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George is a paranormal, an altered human who gained his powers during the White Event, an incident that set the New Universe apart from standard reality. George's expression of paranormal power is rather physical in nature, and if he can remember to use it, it can be quite effective.


Turnabout (a): George has this power at intensity 15, allowing him to stand in the way of most attacks, and cause their force to 'backfire' at their originator. This makes the man quite valuable in combat, if only to hide behind as a sort of superhuman shield.

However, George must consciously activate this power, and he has been caught unaware on at least one occasion, knocked silly by a piece of hotel rubble. Of course, if George is expecting trouble, he can easily avoid such trivial threats.

Hindrances / Augmentations:



Pistol (a): George carries this thing around for effect, mostly. It's full of blanks, since he shot himself in the foot a couple of years ago. The non-lethal shells within can be used as a sort of intensity 5 Stunning attack on George's targets - they have no real damage capability.


Boxing (s): George is good at busting heads, and quite the brawler. He is allowed to divide his pre-card play action score between two melee attacks, the last of which will occur as a contingent action.

Detective / Espionage (i): George is skilled in surveillance operations, and often accompanies professional Medusa Web spies like Imprint and Troublemaker on long-term missions. He can readily operate 'spy' equipment, tail a target easily, and can tell when he is similarly being followed.

Languages / English and French (i): George can speak French - well some French. Just a little bit, mind you, like a high school student. But, it can be enough to get by, unless he's actually talking to a French person, or someone else that speaks the language fluently.


George is a reliable, if somewhat flaky, member of the Medusa Web. He can readily rely on them for aid should he need it - unless, of course, they have a good reason not to lend him a hand. But why wouldn't they, considering how useful he is to the group?


Gloryhound: an exemplar of this calling if ever there was one, George believes himself to be the Man, and make no bones about it! He's always hitting on women because he honestly thinks they want him, and he's definitely a braggart in combat, since hardly anyone can touch him.


George doesn't wear one. In fact, he instead wears business attire into combat, as his turnabout often takes care of any damage a fight would do to it. Of course, he seems to be color blind, as his suits have a rather large color range to them (even bright green!).

Imagine the big guy from Penn and Teller, for an idea of his general look. Really!


Other than the fact that he's a wise cracking sex fiend, George is an otherwise okay guy. He finds himself amusing, but that's okay, because everybody else does, too. If you can get past all these short comings, you'd probably like hanging out with George a lot.

He's like that perverted friend you had in college. You know, that guy.

Real Name: George (last name unrevealed)
Occupation: mercenary
Legal Status: presumed US and/or Canadian citizen with no known criminal record
Marital Status: divorced (or so he claims)
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: the Medusa Web

Height: 6'
Hair: 195 lbs.
Eyes: brown
Weight: black
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: his round rimmed glasses


George, the man who would become Backfire, was a rather mundane type of guy before he gained his parability. Little is known about his background, other than the fact that he does have a wife (or, as he says, an ex-wife - usually when there are women around).

After he gained his power, though, he was recruited into the Medusa Web, and has served as one of their advance agents. He usually helps out on surveillance missions and the like, and is convenient to have around when one of their paranormal targets gets all uppity.

Since they can't really hurt him. Unless he gets careless.

For instance, he was with several other Webs when they were out to retrieve Wayne Tucker, Psi-Force's telepath. George was busy pounding Tucker into paste when the telepath's soon-to-be girlfriend drove a car through the hotel he and the Web were chasing Tucker through.

He got knocked silly by a piece of hotel, since he wasn't expecting any trouble. And he later got punched out by Tucker, after Lindsey Falmon surprised him by discovering the little secret about his gun. He was too embarrassed to realize he was about to get hit - a lot.

Later on, Backfire was with Imprint and Donner Kopf during their attempt to recruit the Psi-Force teens. This came after a sort of disagreement between the Web and the US government, and the Web decided to collect the psionic youths for themselves, before the Americans got to them.

While they were trying to accomplish this, the teens were attacked by the second Spitfire, a CIA operative in MAX armor. Needing the kids alive, Backfire and his fellows helped Psi-Force defeat this metal menace, and parted on good terms.

Backfire and the others didn't get the results that Babel wanted, namely the recruiting of the Psi-Force youths, but at least the two groups were now in a position to talk in the future. And that's just what they did, after the Medusa Web freed Psi-Force from the Siberian Project.

This Soviet facility was dedicated to the study of paranormal powers, and most of Psi-Force was held within, captured by Rodstvow after he defeated and discorporated their precious Psi-Hawk. Backfire was there to help in the rescue, and the later battle with Rodstvow.

After all, Rodstvow lived there, in the Project.

George survived the battle with the Soviet energy creature, and its remains as well. Well, until it realized it was dead, at any rate. After this, it is assumed that George was active in Medusa Web operations executed to keep the world in one piece during and after the War.

His activities after that conflict have yet to be chronicled.

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