The Technohol 13 Alphabetical Character Roster: O

Obliterator: his physical needs and limitations sated by an endless need to destroy and murder everything of note, the Obliterator outlived every other member of his species. Rendered immortal by his obsession, he eventually became an Elder of the Universe! Availability:

the Obliterator (MSH Classic)

the Obliterator (4C System)

the Obliterator (Marvel Saga)

Obsidian: originally a Maximal, Obsidian was converted into a Vehicon after he embraced (Beast Machines) Megatron's cause. After that villain fell in battle, Obsidian found himself stuck an the ancient past, and now he serves a different Megatron! Availability:

Obsidian (MSH Classic)

Obsidian (4C System)

Obsidian (Marvel Saga)

the Obstinatrician: after his natural psionics switched on, Dr. Zedekai Equinos, an ob/gyn, went nuts, transforming into a super-powered sexual deviant. Though he keeps escaping from jail thanks to his powers, his mania keeps putting him right back. Availability:

the Obstinatrician (MSH Classic)

the Obstinatrician (4C System)

the Obstinatrician (Marvel Saga)

Och: when his parents were slain by displaced demons on his home plane, Och left Nidavellir on a self-destructive rampage. Eventually joining an elite demon-slaying cadre, Och remained with them until a freak accident trapped him on our world...! Availability:

Och (MSH Classic)

Och (4C System)

Och (Marvel Saga)

Octons (Modrons): there are always but sixty four octons extant, each of which rules one of Regulus' continent-sized cogs. This gives them considerable power, which they have no problem bringing to bear against the forces of disarray. Availability:

Octons (MSH Classic)

Octons (4C System)

Octons (Marvel Saga)

Old Gruff: veteran of dozens of failed schemes to take over the universe, or at least some small corner of such, Barry Grueber is a rare mad scientist who has survived his many miscalculations. Which is one reason the League keeps him as a member! Availability:

Old Gruff (MSH Classic)

Old Gruff (4C System)

Old Gruff (Marvel Saga)

Omega Prime: the product of a corporeal gestalt of Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus, Omega Prime is the Autobots' single greatest warrior, almost matching Fortress Maximus in power - and definitely exceeding that behemoth's battle prowess! Availability:

Omega Prime (MSH Classic)

Omega Prime (4C System)

Omega Prime (Marvel Saga)

Onees: reptilian, cyclopean terrors from beneath the earth's crust, the Onees yearn to expand their territory onto the surface. Their fatal vulnerability to bright white light means that this goal is, at best, something of a pipe dream. Availability:

Onees (MSH Classic)

Onees (4C System)

Onees (Marvel Saga)

Onishi, Doctor Kenneth: a polymath, Doctor Onishi is an expert in archaeology, computers, energy resources, and physics. This is why the man was abducted by Megatron and subjected to months of mind probes in order to steal all his knowledge! Availability:

Onishi, Doctor Kenneth (MSH Classic)

Onishi, Doctor Kenneth (4C System)

Onishi, Doctor Kenneth (Marvel Saga)

Onishi, Koji: when his Mad Scientist father was kidnapped by Predacons, the Autobots sort of adopted Koji as their own, fleshy son. They vowed to free the Doctor from their evil cousins, and worked hard at it until his surprise release by Sky-Byte! Availability:

Onishi, Koji (MSH Classic)

Onishi, Koji (4C System)

Onishi, Koji (Marvel Saga)

Optimus Primal: Optimus Primal fell in final battle with the evil Megatron, sacrificing his life for all of Cybertron itself. Though he merged with the Matrix, his spirit form has re-emerged in the modern day, helping the many Autobots on earth! Availability:

Optimus Primal (MSH Classic)

Optimus Primal (4C System)

Optimus Primal (Marvel Saga)

Optimus Prime (G1): leader of the Autobots, Optimus Prime is a wise and powerful Transformer who years for peace, but knows that he must fight to get it. Inspiring others to fight for freedom from oppression, Optimus is the nemesis of Megatron and his Decepticons. Availability:

Optimus Prime (MSH Classic)

Optimus Prime (4C System)

Optimus Prime (Marvel Saga)

Optimus Prime (RiD): a powerful warrior and skilled tactician, Optimus Prime is the leader of the Autobots. This steadfast protector of life, no matter its form, strives only to bring peace to all - which naturally puts him at odds with Megatron! Availability:

Optimus Prime (MSH Classic)

Optimus Prime (4C System)

Optimus Prime (Marvel Saga)

Outback: Stuart is the consummate survivalist - though as a survival and jungle warfare instructor, that's his job. He's at his happiest when he's living off the land, days away from civilization, and immersing himself in the wilds that surround him! Availability:

Outback (MSH Classic)

Outback (4C System)

Outback (Marvel Saga)

Overtime: Lindsey Falmon grew up in an empty family life, and was lonely until the day she met Wayne Tucker. Instantly taking a like to this rebel, she wound up joining him and his Psi-Force friends in their efforts to remain free from the government. Availability:

Overtime (MSH Classic)

Overtime (4C System)

Overtime (Marvel Saga)

Ozone: David is a dedicated ecologist who was mortified to learn that villains like Cobra were actually weaponizing toxins in order to use them against innocents. Wanting to protect both the earth and his fellow man, David joined the Gi Joe team in order to fight these eco-terrorists! Ozone comes in Classic and Saga styles!

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