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As are all the major Olympian gods, Zeus is an immortal being empowered by strange, mythological forces. He is immortal and possessed of staggering powers of weather manipulation and energy generation - though in his current incarnation, he's not quite at his full level of power.


Body Armor (s): as are most Olympians, Zeus' body is considerably stronger than that of a mere mortal being. He would normally be stronger yet, but in his current incarnation he is somewhat undeveloped. He has intensity 12 (+3) protection against conventional attack forms.

Immortality (s): the former leader of his pantheon of gods, Zeus is naturally immortal. He does not age, and while he can be killed by conventional injuries he will not die, and is able to eventually recover from even the most dreadful of injuries.

Nonapparent Vision (w): though he at first only showed the awareness of an ordinary mortal child, Zeus has been taught how to see things 'as a god' by Hercules, which allowed him to perceive the true nature of the Axis Mundi. He wields this power at intensity 15.

Weather Control (i): a power he only recently realized he still has, Zeus can control the weather with intensity 20 ability. He can do to staggering effect when necessary, or simply assault others with lightning - either from above or in the form of his thunderbolts.

Additional Abilities: as the leader of the Olympian pantheon, Zeus had almost countless powers at his disposal, some from experience and some from raw, inherent might. Whether or not he will recover these abilities in his new incarnation remains to be seen.

Hindrances / Augmentations:

Kid: while he may be the reincarnation of one of the planet's most infamous and powerful deities ever, Zeus is still just ten or so years old. Despite his impressive powers and abilities, he's likely to get little respect as an adult.






In his current incarnation, Zeus only has Athena and Hercules to rely on for aid. Should other gods realize who he is, Zeus can conceivably rely upon them for aid. He may not even know that he knows them however, and may not realize he is on good terms with these entities.


Majesty: though he lacks the actual experience of his former existence, Zeus still acts like he's the most important thing in the world. While he may not control the people of Olympus any longer, Zeus is still the haughty, arrogant jerk he's always been.


Zeus wears a rather minimal costume in his current incarnation as a ten(ish) year old boy. It includes a green cape held on by a golden amulet, a green skirt-like half-toga held on by a large yellow belt, and a small pair of sandals to protect his feet.


Pack all the arrogance and lecherous nature of the former leader of a pantheon into an amnesiac ten yer old boy - one who can fling mighty thunderbolts, no less - and you're on the right track. The young Zeus seems to enjoy adventuring with his son, Hercules, however.

Real Name: Zeus (with various epithets, such as Olympios, Panhellenios, Xenios, and Horkios)
Occupation: currently an adventurer, formerly a god of sky and thunder
Legal Status: citizen of Olympus, legally deceased
Marital Status: married (after a fashion)
Alias(es), if any: Jupiter, Jove, numerous others (usually while on amorous adventures)
Group Affiliation: former leader of the Dodekatheon

Height: 4'
Hair: red
Eyes: blue
Weight: 100 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: none.


The youngest son of the titans Cronus and Rhea, Zeus almost shared the fate of his older siblings, who were imprisoned in Tarterus by their father. Fearing a prophecy given to him by his own father, Ouranos, Cronus believed he would be overthrown by one of his children.

As he himself was by Cronus. To prevent this from coming to pass, Cronus flung each of his infant children into Tarterus as they were born, but thanks to Rhea Zeus would avoid this ill fate. She hid Zeus away in secret, where he was raised by various minor goddesses.

Growing to adulthood amongst the human shepherds of Crete, Zeus eventually plotted his revenge against Cronus for the treatment of his siblings. He started with the liberation of his brothers and sisters from Tarterus, along with the Cyclopes and Hekatoncheries.

Grateful, the Cyclopes taught Zeus how to wield his energy-manipulating powers, and he then led them in a revolt upon Cronus and his allies. This ten year war was ultimately won by Zeus and his siblings, who in turn imprisoned most of the male Titans in Tarterus.

Victorious, Zeus then proclaimed leadership of the Dodekatheon, the twelve 'major' Olympian gods, who had their home on Mount Olympus. He drew lots with his two brothers, and instead of the earth or the sea, Zeus won the dominion over the skies - thus becoming a sky god.

Marrying his sister, Hera, Zeus subsequently engaged in all manner of adultery, fathering countless gods and monsters himself - sometimes with humans, other times with gods and monsters. An utter lech, sometimes it's easier to state who Zeus hasn't been intimate with.

Some of these children, such as Heracles, drew considerable ire from Hera, who plotted their demise incessantly. After all, why should Zeus be having all these other children with other women when he has her? Where was the love for their own children, such as Ares?

The dramas caused by Zeus' infidelities caused all manner of legends to form around the Olympians, as well as a very large number of the Olympians themselves to come into being. This went on for the most part throughout the classical era.

When Christianity began to flourish in the old world, Zeus decided that the gods' time on earth had come to an end, and he pulled them all back into Olympus - save for Neptune, who had to care for his Atlantean children, of course. Several gods, such as Pluto, took exception to this.

This has caused further tension amongst the pantheon over the years, but through it all Zeus has maintained control of Olympus - despite one or two temporary setbacks. His reign would ultimately come to end not thanks to his fellow Olympians but instead due to outside meddling.

This meddling came in the form of the Japanese god of evil, Amatsu-Mikaboshi. He decided to take advantage of the death/disappearance of the Norse pantheon to advance his own cause, and laid siege to Olympus for years with an army of his undead, demonic minions.

Though the Olympians ultimately won out against Amatsu-Mikaboshi, they did so at a grave price, that being the death of Zeus himself at Amatsu-Mikaboshi's hands. Once he was laid low, Zeus descended into the underworld as do all the dead who follow his pantheon of gods.

In Pluto's hands, Zeus was tried in accordance with his own laws, and found guilty. His son Hercules tried to save him, and impressed by his valor at long last, Zeus submitted to Pluto's punishment to save Hercules' life - he drank from the waters of the river Lethe.

This completely wiped Zeus' memory, but his power could not be contained in the afterlife. His energy exploded violently, and Zeus found himself reincarnated in the form of a prepubescent teenager in Atlantic City - the current entrance to the Olympian underworld.

Though he bears no memory of his previous existence, Zeus is still a threat to Hera - who has now consolidated her power as the new leader of the Dodekatheon, which has in recent days moved its base onto the mortal plane, in the form of the Olympus Group.

Trying to hide him away as Hera sent various creatures of myth after them, Hercules and Athena (another child that Hera despises) evaded death and destruction only to be waylaid by a sinister plot to conquer the Nine Realms of Norse myth by Malekith the Accursed.

Of course, being outside our plane of existence is a good place to hide from Hera and her villainous cohorts - even if they've been tricked into doing Malekith's dirty work. On the other hand, Zeus has rediscovered his ability to control the weather - and his mighty thunderbolts.

Which means his guardian and son, Hercules, may very well be in for the bumpiest adventure of his life...!

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