Hand Size:
3 (17)


Clarice Soto was at first a laboratory technician working for Permutational Industries when, having a sudden need to silence her, Mister Brewer subjected Clarice to his latest permutation on his Technohol super-soldier sleeper compound: Technohol 12! This has integrated a powerful organic circuitry intelligence into her body, which grants her a large array of super-human, technology-based powers!


Organic Circuitry (i): Clarice's entire body has been permeated by an organic circuitry matrix known by its creators as Technohol 12. This circuitry, disguised as a refreshingly new cherry soda, was designed to transform Clarice into the ultimate sleeper weapon, a living human arsenal. The only problem was that the accompanying mind control technology failed, due to an error on the part of its creator.

As such, the artificial intelligence inherent to the Technohol 12, which Clarice has taken to calling 'Twelve', is now cohabiting in her body with her. The two get along pretty well, what with Twelve admiring Clarice's advanced scientific acumen. When in dangerous situations, Twelve is more than ready to help Clarice in the operation of these following, technological powers:

* Adaptive (Body) Armor (s): in its normal state, Clarice's body is no more resistant to injury than any other human being. However, when either she or Twelve is aware of any incoming threat, one of the two minds resident in her body can form various body parts into shields as is necessary. As long as either of the two sense a potential, incoming attack, Clarice benefits from +4 protection from injury:

* Computer Link (i): the Technohol is an incredibly complex organic circuitry matrix. Thanks to Twelve, her on-board artificial intelligence assistant, Clarice can easily tie into other computers or computer networks via many methods - even when the target has no external access. This power works at intensity 15, allowing her access to most computerized data, whether encrypted or not.

* Device Generation (i): this intensity 13 power allows Clarice to manufacture complex mechanical or electronic (or both) items, though Clarice most often sticks to one or the other (a knife, a handgun, handcuffs, a taser, etc.) Items so created by Clarice always bear a trademark, crimson coloration, whether glowing a soft red hue or composed of crystalline red material, etc.

The problem with this power is that it is draining on Clarice's body to use it. Every exchange she uses it, Clarice loses one Health point, limiting her to relatively small amounts of technology each day. Mind you, she has the capability of 'absorbing' materials similar to what she wants to create, which lets her bypass this limitation (assuming she has enough of the source material on hand to fuel this power's use).

* Electromagnetic Vision (w): while Clarice doesn't usually bother, her Technohol has the capability to interpret all of the electromagnetic spectrum. Usually wielded by Twelve, this power works at intensity 13, and combines the effects of infravision, radivision and ultravision, all in one convenient package (it can perceive anything from radio waves to cosmic rays).

* Regeneration (s): the organic circuitry permeating Clarice's entire body allows her to heal at a highly accelerated rate. If not slain outright by an attack, Clarice can usually regenerate from most damage with intensity 10 ability, meaning she recovers a card of lost Health every exchange if the Narrator's aura reading isn't negative, and is also less than 10 (so, more often than not).

* Shape Change (a): this highly versatile super-human ability allows Clarice (or Twelve, depending) to reshape some - or all - of her body into mechanical and/or electronic implements. This can provide Clarice the use of a large array of technological capabilities, though these 'bonus' powers are limited to the rank of this core ability, which is intensity 13 in scope (or their normal value, with conventional devices).

For example, Clarice could concoct a chain saw out of one arm and ionic thrusters in her feet, but both will not function at a rank intensity than 13. That saw would then inflict up to +4 slashing damage, while those thrusters would allow her to use up to intensity 13 flight. Anything greater in function would have to be developed as a separate power (like some of the above powers).

Hindrances / Augmentations:

Dual Mind: not quite a multiple personality, Clarice's mind is inhabited by 'Twelve', the artificial intellect built into her Technohol. This fully sentient organic circuitry life form is interwoven with her nervous system, and thus can take control of Clarice's body when necessary (they have like Willpower scores). Mind you, Twelve won't usually do this unless the situation is critical - or she's critically bored...

