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Unlike the vast majority of Cobra's membership, Overkill is a created being, initially built by that terrorist organization with mass production in mind. When his product line proved too expensive, and his intellect (such as it is) became apparent, Overkill joined the Cobra Command.

Known Powers:

Body Armor: built from rugged inorganic materials, Overkill is more resilient than his fleshy creators. Thanks to the nature of his construction, Overkill benefits from rank value 6 protection against physical assault, reduced to rank value 2 against energy attack.

Environmental Independence: a synthetic creation, Overkill needs need not eat, drink, sleep, or breathe to continue his activities. However, Overkill does require a considerable amount of energy to function, meaning that he must be recharged or refueled with some frequency.

Flamethrower: hidden in one of Overkill's leg compartments is a fully functional flamethrower, which has several spare fuel cells handy. Each burst from this weapon can inflict rank value 30 2x SD Energy damage, though this is reduced by 1 RS if spread over a wide area.

Infravision: Overkill's left eye houses numerous specialized supersensory apparatus. The first of these is an infrared night scope, which allows him to see in various states of lighting as it only perceives heat levels, and functions at rank value 20.

Interchangeable Arms: the lower right arm of each BAT can be removed and switched out as their Cobra operators deem necessary, and Overkill is no exception to this rule. Kept in a back-mounted rack for easy access, these implements are known to include the following:

* Brain-Wave Scanner: while he can attach any other BAT arm available, Overkill also has a large claw that can seize the others' craniums with rank value 20 ability. Once held, victims are subject to the effects of the Brain-Wave Scanner, as seen in its own equipment description.

Invulnerability to Disease and Poison: intrinsically inorganic, Cobra's Battle Android Trooper leader is completely immune to disease that preys upon organic systems. Furthermore, he ingests neither food nor drink, and does not respirate, and is thus immune to being poisoned.

Lightning Speed: thanks to his advanced, turbo-hydraulic legs, Overkill can move distressingly fast for short periods of time. Possessing this power at rank value 10, he can run at up to 54.55 MPH, though when doing so he is subject to the equivalent of exhaustion.

Machine Guns: Overkill's chest cavity contains dual .50 cal machine guns. Though only useful at a close distance, these weapons are fired in tandem, inflicting rank value 30 Piercing damage when firing short bursts, or rank value 40 Piercing damage when fired continuously.

Telescopic Vision: in addition to housing his infravision sensor, Overkill's left eye also possesses a telescopic aspect. It is equipped to zoom in with rank value 4 ability, granting him an effective visual range of twenty-five miles, usually enough to see out to the horizon.

Limitations / Enhancements:

Languorous: Overkill possesses a weak version of this character limitation. His body cannot repair itself, and while replacing the parts and systems that comprises his existence is somewhat easy for him or others to accomplish, they are not always readily available in the field.

Reprogrammable: while Overkill's mind is leaps and bounds more effective than that of his Battle Android Trooper forebears, he still features a weakness to computer programmers who can physically interface with his hardware - though this requires they crack open his skull first.


Battle Android Troopers: as the commander of these artificial combatants, Overkill typically has several of them at his direct beck and call. They are usually the most advanced model available at any given point in time, and are described fully in their own 'character' description.

Laser Rifle: wielded when he has both of his humanoid hands attached, this two-handed weapon allows Overkill to inflict staggering damage at a distance. It fires a powerful beam of coherent light waves that combine to inflict rank value 10 Armor Piercing Energy damage per blast.




Advanced Guns: as the creation of a Cobra research lab, Overkill is literally programmed to wield directed energy weapons with competence. He may discharge laser rifles, death rays, particle beams, or even rail guns as if his Coordination was +1 RS higher than is listed above.

Tactics: while he isn't a leader, per se, Overkill is programmed with a highly advanced tactical software package, which allows him to refine his stewardship of BATs in the field over time. While they follow his plans in battle, subordinates may add a +1 RS to related ACTION rolls.


