(just) Kelly


Hand Size:
2 (10)


As is the case with the vast majority of human beings on earth, Kelly is naught but a normal human, lacking special powers of any kind. However, she does have an uncanny knack for getting herself mixed up with giant shape changing alien robots from the future...!



Hindrances / Augmentations:



Automobile Fleet (i): Kelly appears to have a large number of automobiles at any given time, though the Autobots have a bad habit of posing as them. If she isn't driving some expensive sports car or sport utility vehicle, she's got one on order from somewhere or other.


Unlucky: Kelly lives on the far end of the probability curve, though she'd really rather not. She tries her best to live an ordinary life, but somehow she keeps getting mixed up with giant alien robots from the future, all of whom pose as various vehicles.

Sometimes, her vehicles. Or they have amorous intentions towards her vehicles. Or her vehicles get trashed after she wanders into the middle of some conflict between different robotic factions. On occasion, they blunder into her life even when she's not driving anything!

The practical game effect of this is that, whenever the Narrator has to draw a card relative to Kelly, he must in fact draw two - applying the worst. This also applies when Kelly plays cards upon others, and the worst that would apply in a situation is used on her target.


Business / Finance (w): Kelly is rather well-versed in the fine art of making money. She may own a car dealership or otherwise be involved in the industry, for she has access to a lot of vehicles. She can bring her Willpower to bear in all financial transactions.

Driving (a): in addition to her business acumen, Kelly has demonstrated the ability to operate a variety of vehicles under varying conditions, from sports cars to tractor trailers. She should receive a reduced difficulty on control actions attempted behind the wheel of any ground vehicle.


Kelly has no known contacts. She seems wealthy though, possibly the owner or manager of some large company or another, so she may have reliable contacts in the business world. On the other hand, for all the grief they cause her, she could possibly cull favors from the Autobots.


Peace of Mind: Kelly seeks only to relax, more than anything else. Her work life has her generally wound up, and she's constantly trying to take a break or vacation. It's too bad that those pesky alien robots and talking cars are always trying to waylay her during time off.


Kelly has no 'costume', per se, being that she's no adventurer - just the opposite. She has been spotted in a variety of outfits, usually consisting of sensible business attire of some sort or another. She leans towards blue business suits, but this is not an 'exclusive' thing.


Kelly is something of a wreck - though due to no fault of her own. She tries her best to maintain a normal, mundane life, but her day-to-day activities are constantly being interrupted by irritating talking cars and obnoxious alien robots - and all she really wants is a nice, long vacation...

Real Name: Kelly (last name unknown)
Occupation: unrevealed, but something that pays well
Legal Status: citizen of Japan with no known criminal record, but likely an astounding insurance tab
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: none

Height: 5' 6"
Hair: blue
Eyes: brown
Weight: 110 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Kelly is often seen screaming in a panic as some Transformer or another endangers her. Screaming a lot.


Kelly is cursed.

She's apparently fabulously wealthy and a hard working individual, though her only real goal in life of late is to take a vacation. A nice, long vacation. Preferably while driving one of her rather expensive vehicles somewhere or other. It's too bad she never gets to do this.

You see, Kelly is somehow, through some weird twist of fate, constantly exposed to the alien Cybertronians as they operate on earth. Sometimes they're posing as one of her vehicles, and violently eject her when some emergency or another causes them to shrug off their disguise.

Other times, she'll be driving one of her rides when a giant flying metal shark will try to eat her car, or a talking sports car will try to have... relations... with her own. On occasion, she even trips into Cybertronian actions on earth while she isn't driving at all!

She's been almost drowned, boiled, abandoned in the middle of nowhere, stepped on, blown up, and suffered any number of bad experiences that would've left others hospitalized or institutionalized. However, though she's sort of a wreck because of all this, poor Kelly persists.

Luckily for her, the Transformers have mostly left Japan. And earth, for that matter. Of course, something keeps drawing them back to our planet for some reason or another, so it's possible that a completely different band of Transformers may arrive again to plague her.

Or, worst of all, Side Burn again...!

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