Cobra's 1982 Personnel and Equipment


Cobras: the core of their namesake organization, the teeming masses of Cobras are general laborers and combatants. Almost all of Cobra's minions begin at this level, providing a proper foundation the group's world domination plans! Availability:

Cobra (MSH Classic)

Cobra (4C System)

Cobra (Marvel Saga)

Cobra Commander: Cobra's founder, its mysterious Commander began as an unsuccessful businessman who, after his paranoia told him that Big Government was out to crush the 'little guy', decided to forge a new system - one with him on the top! Availability:

Cobra Commander (MSH Classic)

Cobra Commander (4C System)

Cobra Commander (Marvel Saga)

Cobra Officers: Cobra's officers are its operatives who easily rise above the crowd in that organization's teeming masses. Possessing leadership skills to match their ruthlessness, these operatives are the men and women who make the Command work. Availability:

Cobra Officers (MSH Classic)

Cobra Officers (4C System)

Cobra Officers (Marvel Saga)

Cobra Technicians: the backbone of Cobra's labor force during its formative years, these skilled operatives worked in various capacities to support that terroist organization's operations - until they were replaced by more specialized operatives. Availability:

Cobra Technicians (MSH Classic)

Cobra Technicians (4C System)

Cobra Technicians (Marvel Saga)

Kwinn: mysterious to the core, this enigmatic mercenary is one of the best there is at what he does. A man of honor, Kwinn always obeys the exact wording of a contract, and he never reveals anything about his employers - no matter how much he may want to. Availability:

Kwinn (MSH Classic)

Kwinn (4C System)

Kwinn (Marvel Saga)


Missile Command Headquarters: scattered around the globe, Cobra's missile command headquarters are facilities used to house and launch their most devastating weaponry. Often disguised or inaccessible, they are staffed by hundreds of Cobra agents. Availability:

Missile Command Headquarters (MSH Classic)

Missile Command Headquarters (4C System)

Missile Command Headquarters (Marvel Saga)

SEA Legs: submersible vehicles designed to be controlled by a singular operator, the SEA (Surprise, Engage, and Attack) Legs can transform into walkers to assault targets on land - which makes them brilliant for ambushes, if not for extended combat missions. Availability:

SEA Legs (MSH Classic)

SEA Legs (4C System)

SEA Legs (Marvel Saga)

Trojan Robots: designed to root out the hidden bases of Cobra's various enemies, the intransigent GI Joe team in particular, a Trojan robot is an automated combatant with one purpose: to send Cobra a signal revealing the location of its enemies! Availability:

Trojan Robots (MSH Classic)

Trojan Robots (4C System)

Trojan Robots (Marvel Saga)

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