the New Invaders

This is a place holder page. The actual New Invaders material will be its own entry, completed in time as I upgrade the various Golden Age entries I've got strewn about the plac to account for the existence of this short-lived, yet highly fun team. As folks who were involved get their proper updates, i'll add them to the roster here, and eventually get to writing about their story.

And cover all their wacky toys. Until then though, here's those I've Updated:

Blazing Skull: fired upon while reporting on the second Sino-Japanese war, ace reporter Mark Todd sough shelter in a cave inhabited by strange Skull-men. Finding him honorable, they made Mark into their champion - the Blazing Skull! Availability:

the Blazing Skull (MSH Classic)

the Blazing Skull (4C System)

the Blazing Skull (Marvel Saga)

the Fin: when his submarine went down in the high seas, Navy Lieutanant Peter Noble found he could breathe just fine on the ocean floor! Exploring this new (to him) realm, Peter found a magical blade - which he used to fight evil as... the Fin! Availability:

the Fin (MSH Classic)

the Fin (4C System)

the Fin (Marvel Saga)

the Human Torch: an artificial man created Phineas T. Horton, this android proved to be 'flawed' when he ignited upon exposure to air. Eventually mastering his powers, he took the name of the Human Torch, and used his abilities to fight evil! Availability:

Human Torch (MSH Classic)

Human Torch (4C System)

Human Torch (Marvel Saga)

Namor, the Sub-Mariner: son of an Atlantean princess and an American sea captain, Namor initially despised humanity. When he saw the worst of them in the form of Nazi Germany, Namor allied with humans of power like his to oppose their every move. Availability:

Namor, the Sub-Mariner (MSH Classic)

Namor, the Sub-Mariner (4C System)

Namor, the Sub-Mariner (Marvel Saga)

Spitfire: given an emergency transfusion by the Human Torch after she was bitten by the vampiric Baron Blood, Lady Jacqueline Falsworth was forever changed, the two artificial influences within transforming her into the startling Spitfire! Availability:

Spitfire (MSH Classic)

Spitfire (4C System)

Spitfire (Marvel Saga)

the Thin Man: Doctor Bruce Dickson found Enlightenment in the lost civilization of Kalahia, and only wanted to bring its intellectual advancements to mankind. After the Kalahians were pointlessly slain by vicious Nazis, he dedicated himself to Revenge! Availability:

Thin Man (MSH Classic)

Thin Man (4C System)

Thin Man (Marvel Saga)

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