the Tigerhawk

An answer of sorts to Cobra's Firebat 'crotch rocket' micro-jets, the Tigerhawk is a similarly designed GI Joe vehicle. This one-man aircraft primarily consists of a jet engine, folding wings (as if it weren't already compact enough), and a cockpit barely large enough for the pilot.

Oh, and its weapons, of course. Furthermore, the Tigerhawk was available to the GI Joe team in two camouflaged color schemes, depending on the mission profile they were used for: gray and tan. The Tigerhawk is equipped with the following vehicular characteristics:

Body Armor (s): the Tigerhawk is a tough little craft, but the truth is it's little. The thing has an effective material strength of 10, and provides its pilot and sole occupant like, or +2, body armor from attacks that hit him (as opposed to the craft proper).

Bombs (i): on the bottom of the Tigerhawk, on each side of the cockpit, are bomb mounts. The Tigerhawk can drop one of these at a time to inflict intensity 13 fragmentary damage on whatever lies below, raised by +1 (to intensity 14) if both are used simultaneously.

Communications Array (i): the Tigerhawk is equipped with an extremely powerful, gigahertz-frequency, frequency-wobbler radio system. This makes for intensity 9 communications power (with a 500 mile range), that features intensity 10 signal encryption.

Flight (a): its primary function, the Tigerhawk is an aircraft. This vehicle is designed to fly - and to fly fast! About half of it is engine, while the rest is wing surfaces. This allows the Tigerhawk to reach speeds just shy of the speed of sound (600 MPH, or intensity 9).

Missile Launchers (i): the bottom edges of the Tigerhawk's wings are equipped with missile launchers, each of which carries two projectiles. One can be fired to inflict intensity 10 damage, adding another +1 to the total damage for each additional of mini-missile launched.

Radar Array (w): the Tigerhawk depends on both passive and active radar systems to pinpoint the movement of aircraft (friendly and otherwise) in the air. When fully active, its radar can detect targets with intensity 7 ability, functioning within a 100 mile range.

Twinned Machine Guns (a): the Tigerhawk has two twinned machine guns, one on each side of the cockpit. They can fire a short burst of rounds to inflict one's Agility +7 in damage, or they may be fired continuously to inflict their Agility +8 in damage.

Extra Goodies:

the Tigerhawk Saga System 13 Text File Download

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Note that there were two variations on the Tigerhawk released in 2004.

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