The Technohol 13 Alphabetical Character Roster: B

B'ntri (Typical): inhuman monstrosities hailing from a forgotten, rogue world with no name, the B'ntri are cunning, magically inclined, tentacular horrors. These beasts spread like wildfire through known space, eating their way through the cosmos! Availability:

B'ntri (MSH Classic)

B'ntri (4C System)

B'ntri (Marvel Saga)

Babau (Tanar'ri): babau assemble the vast tanar'ri armies required to wage the Blood War. They conscript their least and lesser cousins into the fight, while themselves avoiding the front lines as long as they can keep the 'recruits' coming. Availability:

Babau (MSH Classic)

Babau (4C System)

Babau (Marvel Saga)

Babel: Thame Panagitis became obsessed with bringing about a world government, after his exposure to KGB defector Alexei Ruyanev's ideas. Helping him form the Medusa Web, Thame went on to lead its clandestine efforts to unite the planet. Availability:

Babel (MSH Classic)

Babel (4C System)

Babel (Marvel Saga)

Backblast: after growing up in the shadow of New York City's greatest airport, Edward J. Menninger decided he'd had more than enough. Hating airplanes after years of exposure to their loud noise and bright lights, he enlisted to get a job blowing the things up! Availability:

Backblast (MSH Classic)

Backblast (4C System)

Backblast (Marvel Saga)

Backfire: a nondescript guy before the White Event, George was a hard-up loser. While the Event gave him impressive reflective powers, he's still a loser, endlessly perpetrating his raunchy personality upon the Web during its many paramilitary actions. Availability:

Backfire (MSH Classic)

Backfire (4C System)

Backfire (Marvel Saga)

Backstop: though he's been run out of every sport he tried, from hockey to wrestling to boxing, Robert finally found a home in GI Joe. The man is brutally competitive, and has a habit of leaving broken opponents in his wake - and that's just his friends! Availability:

Backstop (MSH Classic)

Backstop (4C System)

Backstop (Marvel Saga)

the Badger: though lightly armed, the Badger is astoundingly fast and maneuverable. A modified, heavily armored Jeep, this neon green off-road vehicle is great for leading the charge against any Cobra infantry in the field - no matter where they hide! Availability:

the Badger (MSH Classic)

the Badger (4C System)

the Badger (Marvel Saga)

Doctor Lucian Ballad: assigned to the Remsen children after their parents died in a bombing, psychologist Lucian Ballad was amazed to find out that both were paranormals, and convinced them to use their abilities to help others. Availability:

Doctor Lucian Ballad (MSH Classic)

Doctor Lucian Ballad (4C System)

Doctor Lucian Ballad (Marvel Saga)

Tullius Ballad: Doctor Lucian Ballad's evil twin, Tullius has always been obsessed with destroying his counterpart. Believing this the only way to claim his soul for his own, he became a powerful Voodoo Bokor to defeat his 'good' side! Availability:

Tullius Ballad (MSH Classic)

Tullius Ballad (4C System)

Tullius Ballad (Marvel Saga)

Kayla Ballantine: when her boyfriend Quasar returned from a cross-time adventure, he inadvertently passed the Star Brand to Kayla. Though she didn't realize it at first, various villains were able to perceive the thing, and schemed to take it from her. Availability:

Kayla Ballantine (MSH Classic)

Kayla Ballantine (4C System)

Kayla Ballantine (Marvel Saga)

Balors (Tanar'ri): most powerful of the true tanar'ri, balors are few and far between. However, the blazing power they wield is enough to cow even the most arrogant tanar'ri into submission - further aiding their crusades against the hated baatezu! Availability:

Balors (MSH Classic)

Balors (4C System)

Balors (Marvel Saga)

Banzai: seeking purpose and direction, Robert J. Travalino walked the earth, and went on adventures. In Tibet, he encountered a reclusive ninja master who forged him into a weapon that could make his own path, which Robert decided involved becoming a GI Joe ninja! Availability:

Banzai (MSH Classic)

Banzai (4C System)

Banzai (Marvel Saga)

Bar-lgura (Tanar'ri): strong resembling conventional orangutans, bar-lgura aren't much smarter than those mundane creatures. Of course, normal animals don't bear an arsenal of demonic powers, much less such sullen, blinding blinding rage...! Availability:

Bar-lgura (MSH Classic)

Bar-lgura (4C System)

Bar-lgura (Marvel Saga)

