the Brain-wave Scanner

The ultimate product of Doctor Venom's diabolical genius, the Brain-wave Scanner is an implement which allows interacting with the brain of its subject in numerous different fashions - all of which are downright excruciating to whoever is subjected to them!

The Brain-wave Scanner works by first subjecting the person strapped into its throne-like seat to various stimuli, and recording the resultant brain-waves. Then, armed with this psychological Rosetta Stone, it can be used to reverse the process, probing its victim's mind!

Effectively a psychic probe, this reversal initially functioned at rank value 30, though Doctor Mindbender's tinkering has improved the Brain-Wave Scanner's overall effectiveness to rank value 50. While effective, the Brain-wave Scanner is by no means fool-proof.

Victims of the device can resist its effects by focusing on painful memories, which act to deflect its focus, but requires a blue Willpower ACTION to overcome the pain this causes. They may continue this until fatigue finally causes one to succumb to the Scanner.

Most insidiously, the Brain-wave Scanner can be used to implant memories into someone's head, programming them per similarly valued mind control. This function can be used to create deep cover agents who cannot remember they work for Cobra, or even to 'flip' enemy operatives!

Like regular mind control, it prompts another ACTION to resist if the victim is forced to do something diametrically opposed to their inherent morality. Similarly, it will wear off in time, requiring repeated doses of Brain-wave Scanning to ensure an enemy continues to play ball.

In addition to the primary Brain-wave Scanner, Doctor Mindbender has rigged up numerous portable units (the main device takes up an entire room worth of computers and other sundry equipment). These -3 RS versions of the device are great for, say, brainwashing entire towns.

They can feed numerous people a common set of memories, minimally tailored to each individual involved, to create a common narrative amongst them. While this kind of mind control won't stand up to serious scrutiny, it helps in the initial mollificaiton of a large populace.

Last, but not least, Doctor Venom hid a digitized copy of his mind within the computer banks of the Brain-wave Scanner, one which waited years to reveal itself. In an attempt to avenge the real Doctor's death, this digital Venom attempted to write itself onto Cobra Commander's son, Billy.

Thanks to the intervention of Snake-Eyes and Storm Shadow, who have considerable experience in fighting off the Scanner's effects, Billy was ultimately liberated, and the Doctor left to his fate. Which, to this day, reveals itself via what's left of the Scanner now and then.

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