For the most part, Overkill has few contacts he can rely upon. An artificial intelligence barely respected by his peers in the Cobra Command, Overkill is generally left to his own devices whenever he could use more than a fleeting amount of aid. But then again, he leads army of BATs.


Overkill does not wear clothing whatsoever, unlike his Battle Android Trooper ancestors. He features a green torso with a fold-down panel obscuring his twin guns, black shoulders and thighs, red hands and feet, golden knees, elbows, and skull, red eyes, and a golden face plate.


While he may be a prototype built with revolutionary (for their time) components, Overkill isn't all that bright. He's technically a tactical genius, but having little life knowledge, he applies it to his work via trial and error on a huge scale, so he wins as often as he loses.

Real Name: Overkill
Occupation: Battle Android Trooper leader
Legal Status: citizen of Cobra Island, though likely unrecognized as a sentient being elsewhere.
Marital Status: single? inapplicable?
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: Cobra

Height: 6' 6"
Hair: inapplicable
Eyes: red
Weight: 400 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Overkill is a robot! Covered in a rainbow of brightly painted metallic plates and systems, Overkill is hard to take seriously without his Battle Android Trooper army - or a legion of brainwashed victims - backing him up.


While Cobra was rolling out their Mark 2 Battle Android Troopers, they were already hard at work on the third iteration of their manufactured fighting force. To this end, Cobra scientists put together a variety of different prototypes, vigorously testing new concepts in robotic warfare.

Only one prototype could be further developed into a design more versatile than its predecessor, while costing the same or less to manufacture. Thus, while Cobra eventually did release their Mark 3 BATs, the line of robotic combatants could have gone in a dramatically different direction.

When Cobra Commander chose quantity over quality for the eventual Mark 3 line, the other prototypes were consigned to a life on the shelf, for future consideration either in full or in part. But that same greedy Cobra Commander always keeps tabs on his underlings' expenses.

Finding that one of his Mark 3 prototypes was wildly expensive, he thought it could at least be put to use, since it had already been completely built out. And thus, this experimental and unique Battle Android Trooper was brought back online to lead its fellows, as the one and only Overkill!

As quickly became apparent, however, the experimental tactical software, combined with radically advanced silicon, made Overkill something more than a mere automaton. While the Cobra Command may treat him as such, and he definitely considers himself a he, Overkill is alive!

At the same time, Overkill is new to interactions with fleshlings, and has difficulty in most social situations. He does excel on the battlefield, however, for that's what he was literally made for! The trick is convincing others to play ball with him and his Battle Android Trooper army.

And for that, at least, Overkill has a portable Brain-wave Scanner to keep any meaty underlings assigned to him in line - along with any others he temporarily conscripts with this device. Between his BAT forces and mind controlled patsies, Overkill commands considerable forces.

He continued to lead Cobra's BATs on numerous missions once active, at least until the organization seemingly fell apart late in 1994. What Overkill was up to in the meantime has yet to be revealed, but when Cobra got its act together just a few years later, things had changed for him.

Though active at least through the year 2003, Overkill was eventually replaced in his role as the Battle Android Trooper at that time by another Cobra using the same name. It is unknown what became of Overkill after this, but he hasn't been seen with Cobra since then.

It's possible he simply retired, whether of his own volition or involuntarily, and performs other duties for the Cobra Command. Alternately, he may have been destroyed, hence the need for a new Overkill. Finally, he may've been scrapped, his parts repurposed to build his very replacement!

At this point, however, the world may never know.

2003 Variations


In time, Overkill changed his coloration some, though his functionally remains the same to this day. His second likeness is primarily two-tone blue in hue, with black accents here and there, though his head features a black skull, a red face plate, and his distressing, glowing red eyes.

Extra Goodies:

Overkill 4C System: Edition 13 Text File Download

Cobra directories featuring a version of Overkill:

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