Barbecue: thrill-seeker and all around party animal, Barbecue became a fire fighter for the sheer thrill of it all. The only dedicated firefighter on the GI Joe team, Barbecue tends to be placed on missions with the flamethrower experts. Availability:

Barbecue (MSH Classic)

Barbecue (4C System)

Barbecue (Marvel Saga)

Barnaby Eveningstar: a scholar researching evil magic to better combat it, Barnaby Billingsly studied vampirism intently, and even managed to wield it as a mere mortal. Unfortunately for him, however, his diabolical power got the best of him. Availability:

Barnaby Eveningstar (MSH Classic)

Barnaby Eveningstar (4C System)

Barnaby Eveningstar (Marvel Saga)

Seņor Barnett: the child of two super heroes, Arpad Barnett didn't develop powers initially, living a cheerfully normal life. At least, he did until his uncontrollable technopsionic legacy caught up with him, and seemingly unhinged the man! Availability:

Seņor Barnett (MSH Classic)

Seņor Barnett (4C System)

Seņor Barnett (Marvel Saga)

Baron Blood: after an encounter with the mighty Dracula, malcontent blueblood John Falsworth became a vampire himself. His twisted need for vengeance against his brother eventually drove him to Nazi Germany, for aid in crushing his relative and homeland. Availability:

Baron Blood (MSH Classic)

Baron Blood (4C System)

Baron Blood (Marvel Saga)

the Baroness: after her brother was seemingly killed by an American soldier, the girl who would become the Baroness was consumed with a need for vengeance, and her foray into international terrorism ultimately led to an association with Cobra. Availability:

the Baroness (MSH Classic)

the Baroness (4C System)

the Baroness (Marvel Saga)

the Barracuda: an incredibly small vehicle, the Barracuda is in effect a one-man submarine. This tiny ride can swim beneath the waves to attack Cobra's aquatic vessels, rapidly sinking them with torpedoes before the evil terrorists even know what hit them! Availability:

the Barracuda (MSH Classic)

the Barracuda (4C System)

the Barracuda (Marvel Saga)

Barrel Roll: Dwight E. Stall comes from a family with a long tradition of military service. He is the first of three siblings to complete the GI Joe's training course, and has proven to be a most capable soldier, whether he's on the ground or in the skies! Availability:

Barrel Roll (MSH Classic)

Barrel Roll (4C System)

Barrel Roll (Marvel Saga)

Barricade: an urban combat expert, Phillip was trained long and hard in his art, which made joining GI Joe almost too easy for him. A latecomer to the group, he nonetheless works hard to prove his mettle when he leads his fellow Joes into a hostile city! Availability:

Barricade (MSH Classic)

Barricade (4C System)

Barricade (Marvel Saga)

Louis 'Treetop' Barrington: this somewhat shady man was a Huey pilot doing covert op troop insertions / extractions during Vietnam, but resorted to taking any job from the highest bidder afterwards - until Mark Hazzard helped him to see the light. Availability:

Louis 'Treetop' Barrington (MSH Classic)

Louis 'Treetop' Barrington (4C System)

Louis 'Treetop' Barrington (Marvel Saga)

Basher Bob: a brain-addled dwarf from elsewhere, Basher Bob was mistaken for a Warrior of Thor upon his inadvertent arrival in New York. Delivered to their lodge by the authorities, he just sort of moved in since everyone there assumed he belonged, too. Availability:

Basher Bob (MSH Classic)

Basher Bob (4C System)

Basher Bob (Marvel Saga)

Battle Android Troopers: BATs are mass-produced in various Cobra Island factories, using factory seconds for microprocessors and mechanical components built in third world sweat shops. Though dumb as hammers, BATs are heavily armed and dangerous! Availability:

Battle Android Troopers (BATs) (MSH Classic)

Battle Android Troopers (BATs) (4C System)

Battle Android Troopers (BATs) (Marvel Saga)

the Battle Barge: keeping a low profile as they gently float around Cobra Island, the Battle Barges are easy to miss - at least, until they attack! Armed with three powerful machine guns, the Barges packs a lot more punch than you'd expect for their size! Availability:

the Battle Barge (MSH Classic)

the Battle Barge (4C System)

the Battle Barge (Marvel Saga)