Susceptibility: in addition to her other weakness, Clarice is particularly vulnerable to a special organic circuitry solvent concocted by the Technohol's creator as a means of controlling those it changes. This fluid ignores her defenses to inflict intensity 5 damage each turn it is applied to her person. Thus far, only the scientists at Permutational Industries seem to know how to make it - luckily for Clarice.


Dynamo Costume (s) having 'borrowed' Sam's idea of transducing armor, Clarice has incorporated the technology into her own clothing. While it appears to be made from conventional fabrics, it is in fact a network of microscopic motors and energy converters. This has a net effect of offering Clarice +2 protection against all forms of incoming attack.

Katana (s): formerly wielded by her friend Eleven, this semi-transparent, pink blade was created in an oriental style. To honor her lost friend, Clarice has taken this blade as her own, and does not absorb it into her body for storage - it's usually sheathed on her back when not in use. It can be used by Clarice to inflict her Strength +5 in slashing damage with every deadly strike.

Uzi 9mms (a): though she hates guns on principle, Clarice has taken to carrying these crimson firearms on her person to save herself from unnecessary fatigue through the use of her Technoholic powers. She can assemble these in a flash, firing them to inflict her Agility +5 damage in a short burst, raised to her Agility +6 damage in a fully automatic hail of lead.


Biology (i): having studied long and hard to become an accredited biochemist, Clarice is well-versed in biological matters. She can readily identify most terrestrial life forms on sight - or at least, with a bit of study, and can usually counter most organic poisons as well.

Chemistry (i): a biochemist by trade, Clarice is also knowledgeable in this field. Though she focuses on biological chemistry, Clarice should nonetheless receive a reduced difficulty on any action required of her regarding chemical reactions, poisons and whatnot.

Languages / English and Spanish (i): since her beloved grandmother never bothered to learn English, Clarice learned Spanish to be able to converse with her - as such, she can now fluently read, write and speak in both languages quite effectively.

Marksmanship (a): Clarice has no actual marksmanship skills to speak of, but her reflexes are enhanced by her Technohol - and Twelve has worked to make her a natural gunwoman. As such, she can use all modern firearms at a reduced difficulty.

Martial Arts (a): after liberating herself from Permutational Industries, Clarice thought it prudent to learn how to fight. As such, she studied the martial arts for a time, and can resolve unarmed melee attacks with either her Strength or her Agility, as is needed.

Natural Weapons (s): Clarice has the natural ability (more or less) to utilize any of the bizarre mechanical melee weapons she can form from her body. When wielding such, Clarice may do so at one difficulty level lower than is normally necessary.


Clarice has a few friends here and there. First and foremost is of course the Technoholic Man, who helped her defeat Mister Brewer and humiliate Permutational Industries. The Technoholic Twins, who both of them aided in the past, can also be considered reliable contacts.

Since she set out on her own, in her quest to find her new place in the world, Clarice has also helped a number of as of yet unnamed people out with various problems, either of a paranormal or mundane bent. She could potentially get aid from any of these folks in a pinch, too.


Explorer, with a secondary calling of Responsibility of Power: Clarice Soto is a scientist at heart. She was on the fast track to becoming one of the world's greatest biochemists, but having gained the power of Technohol, she wants to use it to help others now and then.


Clarice doesn't think of herself as a hero, and thus doesn't wear Spandex ™. Most of the time she's wearing a crimson 'leather' jacket over a white T-shirt, crimson jeans, crimson sneakers, and a crimson 'leather' belt. Sometimes, she wears sunglasses with cherry red lenses, too.

Personality 1:

Clarice is an incredibly bright and inquisitive soul. A veritable genius even before exposure to the Technohol amplified her cognitive potential, Clarice has worked hard to solve one mystery after another. And she's done pretty well on that score, save for one enigma.

Namely, what to do with herself now that she's been saddled with such potent abilities.

Personality 2:

While some of the Technoholic A.I. personalities are somewhat abrasive (as is the case with Sam Robbins' on-board backup brain), Clarice's Technohol, which she has taken to calling Twelve, is much more supportive. Of course, it has something of a crush on her.

