Am 50
Rm 30
In 40
Am 50
Ty 6
Gd 10
Am 50
Fe 2
Sh 0



Monomaniacally driven to kill or destroy anything and everything of note he encounters, the Obliterator is an Elder of the Universe. The last surviving specimen of his species, the Obliterator's obsession has extended his lifespan beyond all rational explanation.

Known Powers:

Immortality: the Obliterator, unlike the rest of his people, possesses a singular focus on a singular subject. While his peers all scattered their time amongst numerous pursuits and tasks, the Obliterator wanted only one thing. To kill, to destroy, to obliterate!

Obsessed as he was with this urge, this uncontrollable drive, the Obliterator's very life force was propped up by it. As long as his destructive desires persist, the Obliterator will continue to persist, his entire existence wrapped around his need to kill them all.

Of course, even if he does find his drive to destroy obliterated, the Obliterator cannot die, for the Grandmaster's scheming has barred the Elders from Death's door. Thus, nothing can end his existence, even if dropped to zero Health and Endurance!

the Power Primordial: one of the oldest beings in existence, the Obliterator possesses some of the Power Primordial, the initial energies of the cosmos itself! He has primarily developed this ability by focusing it into his weaponry, but also possesses these additional powers:

* Environmental Independence: the Obliterator has no need of food, drink, or air to survive, but may partake of them if he so desires. In fact, he can even lower his invulnerability to poisons to partake in liquid libations, should he feel depressed enough to drown his sorrows!

* Invulnerability to Disease, Toxins, and Physical Attacks: unlike his fellow Elders, the Obliterator is completely immune to physical assault, as opposed to their usual, energy invulerability. He also shrugs off all manner of disease and poisons, as well.

* Regeneration: the Obliterator has an overwheming desire to get up and kill. While highly resistant to damage in the first place, the Obliterator regenerates with Unearthly (100) ability, thus allowing him to recover ten lost Health points per turn.

* Telepathy: his original language lost to the dustbin of history, the Obliterator usually communicates with others via a minimal, poorly developed telepathic ability. He may do this with Feeble (2) skill, enough to convey ideas when his weapons aren't doing the talking for him.

Limitations / Enhancements:



Battle System: the Obliterator has designed a supreme combat machine, built using his dead species' technology as a base, and augmented over billions of years. Fueled by his Power Primordial, the battle system can use the following effects at Shift X (150) rank:

* Energy Attacks: the Obliterator can fire energy beams of any type at his leisure - and he is only at leisure when killing things, usually with these implements. These wrist-mounted weapons discharge Obliter-rays which inflict Force or Energy damage, whichever is desired.

* Flight Unit: this detachable contraption can be used to ferry the Obliterator from a planet into orbit, or from place to place as is desired. It allows him to fly at up to the speed of sound, or 750 MPH, though moving faster requires the use of his spacecraft.

* Missiles: to strike those more vulnerable to mundane attack, the Obliterator carries small, spherical missiles that inflict Unearthly (100) Edged Attack (fragmentary) damage when they strike. The Obliterator has a +1 CS to hit with these, as they are heat seeking units.

* Poison Spray: the Obliterator can, after analyzing a specific target for one turn, fire a powerful paralytic agent at said target. This spray will paralyze the target for 1d10 turns, unless they pass an Endurance FEAT against Shift X (150) intensity.

Spacecraft: the Obliterator utilizes ships that can fly at translight speeds, though their exact capabilities haven't been listed. They likely have super flight of Shift X (150) rank, being fueled by his Power Primordial, as well as weapons equivalent to his battle system.


Mania / Phonomania 3: his love for killing and carnage is so great that the Obliterator has pursued it to the exclusion of all else - and it shows, whenever speaking with him. He resists the urge to hunt, kill, and destroy at a -6 CS to his Psyche, should he wish to.


Electronics 3: though he's not the sharpest stick in the bunch, by far, the Obliterator has had billions of years to master the knowledge behind electronics technology. Whether utilized on weaponry or for other purposes, he may work with such technology at his Reason score +3 CS.

Engineering 3: complementing his electronics knowledge, the Obliterator has accumulated numerous construction tricks over time, the better to build implements of destruction! His Reason should be considered +3 CS for the purposes of making just about any mechanical object.

Martial Arts types B and E: even without his highly advanced battle system, the Obliterator can effectively fight. He may attempt unarmed melee attacks at a +1 CS to the Fighting rank listed above, and may attempt such attacks with a +1 modifier to his initiative.

Spontaneous Weapons: something of an extension of his mastery of blunt and edged weaponry, the Obliterator is skilled in using just about anything to kill. He can wield anything in melee combat, no matter what form it takes or its very nature, without penalty.

Tracking 3: in addition to building weapons to kill things and the skill to use weapons to kill things, the Obliterator excels at tracking things down to kill with the weapons he has built. He may do so at a +3 CS to the Intuition score listed above.

Weapons Master: whether it's blunt or edged in shape, or dedicated to ranged or melee combat, the Obliterator is adept in the use of all weapons. Though this talent provides him no bonus when using them, the Obliterator can wield any weapon without penalty.

Weapon Specialist / Battle System: though this is technically many talents, the Obliterator has demonstrated uncanny mastery of his unique, customized hardware. Whenever attempting offensive actions with this gear, the Obliterator may do so at a +2 CS to the applicable FEAT.


