Kwinn (deceased)

Ex 20
Gd 10
Ex 20
Rm 30
Gd 10
Rm 30
Rm 30
Rm 30
Sh 0



Like the vast, vast majority of the people that he deals with in a professional capacity, Kwinn is naught but a normal human, lacking any sort of sorcerous knowledge, psionic schooling, or even mutations that resulted in his possessing posthuman powers. However, he has a singularly tenacious mindset, one that allows him to stick it out when most other people would have long since given up.

Known Powers:


Limitations / Enhancements:



.30 Cal Browning Machine Gun: his signature weapon, this heavy duty machine gun allows Kwinn to easily establish fire superiority in most minor skirmishes. He can use it to inflict Excellent (20) Shooting damage in a short, controlled burst, or Remarkable (30) Shooting damage in a fully automatic hail of lead. He also carries enough ammunition on him to survive about ten turns of sustained, full auto fire.

Knife: supplementing his main implement of destruction, this weapon comes in handy when Kwinn can't be raising a ruckus with his .30 Browning. Made from titanium steel (Monstrous (75) material strength), this knife can be used to cut through objects of like material strength, and in Kwinn's hands this blade will inflict Excellent (20) Edged Attack damage to living beings.


Personal Code 3: in all of his professional dealings, Kwinn lives by a simple credo: he obeys the exact wording of a contract while he's on the job, and he never, ever reveals anything about his employers - period. In order to break this rule, should he so desire, Kwinn must first pass a Psyche FEAT roll at -6 CS - though any such violations of his code will simply come in the form of cryptic hints and obscure aid.


Demolitions: in addition to his exceptional combat skills, Kwinn knows a whole lot about blowing things up. Whether he's trying to destroy a vehicle or a structure, Kwinn gains a +1 CS towards the placement of an explosive device for maximum effect. Sometimes this is just to destroy evidence, but often the use of this skill is the major objective of some contract or another.

Guns: though this may be considered a given, Kwinn really knows his way around guns. Whether he has a standard, semi-automatic, or fully automatic rifle or pistol in hand, Kwinn may use it as though his Agility score was +1 CS higher than is listed above. Furthermore, he can use more exotic weapons, such as harpoon guns, with a similar bonus.

Languages / English, Finnish, French, German, Russian, and various Inuit Dialects: a mercenary working for global clientele, Kwinn has found it necessary to master various tongues as a general matter of course. He can fluently speak the languages detailed here, and it is likely that the man can actually converse (or at least understand) several more than these.

Martial Arts types B and C: while he's quite a crack shot with most guns, Kwinn has no problem mixing it up with an opponent unarmed. He's pretty good at it too, allowing him to add a +1 CS to any unarmed melee attack, as well as dodge, escape, grapple, or weave maneuvers. The simple truth is that the man is strong and fast - and can take full advantage of these traits.

Skill / Bows: Kwinn's is very good with firearms, but he's also just as effective in the use of a bow. Whether he wields a long bow, short bow, compound bow, or even a crossbow, Kwinn may do so as though his Agility score was +1 CS higher than is listed above. While blowing away a target with a gun is much easier, when you get down to it, using a bow on him or her is simply more elegant.

Survival: Kwinn is one tough cookie. He has demonstrated the ability to get by in virtually any climate while in the execution of a contract. Whether it be cold Arctic tundra, dry Saharan desert, or even damp Amazonian jungle, Kwinn can get by for significant periods of time on just his wits - he can easily scrounge up food, water, clothing, and shelter if need be anywhere on the earth.


Over the years, Kwinn has amassed a large array of contacts in the mercenary world. He has worked for the CIA, KGB, MI-6, MOSSAD, and other intelligence agencies in the past, and his solid work ethic would assure him of future work with such groups. He has also performed odd jobs for Cobra in the past, but would not do so again thanks to their treachery. Kwinn is also on very good terms with Snake-Eyes.


While in the field, Kwinn prefers to wear brown khaki outfits, regardless of the surroundings. For instance, his jungle wear consists of a brown, collared T-shirt, long brown, khaki shorts, a brown leather belt, and brown leather boots. Regardless of his surroundings, Kwinn's uniform will always be complemented by various pouches, holsters, and his trademark, weasel-skull necklace.


