the Tactical Battle Platform

The Tactical Battle Platform is a powerfully versatile, transportable prefabricated base that the GI Joe team can haul almost anywhere in the world to serve as a mobile field command center. It is heavily armed and armored, and is capable of supporting several mission teams in the field.

Of course, once placed, the Tactical Battle Platform can easily serve as an enemy deterrent in its own right. The Tactical Battle Platform makes these handy devices and capabilities available to its staff:

Armored Construction (s): built to withstand heavy enemy fire, the Tactical Battle Platform is quite durable despite being a prefabricated construct. It has an effective material strength of 14, though its fire control reinforced wind screen is 'only' of m.s. 10.

Chaparall Missile Launcher (i): this computer assisted, surface-to-air missile launcher can be automated or ran by the base's fire control officer. These missiles inflict intensity 10 damage when fired singly, adding a +1 for each additional missile used at once.

Communications Gear (i): the Battle Platform is equipped with a gigahertz frequency, frequency wobbler clandestine operations radio system, allowing for constant team communications. It works with intensity 9 range (500 miles), having intensity 10 signal encryption.

Defender Cannons (a): the primary offense on the Battle Platform, this weapon consists of two twinned, 75mm recoil-less cannons that can be fired at any surface or air targets. They can be fired in heavy bursts capable of inflicting the gunner's Agility +8 damage each.

Halogen 'Laser' Search Light (i): powered by a massive halogen bulb that can be focused to an almost painful degree (intensity 10 light), this quartz-locked search light can be a great help in finding targets approaching the Battle Platform under its radar umbrella.

Hydraulic Crane (s): this hydraulic-assisted synchro-motor crane allows the Joe team to haul cargo (or ships) around when necessary, pulling it up to the platform proper or just alongside it in a pinch. It acts with an effective 10 ton rating (Strength score of 14).

Leveling Supports (a): the Tactical Battle Platform can be placed in almost any terrain, thanks to its hydraulic leveling supports. They help the Joes install their Platform almost anywhere in an orderly, level fashion thanks to these individually adjustable supports.

Loading Ramp (Dock): the front of the Tactical Battle Platform is equipped with a multi-use loading ramp, which can serve as a mere cargo ramp when used on the ground, or a small dock when the base is utilized in the water - it works just as well in either environment.

Munitions Room (a): this portion of the Tactical Battle Platform is filled with all kinds of small arms the Joes can use to assist the station's main gunners. It includes at least five fully automatic rifles and the ammunition they need to fire for a very long time.

Octagon Helipad (Hangar): the Tactical Battle Platform can easily host GI Joe aircraft. Its octagonal helipad easily allows most helicopters and other VTOL craft to take off and land with ease - and with a minimal disruption of activity on the platform itself.

Radar Unit (w): attached to the Battle Platform's Defender Cannons, this Signal Scramble Tracking (SST) Radar unit allows the base's operator to track targets with greater ease. This intensity 9 radar system allows them a +1 to hit with the base's guns or missiles.

Extra Goodies:

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