the Battle Blitz

The Battle Blitz is a tall, six-wheeled all-terrain vehicle the GI Joe team utilizes as a part of its Spy Troops initiative. The reason the Battle Blitz is so tall is because its 'secret weapon' is a hidden land luge it can use to launch operatives into a target area incredibly quick.

The Battle Blitz itself has come in two different color schemes - for differing types of missions. The first Battle Blitz had a primarily black color scheme with green camouflage, while the second was gray with brown camouflage coloring. It has these vehicular capabilities:

RV 10
RV 20
RV 20
RV 6

Blast Shield: the Battle Blitz has a flip-up shield its driver can use to avoid incoming fire. This grants it the listed Protection rating, above; if this shield is not in place, the Battle Blitz should suffer a -1 RS to the Protection it provides its driver.

Communications Array: the Battle Blitz is equipped with a gigahertz frequency, frequency wobbler clandestine operations radio system. This makes for rank value 10 communications power (with a 25 mile range), that features rank value 30 signal encryption.

Halogen Lamps: the Battle Blitz's headlights are quartz-halogen bulbs that can illuminate a sector with rank value 20 ability. In addition to being able to brighten up one's ride, they can also be used in a pinch to launch a surprise, blinding attack under the right circumstances.

Luge Launcher: stored within the Battle Blitz is a contraption that can launch a land luge - basically a sled on wheels - with a Joe on top. This luge has no power of its own, but can be catapulted at up to ninety miles per hour with its Joe passenger.

Machine Gun: it sole armament, the Battle Blitz is equipped with a side-mounted machine gun. This weapon can only hit whatever is in front of the vehicle, inflicting rank value 10 Piercing damage when firing a small burst, or rank value 20 Piercing damage when fired continuously.

Extra Goodies:

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