Namor, the Sub-Mariner

RV 40
RV 30
RV 100
RV 40
RV 10
RV 30
RV 40
RV 30
RV +75



Namor is a human-Atlantean hybrid, having gained considerable physical powers as a result of his lineage. Of course he's also a mutant, possessing strange physical characteristics that neither of his parents possess (his winged ankles that allow him to fly).

Known Powers:

Animal Sympathy / Telepathy: an ability Namor wields rarely, this power showcases his ability to communicate mentally with marine life forms. He may do so at rank value 30 with non-sentient life forms, as well as at rank value 10 when speaking to intelligent undersea life.

Body Armor: the Sub-Mariner's very flesh is much more resilient to injury than that of either Atlanteans or normal humans. Namor thus possesses this power at rank value 10, making him highly resistant to mundane attacks. His protection breaks down as follows:

RV 10 / RV 4 / RV 0 / RV 0 / RV 0

Dual Respiration: thanks to his heritage, Namor can breathe in either the air or water. Though he can be dehydrated after extended periods out of the water, he need not wear special breathing apparatus like his fellow Atlanteans must while above the waves.

Energy Absorption / Electricity: though he demonstrates this power only rarely, Namor can absorb electrical energy and release it again at his leisure. Functioning at rank value 30, this power will affect everyone within his sector if the absorbed energy is discharged underwater.

Longevity: as do all Atlanteans, Namor is possessed of an extended life span, one that allows him to scoff at 'short lived' human beings. He possesses this power at rank value 2, giving him an eventual 560 year life span (normal human life span times the power rank value cubed).

Mind Link: though neither realized it at first, both Namor and his cousin, Namorita, realized that they had some sort of deep connection. This psychic link functions at rank value 6, and works no matter how far the two are apart from each other.

Resistance to Cold: due to his hybrid genetic makeup Namor is more resistance to cold then humans are. He can withstand cold of up to rank value 20 (which can be found on the ocean floor) without harm to himself, and has like resistance to attacks using cold 'energy'.

Resistance to Pressure Variance: Namor's body is equipped to deal with the extreme water pressures of the ocean depths, and he can survive indefinitely on the ocean floor without injury upon resurfacing above the ocean depths. He is resistant to such forces at rank value 50.

Super Sense / Touch: Namor has demonstrated that he possesses the advanced 'radar' sense of cave fish, using it to spot invisible people on occasion. He wields this power at rank value 30, letting him 'feel' movements within his royal person's current sector.

Super Swimming: Namor's super-powerful legs allow him to move with astounding speed underwater. While under the waves, he can swim at rank value 10 speeds, or 54.54 miles per hour, giving him the ability to intercept most submarines and torpedoes he encounters.

Unusual Sensitivity / Vision: Namor doesn't have super-human vision so much as an altered acuity. He sees normally over the waves, but below them he can make better use of the blue and green portions of the electromagnetic spectrum, enhancing his visual range underwater.

Wings: Namor's ankle wings (a mutation that only occurs in human / Atleantean hybrids) allow him to fly at rank value 4 speeds (54.54 miles an hour), and enables him to lift 2 tons while in flight (treat his effective Brawn in flight as rank value 40).


Dehydration: while he is incredibly powerful, Namor's abilities wane the longer he is separated from water. For every hour he is away from it, Namor's Strength will dip by -1 RS, down to a minimum of 30. Exposure to water will bring him to full strength in one turn.


Atlantean Jet Craft: a vehicle not unlike the Avengers Quinjet, and possibly used as that aircraft's inspiration, Namor's Atlantean jet craft has Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) capability, and seems to rarely, if ever, require refueling.

The jet craft needs a crew of 2 and can comfortably hold up to 8 people. It has the following vehicular capabilities:

RV 30
RV 75
RV 20
RV 10


Attitude: Namor is arrogant and doesn't take well to those he doesn't know are merely giving him grief. Namor never forgets a friend nor forgives an enemy, and must pass a Willpower ACT at -2 RS in order to put his considerable arrogance aside for any length of time.


Biology / Ichthyology: Namor knows all about the marine life in the seas, and can identify any undersea life form on sight. This applies to all common and fantastic undersea life forms, and Namor need not make an ACT roll identify such creatures.

Geology / Oceanography: Namor knows more about the oceans then any surface dweller ever thought of trying to learn. He knows every major landmark belonging to the sea floor, and can identify them on sight, without an ACT roll.

Languages / Atlantean, English, and German: in his many travels and battles throughout the ages, Namor has mastered the Atlantean (of course), English, and German tongues, in addition to other languages as of yet unrevealed (such as, perhaps, Russian).

Manipulation: Namor was born into the royal courts of Atlantis, and as such, knows about politics and how to deal with politicians. He makes Repute ACT rolls at a +1 RS, whether or not the person he is dealing with is a politician as well.

Piloting: Namor knows how to pilot his own jet craft, and presumably he knows how to repair it in the event something should happen to it, as well. He may attempt aerial maneuvers at a +1 RS to the applicable ACT roll (either Coordination or Handling).

Underwater Combat: more adept at undersea fighting than one would imagine possible, Namor can make all combat rolls without penalty while submerged in a liquid medium - whether fighting bare-handed or wielding some (usually ceremonial) weapon or another.


