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As are the vast majority of people on earth, Doctor Kenneth Onishi is but a normal human - at least physically speaking. He is, however, one of the smartest people on the planet, and while he lacks advanced gear the man has mastered many different areas of scientific expertise.



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Scientific Genius (i): Doctor Onishi is a polymath, an expert in multiple fields. His knowledge includes aspects of archaeology, computers, electronics, geology, history, mechanics, physics, and robotics - and probably a few more, to boot.


Explorer: Doctor Onishi, above all else, is a Man of Science! He's constantly exploring new areas of science, hoping to further humanity's knowledge even more. He's a veritable expert in a few of the fields mentioned above, but is constantly pushing himself to learn even more.


Doctor Onishi usually wears the same outfit on the job. It includes a white lab coat over a brown suit jacket (itself over a white, collared shirt), a purple tie, brown trousers, black leather shoes, and a black leather belt. He does mix this up on occasion, however.


Doctor Onishi is intelligent and calculating. The man is a bona fide genius and can apply all of his knowledge to a problem at once, solving it easily. He's quite stubborn as well, able to resist the will of even Megatron himself indefinitely - a feat few can duplicate.

Real Name: Doctor Kenneth Onishi
Occupation: Scientist!
Legal Status: citizen of Japan with no known criminal record
Marital Status: married
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: Autobot ally

Height: 6'
Hair: black, with gray streaks
Eyes: brown
Weight: 180 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Doctor Onishi has incredibly tall, spiky hair, which curves to the left of his head. Also, he wears a long, thin moustache at all times.


Doctor Kenneth Onishi is something of a Mad Scientist. He's the world's leading expert in energy production, and more than a competent archaeologist. A polymath, he's involved in all manner of Important Work that pulls him away from his Tokyo home for long stretches of time.

It was during one such trip, in New York City, that Doctor Onishi was abducted by Megatron, a giant alien shape-changing robot from the future! Of course, as weird as Doctor Onishi's work is, it's quite possible that this is just another day in the proverbial office for him.

Megatron held Doctor Onishi captive for months, not that he was conscious for most of his time. You see, Megatron was using a device called the psycho probe to literally steal earth's secrets from the Doctor's mind, in an effort to build up energy and to locate the hidden Fortress Maximus.

Doctor Onishi was intransigent however, and did everything he could to confuse Megatron's mind probes, including obsessing over antique trains a whole lot (after which hilarity ensued). In time, he even built up a tolerance and resistance to the device, yielding little additional information.

He was inexplicably freed some time later, after Sky-Byte used him to find Fortress Maximus before his rivals (the Decepticons) could do so. When menaced by Autobots however, Sky-Byte literally threw the Doctor at his son, Koji. For safety, of course.

While Sky-Byte nonetheless took a severe beating for this (after which the Autobots apologized), the good Doctor was happy to be reunited with his family after being gone for so long. He then dedicated his time to helping the Autobots defeat Megatron.

This involved collecting Fortress Maximus... which was easy, since the Doctor knew where that massive Cybertronian was. He'd found him on a dig beneath Tokyo a short time back, you see, though a strange force field surrounding the Transformer stopped him from approaching directly.

Armed with this and other information of his, the Autobots ultimately succeeded in defeating Megatron - who'd since evolved into a zombie robot known as Galvatron - and his many flunkies. With that, the Transformers mostly left the earth, save for a couple of stragglers.

Which allowed Doctor Onishi plenty of time to catch up with his wife and son. And to start up a whole slew of new Mad Science projects...!

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