The Battle Blitz: a six-wheeled, all-terrain vehicle with a large vertical profile, the Battle Blitz is one of the Joe team's 'Spy Troops' vehicles with a built-in surprise - this being a built-in 'land luge' launcher a Joe operative can ride at incredible speeds! Availability:

the Battle Blitz (MSH Classic)

the Battle Blitz (4C System)

the Battle Blitz (Marvel Saga)

the Battle Copter: while the Air Commandos can quietly get somewhere in a hurry, they're admittedly at the mercy of the weather. Keeping this in mind, the GI Joe team built a powered alternative to their gliders, in the form of this backpack helicopter! Availability:

the Battle Copter (MSH Classic)

the Battle Copter (4C System)

the Battle Copter (Marvel Saga)

the Battle Wagon: a large offensive vehicle, the Battle Wagon lives up to its name. It looks like a giant, oversized pickup truck with a missile launcher mounted where the bed should be. With, of course, laser guns and a strange cab with a freaky grille. Availability:

the Battle Wagon (MSH Classic)

the Battle Wagon (4C System)

the Battle Wagon (Marvel Saga)

the BUGG: the Battling Underwater Global Guard is an amphibious vehicle with which Cobra patrols the shores of its treacherous Island. It has numerous sub-vehicles to warn off trespassers, and enough firepower to deal with those who don't get the message! Availability:

the BUGG (MSH Classic)

the BUGG (4C System)

the BUGG (Marvel Saga)

Bazooka: a former tank jockey until his sudden epiphany about untrained yahoos immobilizing million dollar hardware with two hundred dollar handheld rockets, Bazooka instead became a missile specialist himself, plying his trade for the GI Joe team! Availability:

Bazooka (MSH Classic)

Bazooka (4C System)

Bazooka (Marvel Saga)

Beach Head: one of the hardest, meanest Rangers ever to come out of Fort Benning, Wayne is a perfect addition to GI Joe, as his never-ending quest for personal perfection tends to rub off on others - even if it does so in a somewhat abrasive fashion! Availability:

Beach Head (MSH Classic)

Beach Head (4C System)

Beach Head (Marvel Saga)

Beachcomber: an expert astrogeologist, Beachcomber loves nothing more than to explore beautiful, remote reaches of worlds throughout the cosmos. Unfortunately for him, he's found himself in the middle of a war that has raged for million of years. Availability:

Beachcomber (MSH Classic)

Beachcomber (4C System)

Beachcomber (Marvel Saga)

the Behemoth Remote Controlled Tank: this ominous, glossy black tank was an advanced, remote controlled weapon of war that Krotze International had developed for the Department of Defense to wage war without putting American soldiers at risk. Availability:

the Behemoth (MSH Classic)

the Behemoth (4C System)

the Behemoth (Marvel Saga)

Big Bear: filling the role of Horror Show in the Oktober Guard after a fashion, Big Bear was recruited onto the team after the death of most of its original line-up. Big and surly, Big Bear more than makes up for his attitude with his effective performance. Availability:

Big Bear(MSH Classic)

Big Bear (4C System)

Big Bear (Marvel Saga)

Big Ben: an elite British SAS soldier, David is as competent as your average American Special Forces trooper. Though trained differently, he's just as good as his fellow Joes are versus Cobra forces, no matter what the nefarious terrorists are up to! Availability:

Big Ben (MSH Classic)

Big Ben (4C System)

Big Ben (Marvel Saga)

Big Boa: despised by GI Joe and Cobra operatives alike, Big Boa is the chief drill instructor of the latter group. A seeming force of nature gone wrong, Big Boa has what it takes to whip even Cobra's teeming masses of criminal scum into fighting shape! Availability:

Big Boa (MSH Classic)

Big Boa (4C System)

Big Boa (Marvel Saga)

Big Brawler: with his dual military specialties, Brian is more than effective at rooting out terrorists based in jungle environs. This made him an excellent fit for the GI Joe team, as Cobra often hides their bases in the nastiest jungles they can find! Availability:

Big Brawler (MSH Classic)

Big Brawler (4C System)

Big Brawler (Marvel Saga)

Big Lob: an obsessive basketball fan, Big Lob showed he was a true athlete upon breezing his way through basic training. He's since proved himself to both the regular brass and the GI Joe team, and excels in all manner of the team's special missions! Availability:

Big Lob (MSH Classic)

Big Lob (4C System)

Big Lob (Marvel Saga)

(just) Billy: the only known son of the diabolical Cobra Commander, Billy's life has proven to be an endless cavalcade of calamity. He rises above his awful family life, though, by doing his best to ensure no one else suffers as he has at the hands of Cobra! Availability:

(just) Billy (MSH Classic)

(just) Billy (4C System)

(just) Billy (Marvel Saga)

Bio-Vipers: former Cobra EELs forever altered after Doctor Mindbender experimented upon them with his latest chimeric genetic cocktail, the Bio-Vipers are now near-mindless rampaging machines, aquatic monstrosities that menace global sea lanes! Availability:

Bio-Vipers (MSH Classic)

Bio-Vipers (4C System)

Bio-Vipers (Marvel Saga)

the Black Marvel: passing extensive and extreme tests of strength, stamina and dexterity, Dan Lyons proved worthy of carrying the mantle of the Black Marvel. Living up to its responsibilities, he constantly strives to right wrongs! Availability:

the Black Marvel (MSH Classic)

the Black Marvel (4C System)

the Black Marvel (Marvel Saga)

Black Widow: when her younger sister was murdered by a Hollywood gangster, Claire Voyant made a Faustian pact with Satan to get revenge. Of course, this damned her to a life of constantly retrieving evil souls for that demon. Availability:

Black Widow (MSH Classic)

Black Widow (4C System)

Black Widow (Marvel Saga)

the Blackstars: a secretive legion of space pilots, the mysterious Blackstars are expert space combatants. Working out an arrangement with Cobra, the Blackstars offer that organization the services of whoever is currently the best out of all their pilots. Availability:

the Blackstars (MSH Classic)

the Blackstars (4C System)

the Blackstars (Marvel Saga)

Blast-Off: the greatest firefighter Missouri ever knew, Jeffrey D. Thompson single-handedly extinguished a forest fire after his fellows were incapacitated by smoke - earning him a place with GI Joe. Of course, now he sets fires as well as exinguishing them! Availability:

Blast-Off (MSH Classic)

Blast-Off (4C System)

Blast-Off (Marvel Saga)

Blaster (G1): the core of Autobot communications, Blaster is an expert in radio signal transception. Overwhelmingly fond of rock music, his relentless pursuit of the latest tunes has possibly revealed the lone weakness in this otherwise solid operative! Availability:

Blaster (MSH Classic)

Blaster (4C System)

Blaster (Marvel Saga)

Blaster (GI Joe): smitten with ground effect vehicle technology since his youth, Brian enlisted to acquire the funding he needed to develop it further. This worked out better than he imagined, and now Brian is on the bleeding edge of its development! Availability:

Blaster (MSH Classic)

Blaster (4C System)

Blaster (Marvel Saga)

Blazing Skull: fired upon while reporting on the second Sino-Japanese war, ace reporter Mark Todd sough shelter in a cave inhabited by strange Skull-men. Finding him honorable, they made Mark into their champion - the Blazing Skull! Availability:

the Blazing Skull (MSH Classic)

the Blazing Skull (4C System)

the Blazing Skull (Marvel Saga)

Blizzard: Gregory is tough because he has to be, for he knows that with his job as a cold weather soldier - much less the instructor of such - he will become a statistic if he goes easy on himself. And his charges will as well, if he goes easy on them. Availability:

Blizzard (MSH Classic)

Blizzard (4C System)

Blizzard (Marvel Saga)

the Blockbuster: the Blockbuster is a 6WD vehicle designed primarily for Arctic combat, but can be deployed just about anywhere - though its white paint job may hinder that some. It's armed with a massive pom-pom launcher and Gatling cannon bank, so watch out! Availability:

the Blockbuster (MSH Classic)

the Blockbuster (4C System)

the Blockbuster (Marvel Saga)

Blocker: tiring of life as a Boston cab driver, David enlisted to get a ride with which he could shoot back at the opposition. He's proven so good at fighting behind the wheel that he was eventually selected to be a Battle Force 2000 vehicular combatant! Availability:

Blocker (MSH Classic)

Blocker (4C System)

Blocker (Marvel Saga)

the Blonde Phantom: a secretary for the Mark Mason Detective Agency, Louise Grant was secretly the Blonde Phantom! When Mark stumbled upon any serious threat on the job, Louise'd step in as the Phantom and set things straight! Availability:

Blonde Phantom (MSH Classic)

Blonde Phantom (4C System)

Blonde Phantom (Marvel Saga)

Blowtorch: Timothy joined the Army to master the most ancient weapon: fire! Though he wields the stuff like a demon in battle, Timothy is probably the biggest proponent of fire safety on earth, knowing full well what it's capable of. Availability:

