the All-Winners Squad

This is a place holder page. The actual All-Winners material will be sort of 'split off' from the main Invaders roster here in a little bit; it's just not an immediate priority. Until then, of course, I beseech you to check out the Invaders page itself, which has a roster of all the folks added after the war to the team proper - and the original folks that lingered on.

Until then though, here is the team roster; some are up to date, some are not:

the Angel: Thomas Holloway was raised in a prison under bizarre circumstances, learning a whole lot about everything. With the aid of this vast catalog of knowledge, he wages a never-ending battle against villainy as the high-flying Angel! Availability:

the Angel (MSH Classic)

the Angel (4C System)

the Angel (Marvel Saga)

the Blonde Phantom: a secretary for the Mark Mason Detective Agency, Louise Grant was secretly the Blonde Phantom! When Mark stumbled upon any serious threat on the job, Louise'd step in as the Phantom and set things straight! Availability:

Blonde Phantom (MSH Classic)

Blonde Phantom (4C System)

Blonde Phantom (Marvel Saga)

Bucky 2: after the first Captain America and Bucky seemingly perished at sea, the government quickly replaced them for the sake of public morale. Fred Davis, a friend of Bucky Barnes, was chosen to fill in for his lost buddy! Availability:

Bucky 2 (MSH Classic)

Bucky 2 (4C System)

Bucky 2 (Marvel Saga)

the Human Torch: an artificial man created Phineas T. Horton, this android proved to be 'flawed' when he ignited upon exposure to air. Eventually mastering his powers, he took the name of the Human Torch, and used his abilities to fight evil! Availability:

Human Torch (MSH Classic)

Human Torch (4C System)

Human Torch (Marvel Saga)

Miss America: after being zapped with enough current to 'kill a thousand men', young Madeline Joyce developed various super-powers! Though most have faded, she uses her abilities to fight for truth, justice, and the American Way! Availability:

Miss America (MSH Classic)

Miss America (4C System)

Miss America (Marvel Saga)

Namor, the Sub-Mariner: son of an Atlantean princess and an American sea captain, Namor initially despised humanity. When he saw the worst of them in the form of Nazi Germany, Namor allied with humans of power like his to oppose their every move. Availability:

Namor, the Sub-Mariner (MSH Classic)

Namor, the Sub-Mariner (4C System)

Namor, the Sub-Mariner (Marvel Saga)

Patriot / Captain America 4: inspired by Captain America, journalist and veteran Jeffrey Mace became a costumed adventurer himself. He wound up donning the mantle of his hero in time, after the third man to bear it was killed in battle. Availability:

Patriot / Captain America 4 (MSH Classic)

Patriot / Captain America 4 (4C System)

Patriot / Captain America 4 (Marvel Saga)

The Spirit of '76 / Captain America 3: the patriotic William Naslund became a costumed vigilante known as the Spirit of '76. After his hero's untimely demise, William was chosen by the United States government to fill Captain America's shoes! Availability:

The Spirit of '76 (MSH Classic)

The Spirit of '76 (4C System)

The Spirit of '76 (Marvel Saga)

Toro: his parents being exposed to both asbestos and radium as youths, Thomas Raymond was born a mutant. He eventually developed powers like the Human Torch's, and the duo founded a crime-fighting partnership that lasted for years! Availability:

Toro (MSH Classic)

Toro (4C System)

Toro (Marvel Saga)

Whizzer: Robert Frank was bitten by a cobra one day, and would have died if not for his father. Knowing the mongoose was a deadly enemy of the cobra, he injected mongoose blood into his son, which inexplicably caused him to be reborn as the Whizzer! Availability:

Whizzer (MSH Classic)

Whizzer (4C System)

Whizzer (Marvel Saga)

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