots, black leather gloves a black leather belt with a few large pouches on it to hold 'adventuring' gear, and black motorcycle helmets with mirrored visors to hide their faces.

Personality 1:

Cyndi and Bambi are cut from the same cloth, both genetically and psychologically. They're both vain, self-centered and rather oblivious about the world in general. They're not bad people, so much as they know what they want and really don't care about anything else.

Personality 2:

The Technoholic A.I.s that Cyndi and Bambi bear, on the other hand, actually care deeply for the humans living on our planet. They work hard to do good deeds for others in need, to justify their existence - and as thanks to Seņor Barnett for their freedom.

Real Names: Bambi and Cyndi Gabbamonte
Occupation: adult film stars, occasional adventurers
Legal Status: citizens of the United States with a minor criminal record
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: none

Height: 5' 8"
Hair: red-violet
Eyes: red-violet
Weight: 120 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: both Bambi and Cyndi have been changed by their exposure to Technohol, as have numerous other individuals before them. Their hair and eyes have taken on a red-violet, raspberry-like hue, and they always smell faintly of artificial raspberry flavoring. Devices they build from their Technohol, Technohol 14, have a similar coloration and scent.


Bambi and Cyndi Gabbamonte were two incredibly beautiful, yet astoundingly dim twins who decided to go to Hollywood and become famous upon (barely) graduating from high school. En route, they were approached in a Taos diner by the mysterious Mister Brewer.

The man was trying to sell them an experimental new soda he said he was about to start marketing: Technohol 14. This raspberry soft drink was going to be the Next Big Thing, and liking the idea of being ahead of a trend for once, the twins took Brewer up on his offer.

Before Bambi and Cyndi could pay the man for his sample of the drink however, Mister Brewer was assaulted by a previous test subject of his: Sam Xerxes Robbins, the Technoholic Man! When joined by XII, his last surviving Technoholic minion, Brewer was ultimately slain.

Despite the Technoholic Man's warnings, Bambi and Cyndi went ahead and drank the Technohol 14 while the battle raged just outside the diner. Since it didn't seem to quench their thirst easily, they each drank the six pack of 'soda' they'd purchased, which could've gone poorly for them.

However, thanks to the meddling of Seņor Barnett, a paranormal investigator who'd been looking into the Technoholic Man's inexplicable antics, the twins were spared the fate Brewer had intended for them - that the Technohol they drank would take over their very bodies!

Using his unwanted and unpredictable powers over technology, Barnett managed to deactivate the Technohol 14's mind wiping functions, and convinced the waking artificial intelligences inside both Bambi and Cyndi to live peacefully within their new hosts.

The two then went on with their lives as originally planned, resuming their trip to Hollywood. Bambi and Cyndi got to know the new 'friends' inside their heads, though the two Technoholic intellects were more interested in talking with each other, truth be told.

But then, conversing with either Bambi or Cyndi for any length of time is enough to drive anyone insane.

Sadly for the twins, their attempts at modelling didn't go very well, what with them not having visible ribs. Similarly, their acting careers never took off the way they'd have liked, what with their inability to remember even basic lines of dialogue being a bit of an impediment.

Thus, the two eventually began starring in adult films. This ultimately worked out well for the twins, as they had everything a director of such films wanted - and they didn't need to read a script to figure out what they were supposed to say on the job.

Of course, Bambi and Cyndi's Technohol A.I.s were keeping busy while their hosts were 'entertaining' the masses, learning about the world and trying to decide their places in it. And as it turned out, they weren't content to just have empty sex for the rest of their lives.

Thus, when their humans were asleep, the two had taken to wandering the streets of Los Angeles, meting out justice while helping those in need. Thus, the twins have gained a form of fame equally as notorious as the one their careers have given them.

Even if they don't know it.

'Acting' by day and adventuring by night, the Technoholic Twins are definitely busy most of the time. Even if they're of (literally) different minds from one part of the day to the next, what with each of the twins giving up half their day to their internal 'friend'...

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