Blowtorch (MSH Classic)

Blowtorch (4C System)

Blowtorch (Marvel Saga)

Bludgeon: something of a schemer, Bludgeon is the rare, grandiose sort of villain who can back up his talk with muscle. He's strong and tough on top of his mental brawn, and had he not joined up with Scourge, he'd have founded the Destructicons himself! Availability:

Bludgeon (MSH Classic)

Bludgeon (4C System)

Bludgeon (Marvel Saga)

Blue Blade: riding away from his destitute farm during the Dust Bowl, Roy Chambers decied to become rich and famous - no matter the cost. And how else to do this than do what everyone else was of late: donning an ostentatious costume and doing good deeds! Availability:

Blue Blade (MSH Classic)

Blue Blade (4C System)

Blue Blade (Marvel Saga)

the Blue Blaze: exposed to a mysterious blue blaze his father had discovered in the midst of a tornado, Spencer Keen was slain outright. Rising from his grave a century later, Keen was driven to fight against evil and injustice... as the Blue Blaze! Availability:

Blue Blaze (MSH Classic)

Blue Blaze (4C System)

Blue Blaze (Marvel Saga)

Blue Diamond: when an immense blue diamond exploded in his hands, anthropologist Elton T. Morrow was imbued with the stone's strange powers. Though he did so reluctantly, Elton used his new powers against evil as... the Blue Diamond! Availability:

Blue Diamond (MSH Classic)

Blue Diamond (4C System)

Blue Diamond (Marvel Saga)

Bluestreak: having never been the same since his home town was destroyed by Decepticons, this lone survivor of Praxus talks non-stop to prevent himself from thinking about his past. Though this usually annoys his fellow Autobots, it sometimes works. Availability:

Bluestreak (MSH Classic)

Bluestreak (4C System)

Bluestreak (Marvel Saga)

Blur: a former Burger King ™ manager, Jeffrey Walters was transformed into a super speedster in the wake of the White Event. Unable to deactivate his accelerated motion, Jeffrey is constantly shaking out of control - a veritable Blur! Availability:

Blur (MSH Classic)

Blur (4C System)

Blur (Marvel Saga)

the Bomb Disposal Unit: handy for Exposive Ordnanace Disposal work, this small, treaded device can handle undetonated weaponry (both allied and enemy) with relative safety. In other words, the Bomb Disposal Unit helps GI Joe render an area safe! Availability:

the Bomb Disposal Unit (MSH Classic)

the Bomb Disposal Unit (4C System)

the Bomb Disposal Unit (Marvel Saga)

Bombstrike: Alyssa has shown once again that her family is destined for greatness. Having earned her place on the GI Joe team as a forward air controller and counterintelligence expert, Alyssa is already proving that the Joes know talent when they see it! Availability:

Bombstrike (MSH Classic)

Bombstrike (4C System)

Bombstrike (Marvel Saga)

Boo-Getty: Redneck Zombie: transformed into a so-called 'greater zombie' by a mad wizard with designs on global domination, Jeb Jacobs instead decided to use his newfound physical power and renewed life to further his own ends, and not his re-creator's. Availability:

Boo-Getty: Redneck Zombie (MSH Classic)

Boo-Getty: Redneck Zombie (4C System)

Boo-Getty: Redneck Zombie (Marvel Saga)

Boss Sarpo: a devious crime boss based in Ohio, Boss Sarpo never met a crime he didn't like. In addition to looting entire towns of everything not nailed down, Sarpo entered the big leagues when he gained control of Electro for a time! Availability:

Boss Sarpo (MSH Classic)

Boss Sarpo (4C System)

Boss Sarpo (Marvel Saga)

Brain Drain: a morally dubious scientist, Werner Schmidt was crushed by a falling spacecraft shortly after duplicating the American Super-soldier Serum. Rebuilt by his new friends in a robot body, he returned to curse the world as the bizarre Brain Drain! Availability:

Brain Drain (MSH Classic)

Brain Drain (4C System)

Brain Drain (Marvel Saga)

the Brain-wave Scanner: Doctor Venom's single greatest invention, this device gives Cobra access to the very minds of others! Capable of probing or controlling minds, use of the Scanner is itself torture, as it inflicts undue agony while operational. Availability:

the Brain-wave Scanner (MSH Classic)

the Brain-wave Scanner (4C System)

the Brain-wave Scanner (Marvel Saga)