Namor can rely upon his relatives, Namora and Namorita, for aid should he but ask, in addition to several members of his royal court. As the on again, off again ruler of either Atlantis or some related undersea nation, Namor can presumably count his subjects as contacts as well.

And that's just beneath the waves. As a hero for several decades on the surface, Namor has been a member of numerous teams, including the Invaders, the All-Winners Squad, the Defenders, the Avengers, the so-called Illuminati, the New Invaders, and most recently, the X-men.

So yeah, most everyone knows Namor.


While he fights the forces of evil, both at home and on the surface, Namor tends to wear a very... minimal outfit. It consists entirely of a pair of green trunks with a scaled texture of Atlantean design, complemented by a golden belt with a red shell buckle.


Namor is a firm believer in honor and is a fierce Atlantean patriot. He is capable of rampages of terror and dislikes anyone who might call his honor into question. He has a nasty temper, though it has been blunted slightly by his responsibilities as the leader of his people.

Real Name: Namor McKenzie
Occupation: adventurer, King of Atlantis
Legal Status: Atlantean citizen with a criminal record in the United States
Marital Status: widower, possibly still married to Marrina
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: member of the X-men, occasional member of the Defenders, occasional member of the Invaders, occasional member of the so-called Illuminati, former member of the All-Winners Squad, former member of the Avengers, former member of the New Invaders.

Height: 6' 2"
Hair: black
Eyes: blue-green
Weight: 290 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Namor is possessed of highly arched eyebrows, pointy ears, almost invisible gills, and of course his winged ankles. Depending on his artist, he may also have a freakishly distended, almost triangular head.


Namor grew up in Antarctic Atlantis as the hybrid son of an Atlantean princess and a human sailor. Though he was royalty, Namor constantly had to prove himself to his peers, as many of his people felt him an outsider and inferior due to his hybrid status. This was not helped much when, during his adolescence, Namor developed strange, winged ankles that gave him the power of flight.

After discovering two seeming robots invading Atlantis, Namor attacked them - only to find they were actually men in diving suits. Thinking the humans must be up to no good, Namor's mother sent him to the surface world to learn more. He arrived in New York City without incident, though shortly after he caused all kinds of public distress by simply being himself - arrogant and haughty.

As the people of New York began to treat him with hostility, Namor returned the feeling in kind, and began a campaign of terror throughout the city. He even allowed the police of the city to arrest him in order to show how impotent they were before him, and when they threw him in the electric chair, an enraged Namor caused even more havoc than before!

This eventually led to an encounter with the Human Torch, an artificial man who burned with a searing flame that could match Namor's own power. The two would fight repeatedly over time, at least until the United States' official entry into World War II. When this happened, Namor was eventually convinced to help the Allies against the Axis powers, though Namor had to see the Nazis at their worst before he relented.

Teamed up with Captain America (and his side kick Bucky), not to mention former enemy the Human Torch (and his side kick, Toro), Namor was one of the founding members of the mighty Invaders, a team of Allied super-humans against whom few fascists could stand. Namor would encounter all manner of villains during his time with the Invaders, from the Red Skull to Baron Blood - and even a rogue Atlantean, Meranno!

Undaunted by these foes, Namor pressed on, fighting the forces of fascism either alone or alongside the Invaders for the duration of the War. With its end, Namor stuck with his allies for a time, becoming a member of the All-Winner's Squad - a team which was mostly comprised of old Invaders. He remained an All-Winner to help them solve many capers, after which point he returned to his kingdom to reclaim his crown.

A chance encounter with Paul Destine derailed Namor's plans, however. Wielding the diabolical Serpent Crown, Destine rendered Namor amnesiac, causing him to wander the United States as a hobo for years. Aside from a minor stint spent under the mind control of the Yellow Claw, Namor continued on in this state until he was discovered by a second, human Human Torch, who tossed him into New York Harbor to 'help' him.

And hey, it worked! Attempting to return to Atlantis anew, Namor discovered it had been annihilated, wiped out by nuclear testing. Enraged beyond reason, Namor began to attack the surface world once more, intent on avenging his Atlantean brethren. When they ultimately turned up in a new undersea locale, Namor finally called off his endless attacks on humanity, now having better things to do.

Eventually getting even with Destine, Namor then took the crown of Atlantis, as well as the lady Dorma as his bride. This also went poorly for Namor, for Dorma was killed due to the machinations of Llyra, a Lemurian who had designs on his crown. Insane with grief, Namor quit Atlantis and journeyed to the surface world, at which point he wound up joining the Defenders, for the first time, at Doctor Strange's urging.

Namor continues to serve as a member of the Defenders to this very day - though his alliance with the group has waxed and waned through its various incarnations and roster changes. Similarly, he's always happy to reunite with his fellow Invaders when they assemble, which is difficult as the entire roster is rarely alive together at any given moment in time. But this does happen now and then.

When not acting as either a Defender, an Invader, or the ruler of Atlantis, Namor has found the time to work with both the Avengers and the X-men, not to mention a loose association of leaders amongst the hero community unofficially known as the Illuminati. As one can guess, these overlapping associations serve to keep Namor plenty busy; in fact, one could say he rarely, if ever, experiences a dull moment!

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