Hand Size:
4 (25)


Jacqueline is an altered human, having developed powers after a reaction to two dueling, mutagenic substances in her blood: the vampiric ichor delivered by the bite of Baron Blood, and the Horton cells acquired in a subsequent blood transfusion by the Human Torch.


Body Armor (s): it has been shown that Jacqueline is more resistant to injury than normal humans. In fact, she has intensity 8 (+2) body armor. This makes Jacqueline highly resistant to most conventional forms of injury she's subjected to.

Enhanced Lower Body Strength (s): Jacqueline's leg strength was enhanced during the odd circumstances that gave her powers, boosting her legs' applicable Strength intensity to 10. This allows for her super speed, but can also make for quite a mean kick!

Fangs (s): a power she began to demonstrate after her most recent exposure to vampire ichor, Jacqueline can grow her regular canine teeth into long, sharpened fangs. She can use these deadly implements to inflict +2 damage in melee - and she's pretty strong to begin with!

Mind Link (w): after receiving her second blood transfusion from the original Human Torch, Jacqueline developed a sort of rapport with the man, a psionic connection with him that works no matter how far apart the two are. This link functions at intensity 10.

Regeneration (s): after her most recent exposure to vampire ichor, Jacqueline has demonstrated remarkable regenerative abilities, able to recover from broken bones in mere minutes. She wields this power at intensity 15, allowing a quick recovery from almost any harm.

Super Running (a): after the infusion of both vampiric ichor and artificial blood into her body, Jacqueline's body manifested powers of super-human speed. She has been clocked moving at approximately 60 miles per hour, making this an intensity 4 power, and has these power stunts:

* Cyclone (i): Jacqueline can run around in circles at high speed to generate a tiny little whirlwind which can be used to hold opponents at bay, inflicting her power's intensity (4) in damage each turn to anybody caught in the tornado.

* Hypersonic Punch (s): Jacqueline can wield her 'hypersonic punch' to inflict her power's intensity in a concussion attack. She doesn't need to make contact with her opponent, unlike the power slam stunt, where there is the possibility of injuring herself.

* Water / Wall Walking: Jacqueline can also run up walls and across water, moving fast enough that normally applicable physical laws don't have time to catch up with her (or something like that). She does this at the same speed she crosses normal ground with.

Super Senses (w): thanks to a second vampire bite, Jacqueline has begun to demonstrate additional abilities that those creatures tend to possess. Her latest power additions include enhanced senses of hearing and smell, both of which function at intensity 13.

Hindrances / Augmentations:



Speed Suit (s): this synthetic, stretch fabric suit protects Jacqueline from the inherent air friction that results from her moving at great speeds; it does so at up to intensity 16 (+4). Combined with her natural body resistance, this makes her quite able to survive high speed incidents.


Martial Arts (a): Captain America and Union Jack 1 trained Jacqueline in the fighting arts, making her much more effective with her powers. In battle, she can reduce the difficulty of actions intended to strike while unarmed, dodge attacks, and catch thrown weapons.

Piloting (a): Jacqueline is an accomplished pilot, at least of aircraft of up to a World War 2 level of development. Using this knowledge, she could conceivable fly just about anything, given enough time to figure out which control does what.


Jacqueline is a member of the British M.I. 13 organization, a sort of umbrella for all that nation's super heroes, and can rely upon them for assistance when needed. In the past, she has been a member of the Invaders, the New Invaders and the V-Battalion.


Guardian: Jacqueline considered herself a protector of the U.K. even before she'd acquired her super-powers. Whether she does so all alone or alongside other heroic individuals, Jacqueline acts to protect the land of her birth whenever she finds threats to its existence.


Jacqueline adventures in a yellow stretch fabric body suit, though she also wears red boots and gloves, with a mighty red cape. She also wears a red half-mask, a mask that covers her eyes and frills out past her head.

Once she joined the V-Battalion and retired from perpetual action, Jacqueline used two different costumes. The first included an ankle-length purple overcoat with red cuffs under a black leather belt and a large, red 'V' shaped collar, and red leather boots.

When not operating 'outside', she wore a primarily dark blue spandex body suit, which was accessorized with red buccaneer boots, red and blue gloves, red and blue boots, a red 'V' shaped belt, and a red and white 'V' shaped collar with a blue and white cape attached.

When with the New Invaders, Jacqueline adopted a primarily green, padded jump suit to wear while in action with the team. The only parts of this uniform that were of a different hue were her brown boots, brown glove pads and of course the reddish brown visor she wore.