Kwinn is a rock-solid, deeply trustworthy kind of guy. Oh sure, he may not necessarily work for the nicest people, but he always gets the good jobs because his reputation for decency and absolute adherence to the terms of his contracts precedes him. Of course, being highly principled, he has no qualms about taking his vengeance on an unscrupulous employer once his contract is complete.

Real Name: Jesse Kwinn
Occupation: mercenary
Legal Status: Citizen of the United States with a criminal record in various countries, legally deceased
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: K. Winn
Group Affiliation: none

Height: 6' 10"
Hair: black
Eyes: brown
Weight: 260 lbs.
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: none


Most of Kwinn's history is rather obscure, in that he rarely reveals anything about himself. However, it is widely known that he is a mercenary of the highest order, having been in the employ of numerous intelligence agencies throughout his career. Furthermore, his personal work ethic of never revealing anything about his former employers keeps him in their employ time and time again.

A lot of his personal information first came to light when, upon taking a contract from the Soviet government, Kwinn had a run in with a four man squad of Joes: Breaker, Scarlett, Snake-Eyes, and Stalker. They were investigating the demise of an Arctic research team, and ran afoul of the Eskimo mercenary after he raided a similar Soviet facility nearby (relatively speaking, that is).

After he stymied the Joes several times in the course of executing this contract, while nonetheless refusing to kill them if he could help it, Kwinn managed to earn their respect several times over. In fact, he gave them the means of completing their mission while sticking to the exact wording of his contract with the Soviets, who the Joes ultimately caught up with - and subsequently gave a very, very bad day.

Soon after fulfilling this contract, the recovery of a Soviet ultra-low frequency 'fear wave' transmitter, Kwinn sold the plans to said device (also in the Soviet compound) to the one and only Cobra Commander. Having exceptional interest in such technology, that villain would subsequently build the technology into his Terror Drome bases, but that would not come to pass for several years.

Nonetheless, now that Cobra was aware of his existence, the group hired Kwinn on for a contract of their own soon after, that being the delivery of a batch of missile guidance chips to the Baroness in Sierra Gordo. Accompanied by Scar-Face, the Cobra courier, and Dr. Venom, Cobra's chief scientist, he managed to fulfill his contract despite the interference of several Joes and the treachery of Dr. Venom.

However, once the chips (and a deadly, engineered plague) were delivered to the Baroness, she deemed both Kwinn and Dr. Venom expendable, so she and Scar-Face destroyed the island bunker where they (and Snake-Eyes) were brawling. Of course, the trio managed to escape this certain doom, though Dr. Venom's treachery repeatedly put both Kwinn and Snake-Eyes in mortal peril.

The situation escalated until their escape from Sierra Gordo to Miami in a stolen airplane, at which point Kwinn and Snake-Eyes were arrested for crashing a stolen plane in a public beach; Venom himself got away thanks to a small army of Cobra lawyers. Once they managed to get out of jail, Kwinn and Snake-Eyes vowed vengeance on Dr. Venom, and proceeded to his 'secret' hideout in New York City.

Upon their invading the place, the two were captured by a bevy of Cobra operatives after beating on Dr. Venom for a good long while, and placed in experimental, mind-controlling SNAKE armor suits. These suits were subsequently used against the GI Joe team in an all-out assault on their Fort Wadsworth headquarters - at least until Kwinn and Snake-Eyes managed to shrug off the suits' mind control circuitry.

At this point, Kwinn pursued Dr. Venom again, blind with fury until he defeated the man at last. He would've killed the treacherous villain by shoving a live grenade down his throat but, at the last minute, Kwinn lost his thirst for vengeance, and decided to let the man live. Unable to let sleeping dogs lie, however, Dr. Venom then shot Kwinn in the back with his Luger, though Kwinn ultimately got the last laugh in the end.

You see, Kwinn never put the pin back in the grenade he was going to use to kill Dr. Venom, and as he died, he dropped the explosive at the villain's feet, killing him mere instants after his own demise. After the conflict at hand ended, Snake-Eyes managed to respect his fallen friend by giving him a proper burial at sea - while Dr. Venom was dumped in an unmarked mass grave somewhere in New York City.

* Note: while Kwinn died in the early 1980s, he received a 'flashback' figure of sorts in the year 2004, which happened to be the first action figure actually made of him (and not his son, who actually had one made around this time.) Though he was (obviously) not active during this time, I included it simply so one could perform research on Kwinn if necessary.

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