the Toxo-Lab

In his quest to befoul the world with chemicals as badly as he himself was, Cesspool has concocted numerous novel toxic compounds. While his Sludge can be rapidly produced within the portable sludge guns of his own design, his greatest creation, Plasmatox, cannot.

This slightly mutagenic compound is staggerlingly toxic, and a cannon that fires it is Cesspool's primary personal weapon. The Toxo-Lab itself is primarily dedicated to the manufacture of Plasmatox, an industrial process that is supplemented with the following equipment:

Cobra-band Radio (i): though this facility is well hidden, the Toxo-Lab is equipped with a means of reaching the outside world. This communications equipment works with intensity 7 ability, having a effective range of 100 miles, and features encryption of intensity 9 complexity.

Crane (s): attached to the upper deck of the Toxo-Lab, this mechanical menace can grapple foes with intensity 10 Strength, either to simply hold them in place or to deposit them within the Lab's Toxo-Tank. The crane itself possesses an m.s. of 12.

Poison (s): it may go without saying, but the primary purpose of the Toxo-Lab is the production of Plasmatox. Brewed in the Toxo-Tank, this virulent poison can affect living targets on contact, inflicting intensity 8 2x metabolic damage with each deadly exposure.

In addition to reducing one's Health on contact, Plasmatox occasionally has deleterious, long-term effects as well. Upon failing to resist its SD effect, Plasmatox's victims must also pass a second, easy difficulty Strength (plasmatox) action or descend into a zombie-like state.

Reinforced Construction (s): built from durable, stainless steel, the components of the Toxo-Lab have been rendered rust-resistant with additional topical coatings. The entire facility has an effective m.s. of 11, resisting the effects of corrosion at intensity 16.

Toxo-Gun (a): pumped directly from its Plasmatox brewing vat, this liquid cannon can spray the Toxo-Lab's primary product at anyone within far missile distance of the facility. This continuous spray of liquid can strike multiple adjacent targets, albeit with the usual penalties.

Extra Goodies:

the Toxo-Lab Saga System 13 Text File Download

Cobra directories featuring a version of the Toxo-Lab:


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