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While they are secretive space adventurers, the Blackstars are presumably human beings... somehow. While they have no special powers to aid them in their efforts, Blackstars have numerous high tech devices which lend their might to the success of their missions around the galaxy.

Known Powers:


Limitations / Enhancements:



Blackstar Blaster: either when used alone or with a backpack-mounted firing rail system, the Blackstar Blaster is a means by which Blackstars can violate the structural integrity of space craft without being inside one. Its projectiles function as per the following:

RV 30
RV 50
RV 20
RV 40 Slashing (fragmentary)

Laser Pistol: allowing them to fight without jostling their body to and fro, Blackstars carry a laser pistol with them while on the job. They may fire a beam of coherent photons from this weapon that inflicts rank value 10 Armor Piercing Energy damage with every deadly hit.

Spacecraft: ostensibly the best space pilot the Blackstars have to offer, their representative within Cobra presumably has some form of spacefaring vessel at their disposal. The precise form and very nature of this conveyance have yet to be revealed, however.

Spacesuit: allowing for their survival in the soulless void of space, these environmental flight and combat suits are worn by Blackstars whenever they're offworld - and sometimes when they're home! These advanced ensembles have the following capabilities:

* Environmental Independence: the Blackstars' suit recycles all of its wearer's oxygen and water, allowing it to keep them alive for long periods of time without external support. This rank value 150 environmental independence lasts just over six full days.

* Resistance to Cold, Hard Radiation, and Pressure Variance: a self-sealing, pressurized suit, the Blackstars' standard uniform offers them rank value 75 protection against these damage forms, an absolute necessity when working in the cold, hard vacuum of space.

* Thrusters: while the momentum provided by these units are minimal, they allow Blackstars to roam around while in space (when outside their craft, at least). It allows rank value 2 flight while in vacuum - not fast, but it's a lot better than just drifting.




Additional Skills: the below is the baseline needed to make a Blackstar work. Depending on their origins, Blackstars may have numerous additional talents, especially if they are former fighter pilots or built their own spacecraft using off-the-shelf parts. Or, you know, both.

Advanced Guns: while conventional slugthrowers might work in space, they're often more trouble than they're worth. As such, Blackstars are trained to use various directed energy weapons, such as laser pistols, blaster rifles, and mass drivers, and may do so with a +1 RS bonus.

Aerial Combat: not only can Blackstars fly most spacecraft, but they can fight with them, too! While engaged in aerial or spatial combat, a Blackstar may attempt combat ACTIONs wielding his or her vehicle (whether offensively or defensively) at a +1 RS to the applicable trait.

Astronaut: this skill represents a mastery of various talents applicable to functioning in space, whether in near-earth orbit or beyond, and each Blackstar can claim it. He or she can operate most space vehicles, navigate the void, and perform maneuvers in variable gravity.

Martial Arts style B: while they prefer their advanced weaponry to unarmed combat, Blackstars are no slouches at the latter. When unarmed, the Blackstars may attack an opponent with any maneuver they like (punches, kicks, etc.) at their Melee trait +1 RS.

Spatial Combat: one thing Blackstars are noted for is their adaptation to living in space. They suffer no penalties to combat or movement based solely on gravitational conditions (whether high or low), assuming either is possible in current conditions.


The Blackstars presumably have the rest of their organization as a contact, assuming they're not entirely mercenary in nature. The Blackstar in Cobra's employ can also consider that group reliable as well, as they are presumably invested in keeping their pet space pilot happy.


The Blackstar field uniform is their space suit! Primarily orange in hue, this advanced enironmental system is further adorned with black trunks and wrist bands, a black and chrome vest featuring green tubing, green and black boots, a green belt, and a black helmet with a green visor.


According to rumor, the Blackstars are a mysterious legion of interstellar adventurers. It is presumed that the Blackstars are humans, even if no one has ever seen one outside their advanced spacesuits, though how they escaped the surly bonds of earth is as of yet unrevealed.

Each Blackstar is an accomplished astronaut, capable of piloting various spacecraft and of acting in multiple different gravities. What other qualifications there are to become one of these supposedly elite spacefolks, if any, are unknown at this point in time.

This group of spacefaring professionals ultimately came into contact with Cobra at some point, possibly due to that organizations' continued build-up of space-based forces. Through heavy negotiation, it was arranged that one Blackstar would be at Cobra's disposal at all times.

Generally the best pilot that organization has at the time, the Blackstar who assists Cobra in its various efforts works to improve their reach throughout the cosmos. They do this in exchange for whatever Cobra offered their patron organization, which is itself yet another mystery.

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