Transformers Miscellany

In addition to the five factions of Cybertronian Transformers roaming the earth and battling over the fate of Fortress Maximus, there were a few other folks featured in the Robots in Disguise series. They are the Autobots' human allies, and their base intelligence. They include:

(just) Kelly: likely the most unlucky person on earth, Kelly is a wealthy businesswoman with a penchant for expensive vehicles. She also has a distressing knack for tripping over talking vehicles, alien robots, and losing her shiny new toys...! Availability:

(just) Kelly (MSH Classic)

(just) Kelly (4C System)

(just) Kelly (Marvel Saga)

Onishi, Doctor Kenneth: a polymath, Doctor Onishi is an expert in archaeology, computers, energy resources, and physics. This is why the man was abducted by Megatron and subjected to months of mind probes to steal all his knowledge! Availability:

Onishi, Doctor Kenneth (MSH Classic)

Onishi, Doctor Kenneth (4C System)

Onishi, Doctor Kenneth (Marvel Saga)

Onishi, Koji: when his Mad Scientist father was kidnapped by Predacons, the Autobots sort of adopted Koji as their own, fleshy son. They vowed to free the Doctor from their evil cousins, and worked hard at it until his surprise release by Sky-Byte! Availability:

Onishi, Koji (MSH Classic)

Onishi, Koji (4C System)

Onishi, Koji (Marvel Saga)

T-AI: the Tactical Artificial Intelligence, T-AI is reportedly the daughter of the Autobots' computer, Teletraan I. She's a highly efficient tactician (surprise!) who helps the Autobots both manage their base and blend in with humanity even better. Availability:

T-AI (MSH Classic)

T-AI (4C System)

T-AI (Marvel Saga)

Miscellany Text File Archive:

the Miscellany: collected here for your gaming (or reading) convenience are the four non-Transformer characters from the Transformers: Robots in Disguise animated series. They include three humans and of course one artificial intelligence! Availability:

Robots in Disguise: the Miscellany (MSH Classic)

Robots in Disguise: the Miscellany (4C System)

Robots in Disguise: the Miscellany (Marvel Saga)

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