Barnaby Eveningstar

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Barnaby Billingsly, or as he's better known, Barnaby Eveningstar, is a vampire. Originally a human sorcerer researching diabolical magics to better combat them, he unwisely chose to master the mystical power of vampirism. Wielding it against his foes as a means of gaining power over them, this ability ultimately consumed him, and left him as the progenitor of a new line of undead.

Known Powers:

Agelessness: as undead creatures, conventional vampires are close to immortal. As long as he continues to prey upon the living for their blood, and isn't slain by direct violence perpetrated against his person, Barnaby may persist in his existence indefinitely. If at full Health, Barnaby retains the appearance he possessed upon his demise - though he was already considerably pale to begin with.

Biological Vampirism: the classic, blood-sucking vampire has a strongly limited form of this power, which allows them to derive sustenance solely from the living blood of animal creatures. On contact with a potential target, Barnaby may begin to feed upon him or her if they cannot pass a Willpower ACT roll against this rank value 20 capability, an ACT allowed on each turn of feeding.

This assumes that Barnaby has managed to access their bloodstream, of course, which involves either opening the target's skin (most often with his cowl-granted quills) or by clamping his mouth onto an already open wound. In a single turn, Barnaby may draw out up to twenty ounces of blood, which is enough to render a normal human dizzy - but won't actually inflict lethal harm in and of itself.

Unless such a singular attack would remove all his victim's Health, that is. Barnaby may continue to drain blood from his victim after this initial attack, though this furthers the risk of killing the victim (thus creating more vampires), as well as the possibility of the victim shrugging off the attack and gaining immunity to his blood draining ability (thus becoming a potential nemesis).

At any rate, Barnaby may use the drained blood to replace his own, lost Health points. If at full Health when drinking his power rank value in ounces of blood, Barnaby will experience a +1 RS to his Brawn, Fortitude and Willpower traits, as well as all his power rank values save for this one, for 1d100 turns. An additional boost of like power requires another infusion of fresh blood (after the first expires).

On the other hand, Barnaby suffers a -1 RS penalty to the aforementioned traits and power rank values for each day he abstains from feeding (whether voluntarily or otherwise). If Barnaby's traits and power rank values slip to rank value 0 from an extended lack of blood, he will not die so much as slip into stasis - at least, until someone is foolish enough to wander into melee distance of him...!

As an undead creature, Barnaby cannot defeat his dependence on blood - he literally needs it to survive.

Damage Reduction: classical vampires are notable for their considerable resistance to conventional injury. While not quite immune to such, Barnaby is able to shrug off attacks that would readily kill a normal human quite easily, their applied force being reduced by -2 RS. This damage reduction applies to both physical and vampiric attacks used against Barnaby in the course of play.

Environmental Independence: as anti-life monstrosities, vampires only need to satisfy the limitations of their vampiric power to subsist. In other words, while Barnaby must feed upon the blood of others to live, he no longer needs - nor can derive sustenance from - ordinary food or water, and no longer needs to breathe to maintain his bodily functions. Barnaby still sleeps during the day, however.

Regeneration: traditional vampires have the ability to rapidly repair damage inflicted upon their bodies - assuming they have recently fed. As long as Barnaby is not suffering any negative Row Shifts due to a lack of blood, he receives the benefit of rank value 10 regeneration. This allows Barnaby to heal ten lost Health points each minute (or 1 Health point per turn).


Disciple / Philosophic Magic (evil): Barnaby began his career as a sorcerer researching evil magic as a means of combating its use. Once he was inducted into the Society, however, he was slowly corrupted by the subject of his study - something his Brethren had a hand in. To date, Barnaby has demonstrated a mastery of the following dark arts, though he may be on the verge of further breakthroughs:

Biological Vampirism (d): long, difficult research helped Barnaby to master this spell, which he thought mimicked the ability of the conventional, blood-drinking vampire to draw power from their enemies. Wielding it rank value 20, Barnaby ultimately found out that this spell was where these vampires ultimately come from, for his eventual addiction to its power was what caused his utter downfall.

