Missile Command Headquarters

In addition to having scores of fanatic followers at its disposal, the terrorist organization known as Cobra possesses an overwhelming arsenal of weaponry. Supplementing its firearms, explosives, and vehicles, Cobra occasionally threatens the world with the use of its missile stockpile!

As such weapons are aggressively sought out by their many enemies, Cobra often disguises their missile command centers in some fashion, whether by building mundane structures around them or placing them in virtually inaccessible locations in the farthest corners of the earth.

While these structures are often different in at least a superficial fashion, Cobra's missile command headquarters tend to share several common characteristics. Primarily a result of their prefabricated construction, these bases usually possess the following amenities:

Armory: in the event that one of its missile command headquarters comes under attack, Cobra stocks each up with a wide array of conventional weaponry. All of its operatives can bring these implements to bear against Cobra's foes should they challenge its headquarters directly.

Backup Power: if a missile command headquarters is not fueled up for a week, its backup generators will automatically kick in, providing it with up to a month of power to energize its various functions, thus allowing rescue for those who may be trapped inside.

Cruise Missiles: the missile command headquarters that Cobra maintains are, naturally, stocked with numerous cruise missiles - unless another operation requires a specific, specialized projectile. These weapons have a range of approximately 1,000 miles.

Supersonic projectiles, they can maneuver at about twice the speed of sound, making them incredibly difficult to detect and counter once launched. Though they can be equipped with specialized warheads, conventional Cobra cruise missiles have these vehicular characteristics:

RV 20
RV 200
RV 20
RV 50 Slashing (fragmentary) - assuming conventional payload

Disguise: invariably, Cobra's missile command headquarters are designed to look like something else - assuming they're not hidden somewhere otherwise undetectable. Perhaps an unassuming furniture factory in Springfield, or maybe a disused tenement building.

Electronics Invisibility: some of Cobra's missile command headquarters are equipped with a so-called laser shield, one which prevents electronic devices from detecting their presence and activities with rank value 50 capability.

Garage / Dock: there's enough room within Cobra's missile command headquarters to accommodate numerous vehicles - in addition to the cruise missiles kept on hand. Land or sea vehicles can be stored and serviced within, as tooling to maintain missiles is already present.

Life Support: the missile command centers are built to support their various occupants for extended periods of time without external assistance, whether they need food, water, or even breathable air! Cobra's missile command headquarters can persist for a month without a resupply.

Living Quarters: it takes a large number of Cobra agents to operate one of their missile command headquarters, including technicians, common troopers, and of course officers to oversee things. These bases are equipped to house hundreds of such operatives when necessary.

Power Generators: Cobra's missile command headquarters typically don't draw off the local power grid. They are equipped with multiple generators with which to power their various functions, generators that can operate for a week before the backups automatically kick in.

Resistance to Pressure Variance: those missile command headquarters that are capable of functioning beneath the waves are built to withstand the intense pressures present at the bottom of the ocean, holding them off with rank value 50 ability.

Silos: these facilities are what Cobra uses to actually launch cruise missiles, or other such vehicles, from the missile command headquarters. These bays may also accept landings from specialized Cobra vehicles that are designed to take off and land vertically.

Super Swimming: some of Cobra's missile command headquarters were built to function beneath the sea, where they could escape retaliation from conventional armed forces - at least until they rise to the surface to launch a brace of cruise missiles at Cobra's foes!

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