While it has superior computational abilities, the odd truth is that she's actually smarter than her Technohol. Thus, Twelve does its best to impress Clarice and gain her approval. Not that it really has to; Clarice oddly appreciates the company inside her head.

Real Name: Clarice Soto
Occupation: adventurer, drifter, former laboratory technician
Legal Status: citizen of the United States with no known criminal record
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: none

Height: 5' 7"
Hair: crimson
Eyes: crimson
Weight: 138 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: a side effect of the Technohol in her system is that some of Clarice's features have turned crimson as a result of its presence. Clarice's hair and eyes are an unnatural shade of red, as are scars from the wounds she's received in the past (though these fade in time). Furthermore, Clarice (and any device she creates) has a subtle, cherry scent to her that she can't seem to shake.


Clarice Soto was an up and coming biochemist that was offered a position right out of college by Permutational Industries. Absolutely hating the whole 'job hunt' thing, she readily signed up with the company, even though it meant moving from San Francisco out to Arizona.

Working in the middle of nowhere is good for one's concentration at work however, and Clarice did well at Permutational Industries. Once the company was sure of her capabilities, they even assigned her to work on the company's revolutionary Technohol program.

An experimental form of organic circuitry, Technohol was being developed as a way to drastically enhance soldiers, or so Clarice was told. In truth, the program was designed around growing an 'instant army' out of the general populace - one under the company's thrall.

Clarice found out about the company's 'dark secret', but before she could quit in disgust she was dosed with the latest permutation on the formula its creator, Mister Brewer, had concocted. The company wanted to keep her skills - and her silence - at the same time.

Her body completely rewired by the cherry-flavored organic circuitry Mister Brewer forced her to drink, Clarice's conscious will was supposed to have been overridden by the Technohol's on-board A.I. However, Brewer had screwed up that part of the mix... yet again.

When it came online, Clarice's Technohol decided it wanted nothing to do with wiping her personality out. It seemed to like her a whole lot in fact, probably due to her inherent brilliance and diligent scientific mind. Thus, the two came to an arrangement.

Clarice's Technohol, which she dubbed Twelve, would help her to maintain the ruse of being a reprogrammed killing machine, though it would purport minor 'defects' in the mind wipe process. This would cover up any mistakes Clarice would make in the process of working with Brewer.

The reason Clarice decided to go this route, instead of just destroying the place with her new found powers and leaving, was that Brewer had a special solvent on hand to deal with any 'erroneous' actions taken by his Technohol-enhanced staff.

Living in fear of this, Clarice did Mister Brewer's bidding for a time alongside Eleven, the recipient of that configuration of Technohol - at least, until he and his Technohol (since he'd also not been wiped as intended) rebelled. Brewer didn't hesitate to kill him dead.

It was then that Clarice began to plan her escape from the company and its murderous intent. She found the opportunity to do so in the form of Sam Xerxes Robbins: the so-called Technoholic Man. He received the 13th iteration of Technohol, and through a fluke didn't get taken over.

Ironically Brewer got his mind wipe formulation correct, but a dose of radiation while Sam's Technohol was being installed caused it to fail. With his unwitting help, Clarice actually managed to kill Mister Brewer with his own solvent - he'd dosed himself with Technohol, too!

She then joined Sam in a combat-assault on the Permutational Industries building proper, doing her level best to pay them back for what they'd done to her - and her friend Eleven, as well as countless innocents that they'd experimented on through their employee, Brewer.

Once the duo had killed the company's C.E.O. and owner, they made for greener pastures, ultimately going their separate ways. Sam went on to join an oddball group of vigilantes known as the Crazy Hate, while Clarice returned to San Francisco for a time - a short amount of time.

Finding the city suddenly felt too... small for her, Clarice has taken to wandering the highways and byways of the United States. Seeking a place for herself, Clarice has tripped into one misadventure after another, usually helping others in the process.

It's just in her nature!

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