the Triple T

The Triple T (or Tag Team Terminator) is a small, treaded vehicle that was built exclusively for Sgt. Slaughter's use on the GI Joe team. Though it lacks a main cannon, it nonetheless has two side-mounted guns and two missiles it can launch at an enemy, depending.

As tough and durable as the Tag Team Terminator is, Sgt. Slaughter likes to drive it through most enemies, a feat he can get away with it thanks to these vehicular characteristics:

AGT 95 HP Turbine Engine (a): it takes a powerful engine to move the Triple T - much less move it as fast as it can go. This powerful engine drives the tracks on the Triple T to allow it to move at approximately 75 MPH (intensity 3 ground speed).

Communications Array (i): the Triple T is equipped with a gigahertz frequency, frequency wobbler clandestine operations radio system, allowing for constant team communications. This makes for intensity 5 comm power (with a 25 mile range), and intensity 10 signal encryption.

MGM-79 HEAT Missiles (i): the Triple T's secondary armaments are two High Explosive Armor Piercing, anti-tank missiles, one mounted on each side of the vehicle's passenger platforms. These will inflict intensity 10 AP damage when fired singly, +1 when both hit a single target.

Personnel Transportation Platforms (Passengers): atop each tread on the Triple T lies a thick metal plate. While these each house the Triple T's missiles, a passenger may also ride along with the Sarge whilst he trounces Cobras, as long as they watch out for launches!

Raked Nylon Micro-mesh Armor (s): protecting the driver of the Triple T, this durable armor is not quite as potent as that on the rest of the Triple T, but nonetheless provides its driver intensity 8, or +2, protection against physical attacks aimed at them specifically.

Titanium Nylon Micro-mesh Armor (s): this super-duty bonded armor helps the Triple T to remain quite durable - a necessity with the Sarge in the driver's seat. This thick, durable construction gives the Triple T an effective material strength of 13.

Turret-mounted 30mm Cannons (a): mounted on each side of the Triple T, just behind the vehicle's 'Slaughter-sized Command Seat', these twinned guns can be fired to inflict the driver's Agility +5 damage in a dual shot, raised to +6 damage in a semi-auto burst of lead.

1988 Variations

the Night Raider

The Night Raider is what happens when the Night Force 'borrowed' the design for Sgt. Slaughter's Triple T. This former Tag Team Terminator has been given a darker paint job, along with muffled gear for extra stealthy operation in the dark, but otherwise functions the same.

1991 Variations

A few years after Night Force depleted the Joe team's initial roster of Tag Team Terminators, they built a few new ones for Sgt. Slaughter to disassemble Cobra hardware with! Though the green bits were all recolored red, this new Triple T model otherwise works the same.

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