Brainrave: a telepath with a severe electronica fetish, Comyna is a happy go lucky adventurer whether or not she's currently working with Mindwatch. She's as likely to go clubbing as she is stomping on Mindwatch's enemies, mind you. Availability:

Brainrave (MSH Classic)

Brainrave (4C System)

Brainrave (Marvel Saga)

the Brawler: a large, self-propelled gun, the Brawler's main feature is its 77mm Howitzer cannon. Then there's the large surface-to-air missiles, the twinned machine gun mounts, and its cutting-edge ablative armor technology. It really lives up to its name! Availability:

the Brawler (MSH Classic)

the Brawler (4C System)

the Brawler (Marvel Saga)

Brawn: a braggart boastful about his sheer physical power, Brawn is more than ready to back up his claims with results. While he's smaller than most Autobots, Brawn's definitely one of the strongest and toughest brawlers in that group's roster! Availability:

Brawn (MSH Classic)

Brawn (4C System)

Brawn (Marvel Saga)

Breaker: Alvin is a master of at least seven languages and most NATO radio gear. Despite an initial lack of combat experience, and being one of the youngest men to ever become a Joe, Alvin has proven indispensible as the team's communications officer. Availability:

Breaker (MSH Classic)

Breaker (4C System)

Breaker (Marvel Saga)

Colonel Brekhov: leader of the original Oktober Guard, Colonel Ivan Nikelovich Brekhov is notorious for his take no prisoners and make no apologies attitude. This cigar-chomping veteran is a fair and patriotic role model for his subordinates! Availability:

Colonel Brekhov (MSH Classic)

Colonel Brekhov (4C System)

Colonel Brekhov (Marvel Saga)

Brick: not much is known about this bizarre murder machine, other than the fact that he has been utilized by Edmund Roth in the past. A capable killer, Brick is nonetheless susceptible to the ultrasonic frequencies used to control his mind. Availability:

Brick (MSH Classic)

Brick (4C System)

Brick (Marvel Saga)

Brick Wall: offensive tackle for the New York Smashers, Beauford 'Brick Wall' Wohl is also the other half of the Kickers' muscle, helping the team to deal with trouble while they investigate paranormal mysteries when he isn't balancing the books! Availability:

Beauford 'Brick Wall' Wohl (MSH Classic)

Beauford 'Brick Wall' Wohl (4C System)

Beauford 'Brick Wall' Wohl (Marvel Saga)

the Bridge Layer: a perfect vehicle for combat engineers like Tollbooth, the Bridge Layer is an armored bridge-deploying vehicle, designed to help allied personnel and vehicles (armored or otherwise) to cross troublsome terrain with ease. Availability:

the Bridge Layer (MSH Classic)

the Bridge Layer (4C System)

the Bridge Layer (Marvel Saga)

Mick Bronson: unlike many of the people he worked for, Mick wasn't too bright. Though he lacked the engineering wizardry of Fritz Krotze, or even Richard Faylen, he had a certain something the two of them lacked: the capability and willingness to kill. Availability:

Mick Bronson (MSH Classic)

Mick Bronson (4C System)

Mick Bronson (Marvel Saga)

Browneye the Pirate: cursed to forever wander the seven seas after offending a powerful sorceress, Alastair has taken full advantage of said 'curse' to wander the earth, pillaging and looting all the while - except for the time he spent on 'ice'. Availability:

Browneye the Pirate (MSH Classic)

Browneye the Pirate (4C System)

Browneye the Pirate (Marvel Saga)

Colonel MacIntyre Browning: a high ranking Army intelligence officer, Colonel 'Mac' Browning was called in to investigate the Pitt disaster. The man did his best to contain the situation, but it was truly beyond his - or anyone else's - understanding. Availability:

Colonel MacIntyre Browning (MSH Classic)

Colonel MacIntyre Browning (4C System)

Colonel MacIntyre Browning (Marvel Saga)

Bruno: both an ardent patriot and a fan of really big explosions, Bruno Werner turned out to be a perfect recruit for the D.A.A. - even if he managed to get himself on the F.B.I.'s Most Wanted list shortly after being put to use by those vigilantes...! Availability:

Bruno (MSH Classic)

Bruno (4C System)

Bruno (Marvel Saga)