The Obliterator is an Elder of the Universe, one of the oldest beings in existence. Though generally obsessed with slaying all that he surveys, he occasionally participates in activities with his fellow Elders, and can thus rely upon them for aid when necessary, for the most part.


The Obliterator's ensemble primarily consists of his large, blocky battle system, which covers his wrists, chest, shoulders, and back. He complements this with brown buccaneer boots, brown and black trousers, a brown and black shirt, a steel belt, and spiky black wrist bands.


The Obliterator is a gleeful agent of bedlam, who will destroy any person, place, or thing of note he encounters for the sheer thrill of it. When not actively murdering or destroying all before him, the Obliterator loves to talk about his exploits, particularly his greatest hits.

Real Name: Maht Pacle
Occupation: mass murderer
Legal Status: citizen of a dead world likely wanted by numerous governments around the universe for various heinous crimes
Marital Status: (very) single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: the Elders of the Universe

Height: 9'1"
Hair: black
Eyes: white, with no visible pupils
Weight: 2040 lbs.
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: the Obliterator looms over most humanoids, both in height, width, and sheer mass. However, his generally dull expression, oversized ears, and almost cartoonish features makes it all too easy to underestimate him - at first.


Originally known as Maht Pacle, the being who would become the Obliterator wasn't like others of his kind. While they were happy to divide their time and interest amongst a variety of pursuits, the Obliterator yearned only to kill, and performed this act at every opportunity.

Eventually realizing that he possessed an uncanny vitality, the Obliterator consulted with numerous medicons on his world, who decided that he must be some weird form of mutant. After all, he had ceased aging, and didn't even seem to need food, water, or even air to survive!

As the years passed, the Obliterator decided that he was better than the rest of his kind, and added them to the list of his targets. By the time he had obliterated the other ten billion specimens of his species, the Obliterator decided that smarter targets were much more satisfying.

Eventually rendering his home world devoid of animal life, the Obliterator made for the stars, and began a cosmic murder spree whose scope boggles the mind. He was happy to find new worlds, new civilizations, and destroy every last man, woman, and child within. He's that horrible.

Content with his life of universal devastation, the Obliterator continued on in this fashion for billions of years, his endless pursuit of genocide aided and abetted by the Power Primordial, the formative energies of the universe itself, which he'd unwittingly accumulated over time.

Things changed for the Obliterator when he encounted someone just like him. The Gardener, an immortal like himself who was focused upon the cultivation of the greatest garden in all creation, was something of a peer - and thus, someone he couldn't bring himself to destroy.

Revealing to the Obliterator that he was one of the Elders of the Universe, quite possibly one of the oldest beings in existence, the Gardener introduced him to several other Elders. That's when they gave the Obliterator the greatest possible target: Galactus!

Though not particularly caring about the specifics of their motives, the Obliterator loved the idea of killing one of the universe's most powerful entities, and thus did his part to complete their scheme - which is how he crossed paths with the Silver Surfer.

Sent to destroy the former herald of Galactus due to his interference in the Elders' plans, the Obliterator overwhelmed the Surfer with his savage brutality and Primordial weaponry. Had he not targeted the Obliterator's toys, the Surfer may well have died then and there.

Transmogrifying his weaponry such that it could only emit bubbles of harmless light, the Surfer neutered the threat the Obliterator posed to him. Furthermore, Mantis destroyed his flight unit, stranding him on the world he'd ambushed the Surfer on, rendering him utterly despondent.

Dropping dead on the spot, the Obliterator would have finally been gone forever, had the Grandmaster not earlier caused Death herself to bar Elders from her graces. Thus, truly immortal at this point, the Obliterator was left on a then-empty world with nothing to kill or demolish.

In time, the Obliterator found a space port, which wasn't there when he was initially left for dead. Drinking copius amounts of alcohol, once he figured out how to let it affect him again, the Obliterator drowned his sorrows while pining for what he considered the good old days.

Lacking imagination, it never even occurred to him to rebuild his gear - at least, until a Skrull posing as the Contemplator put the idea in his head. Remaking his arsenal, the Obliterator stole a spacecraft, flew to Zenn-La, and proceeded to lay waste to the peaceful world.

Traveling home to stop this devastation, the Silver Surfer wandered right into the Obliterator's sights, and the two did battle a second time. His weapons now immune to the Surfer's powers, the Obliterator was stopped by even more insidious trickery this time: words.

Stating that he, too, would become an Elder of the Universe if the Obliterator killed his people, the Surfer brought an abrupt stop to the Elder's rampage on Zenn-La. Mortified at the very thought of it, the Obliterator then decided to kill the Surfer first!

The Surfer then fled his world, prompting the Obliterator to pursue him. While he escaped for a time, the Surfer found himself on the Obliterator's List. Having all eternity to bend his limited intelligence towards that goal, the Obliterator will eventually track the Surfer down.

Though his tracking skills are impressive, the Obliterator has yet to actually catch up to the Surfer, and thus was available when the multiverse was recreated after its complete collapse. He then participated in a Contest of Champions over the fate of reality's new Power Primordial.

Unfortunately for the Obliterator, however, he was unable to win this contest, his champion being eliminated early on. After this early, crushing defeat, the Obliterator left the site of this conflict, the remnants of the second Battleworld, and traveled to parts unknown.

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