The Technohol 13 Alphabetical Character Roster: K

Kansas Bob: a long-time military man, Bob quit the Army for various reasons, and became an occult adventurer thanks to a strange twist of fate that cursed him to be forever beset by the bizarre. A true patriot, this made him an excellent D.A.A. recruit! Availability:

Kansas Bob (MSH Classic)

Kansas Bob (4C System)

Kansas Bob (Marvel Saga)

Keel-Haul: commander of the USS Flagg and an accomplished fighter pilot, Vice-Admiral Everett P. Colby is an impressive - and high ranking - member of GI Joe. Analytical and aggressive, he makes a fine commander for the Joes' mobile base of operations! Availability:

Keel-Haul (MSH Classic)

Keel-Haul (4C System)

Keel-Haul (Marvel Saga)

(just) Kelly: likely the most unlucky person on earth, Kelly is a wealthy businesswoman with a penchant for expensive vehicles. She also has a distressing knack for tripping over talking vehicles, alien robots, and losing her shiny new toys...! Availability:

(just) Kelly (MSH Classic)

(just) Kelly (4C System)

(just) Kelly (Marvel Saga)

Khronos: in some versions of Greek cosmology, Khronos was one of their first generation gods. This massive, serpentine deity appeared fully formed from the cosmos, and created the Olympic multiverse alongside his mate and fellow primordial, Ananke. Availability:

Khronos (MSH Classic)

Khronos (4C System)

Khronos (Marvel Saga)

Kickstart: something of a polymath, Joseph Rivera is an expert computer programmer, electrical engineer, and biotechnologist. This makes him the ideal brains behind the GI Joe team's lastet mech, the Steel Marauder, which they also have him inexplicably pilot. Availability:

Kickstart (MSH Classic)

Kickstart (4C System)

Kickstart (Marvel Saga)

Kid Zeus: former leader of the Olympian gods, Zeus was slain by a Japanese god of evil, and forced to drink from the river Lethe. His power and personality reincarnated, Zeus now wanders the earth as a powerful, amnesiac ten year old! Availability:

Kid Zeus (MSH Classic)

Kid Zeus (4C System)

Kid Zeus (Marvel Saga)

the Killer WHALE: a heavily armed and armored hovercraft, the Killer WHALE (Warrior: Hovering Assault Launching Envoy) can easily function on land or water, serving as either a patrol, assault, or liaison vessel, depending on the Joes' needs. Availability:

the Killer WHALE (MSH Classic)

the Killer WHALE (4C System)

the Killer WHALE (Marvel Saga)

Kittu: the second son of Aya and Shamash, Kittu serves as the right hand of the latter deity. He helps his father mete out justice in all matters, when Shamash himself is too busy being the sun to do so, and enjoys ferreting out hidden truths. Availability:

Kittu (MSH Classic)

Kittu (4C System)

Kittu (Marvel Saga)

Doctor Horst Kleinmann: a genius in the field of dream research, Doctor Horst Kleinmann was insanely paranoid about his secret technology. He had no problems killing anyone that he believed a threat to his supremacy in 'his' realm of dreams. Availability:

Doctor Horst Kleinmann (MSH Classic)

Doctor Horst Kleinmann (4C System)

Doctor Horst Kleinmann (Marvel Saga)

Knockdown: an aerophobic anti-aircraft specialist, Blaine intimately knows how easily an airborne vehicle can crash down to earth in a flaming ball of doom. Maybe that's why this microwave technician prefers to shoot Cobras down from the surface, then! Availability:

Knockdown (MSH Classic)

Knockdown (4C System)

Knockdown (Marvel Saga)

Komtur: a fanatic before the War, Franz Gerhardt was a believer in the tenets of the Teutonic Knights. Torn between faith and patriotism, he snapped, donned a suit of combat armor, and rampaged as a reincarnation of Komtur, the Teutonic Knight! Availability:

Komtur, the Teutonic Knight (MSH Classic)

Komtur, the Teutonic Knight (4C System)

Komtur, the Teutonic Knight (Marvel Saga)

Fritz Krotze: owner of Krotze International and a member of the Club, Fritz Krotze was a sleaze ball that sold various national secrets of a technical nature to the highest bidder. Unfortunately for him, his treason ultimately cost him his life. Availability:

Fritz Krotze (MSH Classic)

Fritz Krotze (4C System)

Fritz Krotze (Marvel Saga)

Kwinn: mysterious to the core, this enigmatic mercenary is one of the best there is at what he does. A man of honor, Kwinn always obeys the exact wording of a contract, and he never reveals anything about his employers - no matter how much he may want to. Availability:

Kwinn (MSH Classic)

Kwinn (4C System)

Kwinn (Marvel Saga)

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