The Technohol 13 Alphabetical Character Roster: X

X-brawn: eldest of the Autobot Brothers, X-brawn is a dependable, rock-steady warrior for justice. A rugged adventurer, he's always eager to explore unknown stretches of terrain, and does so whenever he's not on duty - and sometimes when he is! Availability:

X-brawn (MSH Classic)

X-brawn (4C System)

X-brawn (Marvel Saga)

Xacatecas Josť: dropping out of school because his intellect made it painfully boring, Josť eventually made his way into Mindwatch, who put all that untapped mental potential to good use as a student of the telekinetic arts! Availability:

Xacatecas Josť (MSH Classic)

Xacatecas Josť (4C System)

Xacatecas Josť (Marvel Saga)

Xamot: an accomplished acrobat, amoral mercenary, and cutthroat financier, Xamot is only matched in his avarice by his brother, Tomax. Together, the twins bankroll much of Cobra's operations, and are the dual masters of its Crimson Guard! Availability:

Xamot (MSH Classic)

Xamot (4C System)

Xamot (Marvel Saga)

Xenia Xylia: a Xenia, Ohio native, Xylia Hernandez is a towering woman with a head for business, and the skills to kill a man ten times over. A professional adventurer, she's found an unexpected family in the Warriors of Thor, who remind her of herself! Availability:

Xenia Xylia (MSH Classic)

Xenia Xylia (4C System)

Xenia Xylia (Marvel Saga)

XII: Clarice Soto was formerly a scientist working for Permutational Industries who was subjected to Technohol 12 when she learned what the company had in store for the technology. Luckily for her, it didn't silence her as her boss planned...! Availability:

XII (MSH Classic)

XII (4C System)

XII (Marvel Saga)

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