Koji Onishi


Hand Size:
2 (10)


Like the vast majority of people on the planet earth, Koji is naught but a normal human, lacking special powers of any variety. He has been given an advanced communicator by the Autobots, but other than that he has no high tech equipment or anything else to rely upon.



Hindrances / Augmentations:

Kid: while he's experienced a lot with the Autobots, Koji is still a kid. He suffers an Intellect score of zero (0) for the purposes of most actions, at least until he grows up a bit or learns a skill with an Intellect suit (whichever comes first).


Communicator (i): Koji's formerly ordinary cellular telephone has been upgraded by the Autobots to let him reach them at any time. He can communicate with any Autobot on earth using this device with intensity 7 power (100 mile range).




Koji is on good terms with the Autobots, particularly since they finally made good on their promise to rescue his dad (even if they weren't directly responsible for that). Dr. Onishi himself can also be considered a reliable contact for Koji.


Adventurer, with a secondary calling of Guardian: Koji Onishi joined up with the Autobots to liberate his father from Megatron's clutches. But there's no denying that he had a heck of a good time riding around the world with them while trying to do so.


Not a true 'hero', per se, Koji doesn't wear a costume. He does wear the same outfit most of the time however, which includes a blue and yellow shirt with a white collar over a red tank top, blue jeans, a black leather belt, and sneakers of varying coloration.


Koji is a bright and brave kid, who was more than willing to work with a bunch of alien robots to rescue his father. Of course, there was the 'cool' factor of hanging out with a bunch of transforming robots, but he was mostly trying to help out his dad.

Real Name: Koji Onishi
Occupation: student
Legal Status: citizen of Japan with no known criminal record, still a minor
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: Autobot ally

Height: 5'
Hair: brown
Eyes: brown
Weight: 100 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Koji's hair is particularly spiky. And wavy. Just like his father's.


Koji Onishi used to be an ordinary kid with a Mad Scientist for a father, at least until said Mad Scientist father was kidnapped by a gigantic transforming robot from outer space (and the future)! Needless to say, Koji's life took a turn for the weird after this.

He was immediately contacted by the arch-enemy of his father's abductor, Optimus Prime. This heroic robot claimed that he wanted to help rescue Koji's father, Doctor Onishi, though Koji was quite dubious at first. More so after seeing the destruction these robots caused in a fight.

Optimus Prime wanted to convince Koji that only the Predacons were the bad guys though, so he took him to his group's base to introduce him to his holographic administrator. This computer program, T-AI, convinced Koji that the Autobots were heroes, and he vowed to help them... help him.

To this end, Koji stuck by the Autobots as they tried to foil various Predacon schemes, most of which seemed at first to be incompetent grabs at power sources by the various flunkies of Megatron, leader of the Predacons (and the guy who stole his Mad Scientist dad).

Koji seemed to grow particularly close to Side Burn, possibly because both were at a similar maturity level, and the two were mostly inseparable while the Autobots were active on earth. This continued even after Koji's father was rescued - though the Autobots had nothing to do with that.

You see, Megatron was probing Doctor Onishi's mind for information on both earth's energy reserves and the location of Fortress Maximus, which the Doctor had located shortly before Megatron's public debut on earth. But things weren't going well in Megatron's camp.

He had two groups of minions, and the Sky-Byte's Predacons were on the outs. Wanting to get an edge on his Decepticon competition, Sky-Byte grabbed the Doctor and used him to try and find Fort Max directly - but when he was endangered, Sky-Byte literally gave him back to Koji.

Though his father was finally free, Koji continued to work with the Autobots while they fended off Megatron and his attempts to seize Fortress Maximus. He was even joined by his Mad Scientist dad in this effort, right up until the final battle between the Autobots and Megatron's goons.

Once Megatron (who'd since 'evolved' into Galvatron) and his Predacons, Decepticons and Vehicons were trounced and removed from the earth, Koji had to part ways with his Autobot friends. They returned home, their work complete, though Koji won't forget their efforts any time soon.

Should the Autobots return to his world, Koji would likely be more than willing to help them out in any missions they had to undergo - they were good friends, after all!

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