Base Cost: 7 points

Gd 10
Pr 4
Ex 20
Ex 20
Ty 6
Pr 4
Ty 6
Pr 4
Ty -5



It's hard to determine whence the Onees originated. They are a strange race of reptilian, subterranean cyclopes, with a generally humanoid form, who don't appear to fit into conventional evolutionary theory. But then, who knows what terrors grow deep beneath the earth's surface?

Known Powers:

Claws: while their fangs are much larger, Onees benefit from claws on their four-toed feet as well as their four-fingered hands. In melee combat, Onees can slash at their foes to inflict their Strength rank in Edged Attack damage, should they so choose.

Fangs: the dread maws of the Onees are filled with long, sharp fangs, widely spaced throughout their mouths. Using these lethal implements, they can inflict Edged Attack damage upon biting a foe, which might be done either to kill them or simply to rend their flesh afterwards.

Horns: singular, really, Onees all possess one large horn atop their head. As it points straight up, the Onees cannot really use it in a head butt attack to inflict Edged Attack damage, but they can definitely deploy it to render charging damage more lethal.

Resistance to Physical Attacks: their natural scales, combined with their horrible thickness, gives Onees protection from a variety of physical assaults, ranging from blunt and sharp weaponry to high pressure. They benefit from Typical (6) protection from physical attack.

Limitations / Enhancements:

Susceptibility / White Light: beings from the musty darkness beneath the earth, Onees cannot stand bright, white light. Not merely blinded by it, they will suffer an amount of damage equal to one fourth of their maximum Health point total every turn they're exposed to the stuff.

They do not experience this lethal harm when bathed in other colors of light, however. For instance, Onees can toil away their lives under the glow of a green lamp without undue discomfort. Perhaps it takes all colors of the spectrum blended together to physically harm the Onees.






Onees in general didn't seem to have a common skill set amongst themselves, and in fact weren't portrayed as being all that bright. While their king was an exceptional example of their kind, most Onees were content (or coerced) to perform manual labor for their leader.


There doesn't seem to be a whole lot of Onees out there. In all of recorded history, they have only been encountered once by humanity, and that may well have been an extinction event. Assuming Onees persist to this day, they likely consider others of their kind reliable contacts.


The Onees are a brutal, primitive species, one who thinks nothing of killing hundreds upon hundreds of surface dwellers to get what they want. And what they desire above all else is to escape their underground realm, and to stretch out in the darkened skies of the surface world.

In addition to lacking in the way of advanced skills or even rudimentary personal technology, Onees do not bother with clothing whatsoever. Their scales primarily serve to preserve what modesty the Onees possess, but then underground, clothing simply may not hold up long-term.


Onees are frightening to behold. They are tall, thick humanoids, covered in green scales. They possess hands and feet with four digits each, all of which terminate in long, razor like claws. Their wide mouths are full of large, deadly fangs. They possess a singular horn atop their heads.

Perhaps the most striking feature of the Onees, however, is their singular eyes. Cyclopean in aspect, Onees have but one eye, which is about the size of a normal human's. Despite having a singular eye, which juts out of their face considerably, Onees perceive the world just fine.

Ecological Niche:

It is unknown precisely what role the Onees serve in the subterranean ecology. They seem capable of at least appropriating technology they've uncovered, if not building it themselves. But for the most part they appear a primitive race of hunters and plunderers.


There has only been one recorded contact between humanity and the scourge of the underworld known as the Onees. This strange race of subterranean, reptilian humanoids are monstrous in aspect, and seem content to follow the direction of the most powerful of their kind.

The most recent example of such a leader was an Onees who lacked his fellows' terrible vulnerability to white light. Making him their king, the Onees followed his orders to the letter, especially after he came up with a grand plan to conquer the surface above.

Either building or confiscating a staggeringly powerful tractor beam, this King of the Onees began to draw human buildings down into the earth's crust, intent on stealing all the world's iron to use it in an irrational bid to shift the planet's rotation.

This King's plan went well enough, at least until Professor Zog was called in to help solve the problem of Fairbanks' sinking buildings. In relatively short order, Zog and his robotic assistant, Electro, disrupted this plot and threw the King into his very own smelting pool.

The resultant explosion and cave-in, after Electro trashed that tractor beam, could not have done the rest of the Onees a favor. It is unknown if the Onees were all slain in this incident, or if this was merely one such community of these subterranean terrors amongst many.

Regardless, the Onees have not been seen since. Either they have indeed all died off thanks to Professor Zog, or they may have simply learned their lesson, and stick to the world beneath the earth's surface. While either is possible, the latter seems more likely by far.

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