Bruticus (RiD): having taken the form of the mythical beast, Cerberus, Bruticus excels in his job as Megatron's jailer. Using his various inherent, sharp implements of pain, he easily keeps Megatron's Autobot prisoners (and naughty Predacons) in line! Availability:

Bruticus (MSH Classic)

Bruticus (4C System)

Bruticus (Marvel Saga)

Bucky 2: after the first Captain America and Bucky seemingly perished at sea, the government quickly replaced them for the sake of public morale. Fred Davis, a friend of Bucky Barnes, was chosen to fill in for his lost buddy! Availability:

Bucky 2 (MSH Classic)

Bucky 2 (4C System)

Bucky 2 (Marvel Saga)

Budo: though he was content to spend his time enjoying heavy metal and tinkering with his Harley, young Kyle was surprised to learn his great-great-grandfather was a samurai warrior. Given the family's ancestral home, he has strived to live up to this legacy. Availability:

Budo (MSH Classic)

Budo (4C System)

Budo (Marvel Saga)

Bulezau (Tanar'ri): the rumored creations of mad tanar'ri lord Baphomet, the ill-tempered bulezau are hate-driven murder machines. Though somewhat concentrated in the 600th layer of the Abyss, one can find them all over that plane these days. Availability:

Bulezau (MSH Classic)

Bulezau (4C System)

Bulezau (Marvel Saga)

Bullet-Proof: Earl has done his time as a DEA operative in the drug world's biggest hot spots, including the Golden Triangle. Earning his nickname the hard way, he's been recruited by GI Joe to lead its very own drug interdiction effort, the DEF! Availability:

Bullet-Proof (MSH Classic)

Bullet-Proof (4C System)

Bullet-Proof (Marvel Saga)

Bullhorn: an amazing crisis negotiator, Stephen is also a world-class shot with a pistol and a former Quantico hand-to-hand combat instructor. In other words, he has the ability to talk down some nutjobs, and can dismantle others when words fail him! Availability:

Bullhorn (MSH Classic)

Bullhorn (4C System)

Bullhorn (Marvel Saga)

Bumblebee: one of the smallest Autobots, Bumblebee is also one of their bravest. Ready, willing, and eager to further the cause, he will go out of his way to make a mission succeed in the best possible way, and is highly regarded by his fellows as a result. Availability:

Bumblebee (MSH Classic)

Bumblebee (4C System)

Bumblebee (Marvel Saga)

Bunene: the first son of Aya and Shamash, Bunene is the latter's sukkal, or vizier. It is Bunene's task to drive Shamash's chariot across the sky each day, and to intercede between Shamash and the many mortals who implore him for aid and/or power. Availability:

Bunene (MSH Classic)

Bunene (4C System)

Bunene (Marvel Saga)

Jacob Burnsley: Jacob is a retired Army quartermaster who, after an encounter with the Star Child, walked away with a portion of the Star Brand! Implored to use his new power wisely, Jacob has performed various good deeds with the mighty Star Brand. Availability:

Jacob Burnsley (MSH Classic)

Jacob Burnsley (4C System)

Jacob Burnsley (Marvel Saga)

Bushido: though he dresses like a samurai, Bushido was actually trained by Snake-Eyes and Storm Shadow. A newer member of Ninja Force, he has trained to become the very first snow ninja, and excels in hand-to-hand combat no matter how cold it gets outside! Availability:

Bushido (MSH Classic)

Bushido (4C System)

Bushido (Marvel Saga)

the Buzz Boar: possibly the world's first tactical boring device, the Buzz Boar is a one-man subterranean assault vehicle used by Cobra to deposit weapons and other materials underground for safe keeping or later use, and to ambush enemies from below! Availability:

the Buzz Boar (MSH Classic)

the Buzz Boar (4C System)

the Buzz Boar (Marvel Saga)

Buzzer: a former Cambridge sociologist, Buzzer joined an Australian biker gang after studying it, finding it a great outlet for his new hatred for modern life. Too much for them to handle, Dick eventually wound up working for Zartan. Availability:

Buzzer (MSH Classic)

Buzzer (4C System)

Buzzer (Marvel Saga)

Buzzsaw: outdoing even Soundwave's sadism, Buzzsaw attempts to disguise his murderous artistic impulses with an erudite vocabulary and the seeming of sophistication. Those who observe Buzzsaw working on his latest 'masterpiece' know better, however. Availability:

Buzzsaw (MSH Classic)

Buzzsaw (4C System)

Buzzsaw (Marvel Saga)

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