the V-Battalion

This is a place holder page. The actual V-Battalion material has yet to be generated by myself; it's not an immediate priority (so much as simply updating all the characters involved comes first). Until I manage that, I'll simply be adding people to the roster here as I update them.

Until I can expand on things more though, here's those I've prepared so far:

Special Operatives:

Spitfire: given an emergency transfusion by the Human Torch after she was bitten by the vampiric Baron Blood, Lady Jacqueline Falsworth was forever changed, the two artificial influences within transforming her into the startling Spitfire! Availability:

Spitfire (MSH Classic)

Spitfire (4C System)

Spitfire (Marvel Saga)

Original Penance Council Members:

the Angel: Thomas Holloway was raised in a prison under bizarre circumstances, learning a whole lot about everything. With the aid of this vast catalog of knowledge, he wages a never-ending battle against villainy as the high-flying Angel! Availability:

the Angel (MSH Classic)

the Angel (4C System)

the Angel (Marvel Saga)

Iron Cross: though opposed to the Nazis, Helmut Gruler was a German patriot who followed orders despite his reservations. After acquiring his Iron Cross armor, he hatched various plots to arrange the ruination of the Allies and their super heroes. Availability:

Iron Cross (MSH Classic)

Iron Cross (4C System)

Iron Cross (Marvel Saga)

The Mighty Destroyer 3 / Dyna-Mite: brainwashed and experimented on by Nazis after his capture alongside Brian Falsworth, Roger was remade into the inch-tall Dyna-Mite. Eventually breaking his mind control, he became the (third) Mighty Destroyer! Availability:

Dyna-Mite / The Mighty Destroyer 3 (MSH Classic)

Dyna-Mite / The Mighty Destroyer 3 (4C System)

Dyna-Mite / The Mighty Destroyer 3 (Marvel Saga)

Miss America: after being zapped with enough current to 'kill a thousand men', young Madeline Joyce developed various super powers! Though most have faded, she uses her abilities to fight for truth, justice, and the American Way! Availability:

Miss America (MSH Classic)

Miss America (4C System)

Miss America (Marvel Saga)

Silver Scorpion: secretary Betty Barlow made a heroic costume for a ball one night, and wound up using it as an real crime fighter: the Silver Scorpion. While a competent martial artist, she eventually added a silvery exoskeleton to her arsenal! Availability:

Silver Scorpion (MSH Classic)

Silver Scorpion (4C System)

Silver Scorpion (Marvel Saga)

Union Jack 2 / Mighty Destroyer 2: given a Super-Soldier Serum variant to keep it out of Nazi hands, British socialite Brian Falsworth broke out of the German prison holding him and used his new powers to combat the fascist scourge! Availability:

Union Jack 2 / Mighty Destroyer 2 (MSH Classic)

Union Jack 2 / Mighty Destroyer 2 (4C System)

Union Jack 2 / Mighty Destroyer 2 (Marvel Saga)

Whizzer: Robert Frank was bitten by a cobra one day, and would have died if not for his father. Knowing the mongoose was a deadly enemy of the cobra, he injected mongoose blood into his son, which inexplicably caused him to be reborn as the Whizzer! Availability:

Whizzer (MSH Classic)

Whizzer (4C System)

Whizzer (Marvel Saga)

(Coming Eventually: Irene Martinez, Rebel Ralston, and Sam Sabuki.)

Later Penance Council Members:

Bucky 2: after the first Captain America and Bucky seemingly perished at sea, the government quickly replaced them for the sake of public morale. Fred Davis, a friend of Bucky Barnes, was chosen to fill in for his lost buddy! Availability:

Bucky 2 (MSH Classic)

Bucky 2 (4C System)

Bucky 2 (Marvel Saga)

Golden Girl / Golden Woman: after acquiring incredible powers thanks to the bumbling efforts of Agent Axis, Gwenny Lou Sabuki went on to become the Golden Girl! Evolving into the Golden Woman after the war, she served as a member of the V-Batalion! Availability:

Golden Girl / Golden Woman (MSH Classic)

Golden Girl / Golden Woman (4C System)

Golden Girl / Golden Woman (Marvel Saga)

the Human Top: the inconvenient witness to the kidnapping of Toro by Agent Axis, young Davy Mitchell was also taken captive. This turned out to be an error when a freak accident in Agent Axis' lab gave Davy the powers of... the Human Top! Availability:

Human Top (MSH Classic)

Human Top (4C System)

Human Top (Marvel Saga)

the Human Torch: an artificial man created Phineas T. Horton, this android proved to be 'flawed' when he ignited upon exposure to air. Eventually mastering his powers, he took the name of the Human Torch, and used his abilities to fight evil! Availability:

Human Torch (MSH Classic)

Human Torch (4C System)

Human Torch (Marvel Saga)

(Coming Eventually: Folks like Nuklo, Topspin, Goldfire, various other Citizen Vs)

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