Xenia Xylia

Ex 20
Ty 6
Ex 20
Ex 20
Gd 10
Gd 10
Rm 30
Rm 30
Fe +2

Rm 30
Ty 6
Gd 10
Gd 10
Ty 6
Ex 20
Ex 20
In 40
Fe +2

Gd 10
Ty 6
Rm 30
Rm 30
Ex 20
Ty 6
In 40
Ex 20
Fe +2



For the longest time, Xenia Xylia was a completely normal human, getting by on her wits, her skills, and her profound physical prowess. However, she's recently taken to wielding a highly advanced gizmo or two as a Warrior of Thor, and can thus be considered a high tech 'hero'.

Known Powers:


Limitations / Enhancements:



Daggers: while she likes her various weapons, both for the racket they make and for their staggering lethality, the truth is that sometimes Xylia needs to dispatch a foe in a somewhat inconspicuous fashion. While lightning is more fun, a slit throat makes you just as dead!

To this end, she carries at least two blades on her at all times. Xylia's knives are always of at least Incredible (40) m.s. lest her own physical power break them. They can be used to inflict Edged Attack damage, or to cut through items of up to like m.s. when necessary.

Lightning Maul: strong enough to wield one of these with ease, Xylia totes her Electronicists' League-built maul with her wherever she goes. Made from Monstrous (75) m.s. materials, she can use this massive weapon to inflict her Strength (mgt) +2 CS in Blunt Attack damage.

Of course, this seemingly bronze weapon has a secret capability unknown by most. Namely, it can fire bolts of Remarkable (30) intensity lightning when called upon to do so, bolts which inflict like Stunning Energy damage with each deadly strike!

Semi-automatic Handguns: while her lighting maul is much more impressive, and arguably more deadly as well, it can be difficult to bring such weaponry to bear on some occasions. When she can't easily unsling her maul, Xylia will often rely upon her sidearms.

Kept in holsters on her hips, these semi-automatic firearms can be shot to discharge one round, inflicting Typical (6) Shooting damage, raised to Good (10) when fired in a semi-automatic fashion. If both are used simultaneously (in either mode), they may add a +1 CS to the damage they inflict.

Smartphone: Xylia loves her smartphones. She usually has a couple on hand at any given time; one for personal use, one for business, and a third for experiments with a new brand of such. All of these phones can be used in the same fashion in a pinch, however.

They all have the ability to tie into regional cellular networks with Poor (4) ability, doing so when within five miles of a cellular tower under ideal conditions. Of course, each has gigabytes of storage capacity for files relevant to her current job. And her personal soundtrack, too.




Business / Finance: looking at her, it's hard to picture Xylia as a member of her school's FBLA chapter! While her life didn't follow the path she first envisioned, Xylia is nonetheless adept in business matters, and can easily turn most any situation profitable.

Climbing: though she prefers to use the proper equipment when scaling vertical surfaces, Xylia is quite skilled in the process of ascent and descent without it. She may add a +2 CS to any FEAT called for when climbing, whether to move along smartly or to avoid a fall.

Guns: long before she adopted the use of a hammer which can cast lightning, Xylia made use of conventional firearms. She is well versed in the use of such, adding a +1 CS to attacks she makes with any standard, semi-automatic, or fully automatic rifle or pistol she has handy.

Languages / English, Greek and Spanish: Xylia's melting pot background has allowed her to absorb several languages since she was born. She of course can read, write and speak in English, but can also do the same in her parents' tongues: Greek and Spanish.

Martial Arts type B: Xylia is a master of several different weapon types. However, she's no less dangerous when unarmed, for she has turned her very body into a weapon. Xylia may resolve any unarmed melee attacks as if her Fighting was +1 CS higher than is listed above.

Military / United States: while she was a brawler in school, Xylia got her first taste of real battle in the United States Army. She knows military protocols like the back of her hand, and may lead fighting men and women into combat should the need arise.

Skill / Knives: Xylia is a competent knife fighter, and has a few scars here and there to denote her experiences in such battle. She may wield any short bladed knives (or similar weapons) as though her Fighting (off) was +1 CS higher than is listed above.

Skill / Hammers: after having spent some time with the Warriors of Thor, Xylia has been taught how to use all manner of hammers in combat. Whether smashing someone with her lightning maul or simply chucking a ball peen hammer at a foe, Xylia may do so at a +1 CS.

Sports: for a time, Xylia pursued a career as a professional body builder (surprise). Though her fellow competitors disgusted her enough to quit, Xylia nonetheless made a small name for herself in various circuits before she left, and knows the 'sport' inside and out.

Survival: her time in the Army and her experiences as a novice adventurer have taught Xylia how to get by without external support of any kind. When in the wild, she has the skill to dig up enough food, water and shelter to persist alone for quite some time.


Xylia, the adventurer from Xenia, knows a whole lot of people. She was in the Army for a few years, was a professional body builder for a few more, and has even done a bit of work for a few minor multi-national corporations in her time. She has at least one contact in each of these areas.

