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Fred Davis, the second Bucky, lacks exceptional powers of any stripe. He does not have freakish mutations, nor is he the end result of some abomination of science. No, while many heroes of the Timely variety wield incredible abilities in their battles against evil, Fred simply dukes it out with the forces of darkness using his natural abilities - and his considerable reputation as a scrapper.

Known Powers:


Limitations / Enhancements:





Lameness: while he enjoyed his time as Captain America 4's side kick, Fred was ultimately pulled from the job after serious gunshot wounds prevented him from doing the job properly. While he's mostly healed, Fred must now walk with the assistance of a cane. He can still do so however, though now he can only wander as far and as fast as rank value 2 Brawn and Fortitude can propel him.


Engineering: after giving up on the heroic adventuring gig, Fred found himself without a steady income - the government wasn't going to pay him to look pretty, after all! Thus, he went back to school and got himself a degree in engineering, which has served him well in the V-Battalion. He may add a +1 RS to any ACT roll intended to aid in the design or construction of any structure or mechanical contrivance.

Martial Arts style B: though Fred was not trained in multiple combat disciplines, either by the original Captain America or the United States armed forces, he could nonetheless throw a right hook with the best of 'em. After all, he was pals with the original Bucky, who taught him a thing or two about scrapping. He may resolve all unarmed attacks as if his Melee was +1 RS higher than is listed above.

Sports / Baseball: furthermore, Fred was a highly skilled baseball player; you sort of have to be, if you want to be the bat boy for the New York Yankees, after all. While he knows all sports in at least a passing sense, he knows just about everything there is worth knowing about baseball, and he may resolve ACTs related to knowledge or even the playing of such at a +2 RS.


Fred, as the side kick of both the third and fourth Captain America, could easily rely upon those heroes for any help, should he need it. Also, as a member of the All-Winners Squad, Fred can consider anybody on that team a reliable contact. Finally, as Bucky 2, Fred is highly recognizable, and could easily garner aid from virtually any Vintage Age hero, if necessary.


Identical to the original Bucky's, Fred's 'union suit' consists of a blue civil war type shirt (buttoning up on both sides) with a red collar, the sleeves running down into red mid-forearm length gloves. He had blue trunks with red leggings and blue boots. He also wore a black belt with an American flag on the buckle - in case the rest of his costume didn't seem patriotic enough.


Fred is the quintessential spunky side-kick. He's not a very talented speaker or fighter like his predecessor, but he nonetheless makes his best effort whenever he's battling the forces of evil. Patriotic and helpful, he goes out of his way to make the world a better place for everybody, either by helping old ladies cross a street, or pounding villainous scum into pulp.

Real Name: Fred Davis
Occupation: New York Yankees bat-boy, adventurer
Legal Status: American citizen with no criminal record, legally deceased
Marital Status: single (as of the forties, anyway)
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: the All-Winners Squad, the V-Battalion

Height: 5' 7"
Hair: red-blonde, dyed auburn (so he'd resemble the original Bucky), later bone white
Eyes: blue
Weight: 140 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Fred has severe freckles (which he usually covers up with stage makeup while 'on the job').


Fred Davis was a spunky little youth, one who served as the bat-boy for the New York Yankees; being a N.Y.C. native, this was as close to heaven as he thought he'd ever get. However, this changed when he met and befriended Bucky Barnes, the original side kick of Captain America. The two became close friends over time, and Fred even helped his heroic pal out on occasion.

For instance, when the Invaders were captured and brainwashed by the evil Red Skull, only Bucky managed to escape. When the side-kick needed to collect another team of heroes to liberate his pals, Fred stepped up to the plate, so to speak, and helped in every way possible. The result of this work was the Liberty Legion, a second group of heroes that did, indeed, free the Invaders from the Skull.

Things were looking good at this point, but a tragic turn events thrust Fred into the spotlight. When Captain America and Bucky were lost over the Arctic (thanks to the scheming of Baron Zemo), Fred was chosen to replace his pal as the new Bucky, to be a partner for the new Captain America; of course, nobody was to know that the originals were lost, so Fred had some work to do.

Essentially, this involved his dyeing his hair auburn, and putting makeup over his freckles, but other than that, he was a physical match for poor Bucky Barnes, and he did his best to live up to his pal's memory. As such, he wound up joining the All-Winners Squad with the third Captain (William Nasland), and served with that group for the duration of its existence.

Eventually, however, the All-Winners Squad were no longer needed, or so they felt, and the team disbanded. Fred continued to adventure alongside the fourth Captain America, though after he was viciously wounded by gunfire Fred found himself needing to quit the vigilante lifestyle. Thus, Captain America 4 reluctantly continued on with a new partner: Betsy Ross, the second Golden Girl!

Retirement simply wasn't in the card for Fred, though, for he was approached to join an all new group of heroes forming, originally intended to hunt down Nazi fugitives. Of course this group, the V-Battalion, eventually grew to face all manner of threats to world peace, and feeling a need to use his skills for the betterment of society, Fred eventually caved in and joined up.

He quickly became a member of their so-called Penance Council, the group of Golden Age Heroes that managed the organization, and has stuck with them through thick and thin, even as matters became ever more harrowing for the V-Battalion. When the V-Battalion ultimately closed its doors (or at the very least, went underground once more), Fred returned to a civilian life, and even became a minor television personality.

Which ultimately proved to be his undoing. As it turned out, an unhinged Soviet assassin with a bone to pick against the original Bucky decided to leave his ersatz nemesis a calling card: the corpse of another Bucky. Since Barnes himself had killed Nomad (even if he was an unwitting murderer at the time), this left poor Fred, who'd only recently had his very first adventure with the original Captain America!

Shot in cold blood, Fred was killed before he knew what hit him.

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