Cobra Technicians


Hand Size:
2 (10)


Unlike the nameless, faceless legions of Cobra, the technicians of that organization exist in significantly more limited numbers, as they are the more skilled members of the bunch. In addition to being trained as fully functional field operatives, Cobra's technicians also serve as telecommunications personnel, equipment operators, and in other vital, yet less 'adventurous' positions.



Hindrances / Augmentations:



Dragunov Sniper Rifle (a): this Russian-built, semi-automatic rifle is built primarily with assassinations in mind, though it can be used in a firefight when necessary. The weapon itself acts as a +5 weapon when firing a single shot, though it can also be used to fire a small burst that allows it to act as a +6 weapon in a pinch. It is also equipped with a scope, offering +1 to hit in sniping situations.

Knife (s): though they'd rather not do so, all Cobra techies are equipped to fight hand-to-hand in the event that they completely run out of ammunition (and they usually carry several magazines to prevent this). These blades are of material strength 12, and in a Cobra technician's hands, they can be used as +2 weapons with each deadly strike.

Pistol (a): in the event that one's Dragunov is disabled, a Cobra techie always has a spare handgun with them, stored in a convenient shoulder holster for quick access. These guns can be used to fire a single shot, acting as a +4 weapon, or a short burst which drains the entire magazine, but increases their effectiveness to +5. Their magazine can presumably hold 8 rounds before it needs swapped out.


Boxing (s): all Cobra techies are trained in at least one form of unarmed combat once they hook up with the group, if they don't already have one under their belt. A majority learn the fine art of boxing, allowing them to divide their pre-card play action score between two unarmed melee attacks per exchange, the second of which will occur as a contingent action.

Guns (a): a given prerequisite, all Cobra operatives must have the ability to wield firearms in combat; if they don't have it upon joining Cobra, they are trained - and quickly. Any Cobra technician can use a regular, semi-automatic, or fully automatic rifle or rifle with proficiency, doing so at one difficulty level lower than is normally required.

Military (w): a quasi-military organization, Cobra encourages an easily recognizable (to those within, at least) command structure. As such, those not bringing experience in such matters tend to pick it up quickly, to rise through the ranks; those who don't typically stay at the bottom. This skill gives Cobra technicians an edge concerning military protocols and procedures.

Technical Skill (i): above and beyond their basic terrorist training, Cobra technicians are also talented in at least one area of technical knowledge. Usually, this consists of the Electronics or Repair / Tinkering skills, as Cobra has a very large need for repair-men for their combat and support gear. However, some of these guys are instead trained in Piloting, Computers, or even Medicine!


Cobra technicians theoretically have the entire organization of Cobra as their contact, in that they are members of the group and supposedly have the same goals. However, if it is more convenient to let a technician (or group of techies) get captured or killed, the Cobra Command is more than happy to let this happen. Unless a specific techie has something the Command needs, he or she is ultimately expendable.


Various Callings: the vast, vast majority of Cobra operatives have joined up for their own, evil purposes, so choose a villainous calling and go with it! Nominally, Cobra technicians are motivated by Greed or aspirations of World Domination, but anything else can really apply. Some, however, even go so far as having motivations of an Explorer kind - if in an unethical sort of way.


The standard Cobra technician uniform consists of a blue jumpsuit that bears the Cobra sigil, in red, on the front upper torso, accompanied by blue gloves. The uniform is then further complemented with black boots, black knee-pads, a black strap-on knife sheath, a black, pouch-riddled belt, black webbing with a shoulder holster for the techie's pistol, and a red face mask.


During the formative stages of the terrorist outfit known as Cobra, these operatives seemed to perform those sundry, yet vital technical duties that were required to keep such a group functioning. Telephone operators, electronics technicians, mechanical geniuses, and so on. However, they were eventually replaced by various other ranks, such as the Tele-Viper, with more distinctive equipment and uniforms.

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