As a professional adventurer, Xylia also has a lot of people she's met that might consider her an ally. Former employers, occasional partners, even individuals she's managed to save over the years. She could possibly consider some of these reliable contacts as well.

Finally, Xylia is a Warrior of Thor. While she could've easily gravitated towards one of the Olympian churches with her background, Xylia chose instead to be a Warrior, and the group appreciates her presence. She's one of the rare, sensible Warriors on hand, after all!


Xylia doesn't go for some sort of skimpy adventuring outfit like television would have you believe she should. Of course, with her particular build, she could probably get away with it. No, Xylia makes a point of not showing a whole lot of skin while going about her business.

When 'on the job', either for the Warriors or while on a contract, Xylia most often wears a pair of snug-looking, well-worn blue jeans, a white T-shirt beneath a black leather vest, black leather belts and holsters to hold her various weaponry, and of course black motorcycle boots.


Xylia is the living embodiment of self-sufficiency. The opposite of her rather needy parents, Xylia has fought since she was young to be free of any obligation to others, wanting to accomplish everything on her own. And it was a long road getting there, but she's managed it.

Occasionally she feels inspired to help others, but other times she's glad to inflict pain on someone, whether or not they necessarily deserve it. But whichever way the winds blow her behavior, Xylia makes sure that others rely upon her - never the other way around.

Real Name: Xylia Hernandez
Occupation: adventurer
Legal Status: citizen of the United States with a minor criminal record both at home and abroad
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: the Warriors of Thor

Height: 6' 4"
Hair: red
Eyes: brown
Weight: 200 lbs.
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: none.


The child of Greek and Spanish immigrants, Xylia Hernandez grew up in a truly multi-cultural home. Living in rural Xenia, Ohio only amplified the contrast between Xylia's family and the world without, since everything from the television to her school body told her she was an outsider.

Learning at an early age that she couldn't rely upon others to get what she wanted, Xylia decided that she would grow up in a way that meant she wouldn't need to. Though her family meant well, they were ultimately too needy... and focused on themselves far more than poor Xylia.

Thus, she became something of an overachiever. If she would be shunned because of her appearance and background, Xylia would beat them at their own game. In matters both physical and mental, Xylia went on to do just that, excelling in both weight lifting and the local FBLA chapter!

Putting her classmates to shame, Xylia picked up a few useful skills at the same time. As soon as she graduated, she then enlisted in the Army, hoping to master a couple more. Imagine her surprise when, quite by accident, she found herself under live fire in Iraq one day!

Luckily, her considerable skill and sheer indefatigability helped her survive that harrowing event, and Xylia went on to become decorated several times over the course of her service. She eventually left however, ready to join the private sector and make a whole lot of money.

Getting a white collar job easily enough, thanks to her history in school and the Army, Xylia nonetheless found herself uncomfortable. She simply wasn't using her physical abilities as much as she'd like. So, she began to moonlight in a professional body building circuit.

This seemed like a good outlet for her physical power, something she'd nurtured since childhood. And Xylia had fun for a while, being busy with both her job and her hobby completely filled her time. The only problem was that eventually, things soured for her in both fields.

Her coworkers began to dislike Xylia because she did so much work that they looked bad in comparison, while her fellow competitors grew increasingly antagonistic towards her. Many of them wanted her to join something called the Church of Hercules, but she adamantly refused.

When this situation came to a head, Xylia wound up quitting both abruptly, and went off to a virtually isolated tropical isle for a time, intent on blowing off steam until she could think of what to do next. Her life clearly needed a change, after all, but into what?

When her reverie was rudely interrupted by pirates of all things, Xylia decided to take out her pent-up aggression on them - and how! Flattening them and taking their stolen boat, Xylia sailed back to America, and decided on the way that she didn't want to have a 'real' job any longer.

Thinking she could make a living trouncing goons like those pirates, much less doing anything else that only a strong, highly skilled woman like herself could manage, Xylia decided. She'd become an adventurer! She could do mercenary work she liked, and see the world at the same time!

Although she got off to a rocky start, Xylia eventually got the swing of mercenary work. She didn't do a lot of course, mostly wandering in-between jobs, but got to see a whole lot of exotic places and meet all manner of new people. Though it was unpredictable, Xylia liked her new lot in life.

Not having a religious bone in her body, Xylia's joining the Warriors of Thor was a mystery to her friends and family. If they knew her as well as they thought however, they'd have realized that the Warriors were the perfect companions for Xylia - they were all independents like her!

She initially joined because a boyfriend's endless chattering about them got her interested, but a visit to their lodge as a special guest clinched it. She liked being able to head in there to drink a bit, bash some heads in, and not have to explain herself to anyone or anything.

Though that relationship ended, Xylia went on to help the Warriors in an odd job here or there, and they sort of adopted her as one of their own. And she was okay with that, because she liked trashing the lodge and its occupants now and then. The lightning maul was just an added perk.

So though she doesn't actually believe that a giant of a man can come down from his magical home from a rainbow bridge and wreak havoc and throw lightning around, Xylia likes the people who do. And is as likely as not to be seen doing something or other alongside her fellow Warriors.

Because why not?

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