the Thunder Machine

Thrasher is one of the Dreadnoks' resident gear-heads, capable of transforming almost anything into a devastating weapon. He's not an inventor, so much as a master tinkerer, and no inanimate object has proven safe from his destructive endeavors.

While random parts can be rendered deadly in his hands, weaponry that he modifies is especially dangerous. For instance, his combination of a Trans-Am, Cobra Stinger, and an A-4 Skyhawk has produced what is arguably his masterpiece: the Thunder Machine.

A mainstay of the Dreadnok arsenal since it first rolled out of Thrasher's garage without spontaneously exploding, the Thunder Machine is a perfect mirror of its creator's personality. Heavily armed and armored, and ludicrously fast, the Thunder Machine has these capabilities:

RV 6
RV 75
RV 30
RV 20

Makeshift Armor Plating: spot-welded across most of the Thunder Machine, these carbonized armor plates protect the vehicle's occupants from a majority of combat's rigors. They help to provide the Thunder Machine's Protection rating, listed above.

Mamba Radio: this transceiver, stolen from a Cobra Mamba, works with rank value 10 ability. It has an effective maximum range of 25 miles, operates in FM UHF and VHF modes, and even has a 'cookie cutter' friend-or-foe transponder system embedded within!

Passenger Platforms: no stranger to having the wind in their faces, the Dreadnoks often cling tenaciously to the side of the Thunder Machine. It has room for a driver and one passenger inside, but anyone else has to stand on its side-mounted passenger platforms.

Penetrator Cannons: salvaged from several M161 VADS, these 20mm M61 Gatling guns are linked together on the front of the Thunder Machine. They are rigged to only fire HEDP rounds in a fully automatic fashion, inflicting rank value 50 Piercing damage during each turn of fire.

Police Lights: though they serve no practical function, other than to amuse Thrasher, the Thunder Machine is equipped with a set of stolen police lights. At will, Thrasher (or anyone else driving the Machine) can light up its reds and blues for fun.

Roll Cage: mounted on both the front of and atop the passenger area of the Thunder Machine, these tubular space frame roll cages are intended to mitigate crash damage. While intact, these cages reduces the damage caused by crashes or rolls to the Machine's passengers by 2 RS.

Wright J65 Turbojet: salvaged from a mothballed A-4 Skyhawk, this military jet engine is half of what makes the Thunder Machine's trademark ruckus - the rest coming from its Gatling cannons, naturally. This thruster allows the Machine to drive at the Velocity listed above.

Xenon Spotlamps: Thrasher has mounted a rack of four of these intense lights atop the Thunder Machine's roll cage. Combined with the headlights affixed to the former Trans-Am front end, the Machine can provide rank value 30 illumination up to two sectors ahead of itself.

Extra Goodies:

the Thunder Machine 4C System: Edition 13 Text File Download

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