Dimensional Interface (d): to better look in on what the denizens of hellish realms were up to, Barnaby mastered the ability to interface his body with one directly. These days, however, he uses this spell to draw forth mystic hellfire when so linked, inflicting rank value 20 PF Sorcerous damage with each chaotic strike. Of course, other things often sneak through his interface while it's open, too.

Eldritch Bolt / Evil (u): originally learned with the intent of only using its fiendish power against evildoers, Barnaby now delights in the use of this deleterious spell. Psychoturgical energies of rank value 30 intensity, raw evil inflicts PF Karmic damage with every deadly strike, its fallout acting to twist whatever it strikes into something more sinister - at least, as far as the naked eye is concerned.

Individual Shield (p): a must for wizards who plan on doing battle with others of their ilk, Barnaby mastered this spell early on in his scholarly career. He can make use of this magic with rank value 30 ability, though the attack which breaches its protection and destroys it will not make its way through to Barnaby - quite the benefit, that. His shield's protection breaks down like so:

RV 20 / RV 30 / RV 30 / RV 0 / RV 0

Purge (s): a great tool when doing battle with a philosophical sorcerer, or at least cleaning up the messes that they've left, is the power to purge excess philosophical energies from a person, place or thing. This spell will bathe its tainted subject with philosophical power of the opposite polarity (evil versus good, for instance) at up to rank value 40 intensity, negating most conventional taints.

Thaumaturgy (g): when he was still working to combat evil wizards in a non-lethal fashion, Barnaby took it upon himself to master this group spell, which focuses on indirect attacks. Thus, he may wield any one of the following, rank value 20 spells each day: Annulment, Bands, Curse, Mystic Trap, and Warding. Note that Barnaby need not choose which thaumaturgical spell he will use until the need arises.

Limitations / Enhancements:

Vampiric Weaknesses: while immortals are permanently slain only by total body disintegration, destruction on their home plane, or being killed by a fellow immortal, traditional vampires are instead beholden to a completely different set of weaknesses. Barnaby is no exception to this rule, and is subject to a large number of character limitations that came along with his impressive vampiric powers. They include:

* Originator's Onus: while many vampires (such as Barnaby) lack the power of mesmerism in a general sense, all vampires possess this ability, or are subject to it, in regards to their progenitors or descendants. In other words, a vampire can use this power at their Willpower value to command vampires they are responsible for creating, and resist commands from their creators at a -2 RS.

* Susceptibility / Direct Sunlight: if exposed to direct sunlight (not mere daylight conditions but actual rays of light from the sun, whether directly or via a reflected surface), Barnaby will lose half of his total Health score in damage each turn. This is usually enough to turn his undead self to dust in short order - which is why he typically rests in a darkened underground vault during the day.

* Susceptibility / Wooden Stakes: if Barnaby is ever pierced in the heart (with a Killing blow) via some wooden object, he will instantly lose all of his remaining Health. Unless he can pass a yellow Fortitude ACT roll immediately afterwards, Barnaby will crumble to dust in rapid order, the anti-life which sustains his monstrous existence fleeing his now-uninhabitable corpse all at once.

* Susceptibility and Weakness / Garlic: much to his regret, Barnaby suffers an inability to function in the face of garlic. When encountering (adjacent to) the substance, Barnaby will be reduced to rank value 2 in all traits, and cannot use his supernatural powers. If forced to ingest garlic somehow, Barnaby will immediately lose one quarter of his total Health score.

* Weakness / Holy Symbols: Barnaby is susceptible to the will of a truly faithful person, focused through a symbol holy to their religion. When such an individual brandishes this symbol at him, Barnaby will see all of his traits reduced to rank value 2, and his supernatural powers will no longer function. This lasts as long as Barnaby remains within Very Near distance of the symbol.


Cowl of Rigmsplyttttt: this soft, ebon cloth is the product of the servants of Rigmsplyttttt, a fiendish entity prowling the outer depths of the multiversre. When worn, it allows Barnaby to manifest quills, per that power, as well as the ability to ooze concentrated evil. This black fluid, bearing the consistency and appearance of motor oil, affects what it touches with PF similar to Barnaby's eldritch bolts.


