the Tri-blaster

The Tri-blaster is named for its namesake weapon, a three-barreled laser cannon mounted on the front of this small vehicle, shaped something like a go-kart. Constructed using various parts shared with the Radar Rat, the Tri-blaster has a m.s. of 9, and these vehicular characteristics:

Communications Array (i): the Tri-blaster is equipped with a gigahertz frequency, frequency wobbler clandestine operations radio system. This equipment allows for for intensity 5 transception (with a 25 mile maximum range) that features intensity 10 signal encryption.

Propulsion (a): while its 'sister' vehicle, the Radar Rat, is somewhat slow, the Tri-blaster doesn't have that problem. This tiny vehicle can move fast thanks to its flat-six 360 HP engine, hitting up to 90 miles per hour (intensity 3 propulsion).

Quick Thrust Missiles (i): these four surface-to-surface active-radar missiles can be fired at anything in front of the Tri-blaster, and strike with some accuracy. They inflict intensity 9 damage when fired singly, adding a +1 for each additional projectile that hits.

Tri-blaster (a): the Tri-blaster's namesake, this is a triple-barreled, pulse fire laser cannon. This weapon can be wielded at whatever the Tri-blaster's driver wishes, inflicting the driver's Agility +6 in Armor Piercing energy damage per incredibly deadly strike.

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