Upon joining up with M.I. 13, Jacqueline has resumed wearing her original costume.


Though not as arrogant as some of the upper class of Britain, Jacqueline nonetheless has a slight twinge of snobbishness in her. This doesn't stop her from fighting for her nation or her ideals, however, which she will readily do with unrivaled optimism and cheer.

Real Name: Jacqueline 'Jackie' Falsworth Crichton
Occupation: Chief Executive Officer of Falsworth Industries, adventurer
Legal Status: Citizen of the United Kingdom with no criminal record
Marital Status: widow
Alias(es), if any: Lady Crichton
Group Affiliation: member of M.I. 13, former member of the Invaders, former member of the V-Battalion, former member of the New Invaders

Height: 5' 4"
Hair: platinum blonde (formerly gray, now returning to true blond)
Eyes: blue
Weight: 110 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: despite her age, Jacqueline appears to be in her early twenties.


Daughter of the original Union Jack (from World War 1), Lady Jacqueline Falsworth first came into prominence during World War 2 as a member of Britain's Home Guard, when she was viciously attacked by the evil Baron Blood (who, though neither knew it, was her uncle).

Before any real damage could be done, Jacqueline was rescued by the Human Torch, who took her home after her ordeal. While there, he befriended both Union Jack and his family, and was present when Baron Blood struck again, kidnapping Jacqueline for befriending the Invaders.

By the time the Invaders freed Jacqueline, she had lost a severe amount of blood due to Baron Blood's vampiric attack. Taking her to a hospital, the heroes got her an emergency blood transfusion from the Human Torch, at which point the Blue Bullet attacked the hospital.

He was looking for the Invaders, to crush them with his shiny new armor. While this battle took place, Jacqueline's body had a mutagenic reaction to the combination of android cells and vampiric ichor in her blood, and she developed the power to move at incredible speed.

Feeling up for a fight, Jacqueline raced to the battleground below, and saved the Torch from Blue Bullet's rampage. After the battle, Jacqueline managed to completely recover from her injuries, and donned the costume and identity of Spitfire, after the British attack planes.

Valuing her company and her fighting capabilities, the Invaders adopted her as one of their own. Soon to be joined by her brother Brian, who had donned her father's old Union Jack identity, Jacqueline fought evil alongside the Invaders for most of the duration of World War II.

After the War, Jacqueline took some time off, though she eventually joined up with the newly forming V-Battalion with her brother, Brian, and his partner Roger Aubrey - the third Mighty Destroyer. She fought evil with that group for several years, at least until her powers began to fade.

After the tragic death of her brother, and once her powers had mostly gone dormant, Jacqueline settled down somewhat. She married Lord Crichton and started a family, but a mundane life would prove to be more elusive than she could imagine, for Baron Blood stalked her anew!

With her husband dead and her father dying, Jacqueline was in dire straits - at least until a revived Captain America helped her to defeat the evil Baron once and for all - or so everyone hoped. She would return to retirement after this until other Nazi enemies of hers resurfaced.

When thugs led by the Master Man kidnapped both Namor and the original Human Torch, Jacqueline leapt to the rescue alongside the new Union Jack and Namorita. Shot during this rescue attempt, she received another blood transfusion from the Torch, which reignited her powers.

And returned her to her youth - giving her the appearance of being approximately sixteen years old! Though it took her some time to adjust to this new state of being, Jacqueline relished the opportunities inherent in this new found body, and took full advantage of it for several years.

This change lasted until the time her son Kenneth was transformed into a vampire by the so-called Baroness, and was subsequently killed by Union Jack 3. Suddenly finding herself aging much faster than before, she threw herself into the fight against evil for as long as she could.

This led her to join the New Invaders when the Thin Man recruited her, and she served with that group for the duration of its existence - and even had a fling with Union Jack 3, Joey Chapman, during that time. While a New Invader, she was bitten by her own grandson, himself a vampire.

Returning to England after this, Jacqueline was eventually pulled into the M.I. 13 organization, a sort of umbrella for all British super-human activities. Of course, the Skrulls invaded earth right about the time she joined, and fell victim to her and her new vampiric abilities.

Though she does not appear to be a full-blown vampire - likely thanks to the effects of the Human Torch's blood in her system - she nonetheless has the ability to regenerate from wounds incredibly fast... as well as vampiric fangs. This led to something of a tiff with Blade.

The two didn't start out on good terms but seem to have come to an understanding... after a fashion.

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