Epilepsy: Barnaby is probably the only epileptic vampire known to the Society. Prone to sudden shaking fits and seizures he cannot control, Barnaby will feel one of these coming on up to 1d10 turns before it strikes - though he can delay the onset of a seizure each turn he can pass a blue Willpower ACT roll. Any actions Barnaby attempts while seizing are made with a -4 RS penalty.

Multiple Personality: upon devolving into a vampire, Barnaby snapped. His human persona still exists, and occasionally prompts him demonstrate at least vaguely redeemable qualities. His other, fiendish mind slowly grows more powerful however, and truly exults in both being a vampiric progenitor and wielding his evil sorceries to the most lethal and disruptive extent possible.

Static: perhaps it's due to his disability, or maybe there's something else going on in Barnaby's head. Either way, the man's mind is somewhat 'slippery' in nature, and psionics targeting it suffer a -1 RS penalty to get a grip. Whether you're talking about a psionic as simple as telepathic contact to a power as extreme as possession, Barnaby's brain readily shrugs it off.


Languages / Danish, English, Greenlandish, and Spanish: born in Nuuk, Greenland, Barnaby grew up learning the native, Greenlandish tongue, along with Danish for good measure. In time, his travels have brought him throughout the world, prompting him to learn English first, because who doesn't, and then Spanish as he settled into the Brethren's compound in Seguridad, Mexico.

Lore 3: as is the case with many fallen sorcerers, Barnaby began to study the dark arts with the best of intentions. He has dug long and hard into the lore of magic, particularly where evil sorcery is concerned. As such, the man should be given a +3 RS bonus on any Intellect ACT roll called for related to such knowledge - whether it involves the magic, related artifacts, its wielders, or powerful entities who traffic in it.


Barnaby's only friends these days are in the Society of Explicated Brethren. He used to have several contacts outside of the Society, but once he joined they all cut off contact - and can you blame them? The Brethren mostly look at Barnaby as one of their great experiments, but they don't consider him expendable. No, they'd like to keep him around to track how his strain of vampirism spreads.


In the past, Barnaby wore an expensive black tuxedo, accented with black leather shoes, a red sash around his waist, a tall black tophat, and a luxurious red cape. After his devolution into a vampire, however, he has changed his look considerably. He now wears tattered black jeans, a black tank top under an unbuttoned, long-sleeved black shirt, black Army boots, and black, fingerless gloves.


Barnaby is of two minds these days. On some days, he regrets how his pursuit of demonic magic has managed to get the best of him, and transformed him into a monster he'd have gleefully slain but a few years ago. It's this side of the man that works hard to make the best of the tragedy that has befallen him, and does his best to share knowledge of the vampiric condition with his fellow Brethren.

The rest of the time, however, Barnaby revels in what he perceives as his 'darkity dark dark' self, and goes out of his way to do bad things to people, whether or not they deserve it. Though this puts even his Explicated allies on edge, they tolerate Barnaby's abject villainy in this 'mode' because of what he continues to teach them about vampirism - as well as his singular research skills.

Real Name: Barnaby Billingsly
Occupation: occult researcher
Legal Status: citizen of Greenland with no known criminal record
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: the Society of Explicated Brethren

Height: 6' 1"
Hair: platinum blonde
Eyes: blue
Weight: 175 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Barnaby appears particularly gaunt and pale, his natural pallor from growing up in Greenland amplified greatly by his transformation into a vampire.


A native of Nuuk, Greenland, Barnaby Billingsly grew up fascinated with his land's mysterious history. It was full of Vikings and Dorsets and who knew what else. Though he had a cushy job teaching at the local university, Barnaby found the life of an academic stressful, and often went hiking out on the deep glacier fields to relax. It wasn't the actual job that bothered him, after all, so much as the people.

Embracing the solitude the ice provided, Barnaby often ranged far and wide to recharge his batteries. On one fateful hike, however, Barnaby discovered a strange structure jutting out of the ice. With global warming slowly eroding glaciers that had been solid for thousands of years, Barnaby wondered if he'd picked up hints of even earlier travelers to his land. But what he found blew his mind!

Entering the building, seemingly crafted of onyx, Barnaby found strange sigils on the walls he couldn't decipher... though the weird thing was that they glowed with an eerie, otherworldly light. As if they had a pulse. Intrigued, Barnaby traveled deeper into the onyx tower, and discovered a book of magic. Even better, upon opening the tome, Barnaby found that, unlike the tower's sigils, he could understand it!

This tome, telling of dark energies wielded by darker beings, implored Barnaby to learn all he could, to join them. While he liked the idea of great power, Barnaby had no intention of doing dark deeds. Though he could've just destroyed the book, assuming he could figure out how, the idea of mastering its knowledge for the good of mankind crept into the back of Barnaby's mind, and wouldn't let go.

Thus, Barnaby quit his job, sold all of his worldly possessions, and moved up into this ice-bound tower. Spending quite some time there thanks to the freeze-dried meats and other supplies he brought with him, Barnaby managed to master all the secrets that book held for him. Feeling potent, but not quite powerful enough, Barnaby took to the road - but not before sealing that strange structure off first.

Wandering far and wide, Barnaby slowly unearthed further sources of magical knowledge, and his might grew. In time, he eventually gained the notice of the Society of Explicated Brethren, who wanted to recruit him. They felt that magical knowledge was a dangerous thing in the wrong hands, and that the right hands - such as Barnaby's - were what was required to save the world from mystical threats.

Eager to do just that, Barnaby became one of the Brethren, and shared what he'd learned with his fellows. Appreciating his ability to unearth strange and forgotten sources of knowledge, they made great use of his talents for several years, and even aided him in his development some more. But they knew the allure of evil was powerful, and that if prodded correctly, they could subject Barnaby to a terrible experiment.

Surreptitiously revealing to him the knowledge of a spell that would allow him to gain power from the blood of others, much like conventional vampires do, the Brethren easily gave Barnaby the impetus he needed to learn that spell - the better to combat the undead! Accompanying him on his researches, several Brethren helped him to 'find' this magic, and then aided him in the subsequent mastery of it.

Wielding it reluctantly at first, Barnaby found the power of vampirism appealing, for it helped him deal with his diabolical foes much more ably. The problem was that Barnaby didn't know when to quit, and rapidly grew addicted to the power that others' blood gave him - especially after he inadvertently killed a few practitioners of the black arts with it. Before he knew it, Barnaby literally couldn't stop drinking blood.

Horrified at what he'd become, Barnaby fled back to Greenland, and found refuge within that alien tower of his once more. There, he intended to go cold turkey, and defeat his addiction to human blood before swearing off the use of his vampirism spell forever. Barnaby took a bad turn at the end game of his addiction, however, and died. However, the world was not rid of the likes of him yet. Not even close.

Rising several days later, Barnaby realized that he'd failed, and become that which he sought to do battle with. The enormity of his mistake made evident, Barnaby lost his mind, his personality fracturing in two. Luckily for the citizens of Greenland, however, Barnaby's Brethren were watching over him, and brought him back to their lair in Seguridad, Mexico, to better care for him.

They studied Barnaby with great interest as he adjusted to being one of the undead. Since the area around their base was lousy with vampires and other assorted supernatural monstrosities, the Brethren wished to get a handle on what made them tick, and how to best battle them. Watching how his brand new strain of vampirism would spread amongst the locals, though, that was another opportunity Barnaby presented.

Thus, the Brethren keep Barnaby around, even if he's a lot more trouble now than he was worth previously. Besides, with his newly acquired, considerable physical prowess, he's handy in other ways as well. That is, unless a bunch of monster hunters come calling upon the Society's headquarters. Which might pose quite the conundrum for the Brethren should some pesky heroes start asking even more questions!

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