the Blonde Phantom


Hand Size:
4 (25)


Louise Grant, later Louise Grant Mason, is simply a normal human, though one in great shape. She has taken it upon herself to fight crime, either on her own, with the All-Winners Squad, or more recently as the She-Hulk's occasional sidekick in adventure!



Hindrances / Augmentations:

Dulled Sense / Vision: Louise can barely see without her thick glasses. Should she lose them somehow (as they do present an appealing target in a fight) her Strength and Agility scores should be considered zero for the purposes of combat. Until she gets them back, at least..


.45 Automatic (a): this powerful hand-cannon allows Louise to inflict deadly harm upon an opponent, should he or she be asking for it. Essentially a +4 weapon, she can fire ten shots from it before she needs to reload it by changing its magazine, of which she has several handy.


Acrobatics (a): Louise is a naturally flexible heroine, being prone to all manner of bizarre maneuvers - while wearing an evening dress, no less! She can reduce the difficulty of dodging and actions to reduce falling damage by one difficulty level.

Boxing (s): though she's skilled in the use of guns, Louise would rather simply bash an opponent up instead of shooting him. Thanks to this skill, she can make two unarmed melee attacks per exchange, the last of which will occur as a contingent action.

Crime (i): having been a crime-fighter for a while, as well as a detective's secretary, Louise knows a thing or two about the criminal mind. This reduces the difficulty of actions she performs to find clues at a crime scene, or otherwise analyze criminal activity.

Detective / Espionage (i): having worked for a long while as detective Mark Mason's assistant, Louise has also picked up this skill via osmosis. She's good at performing surveillance operations against a target, and being able to tell if she, in turn, is being watched by others.

Guns (a): Louise has been trained since youth in the use of guns, and can equally wield standard, semi-automatic, and fully automatic guns with the same skill. She makes attacks with such weapons as if the difficulty of such actions were one difficulty level lower.

Law (i): though 'only' a legal secretary, Louise is well-versed in the workings of the legal system. If she went ahead and became an actual lawyer, she could easily defend a body in a criminal case, reducing the difficulty of her client's court case by one difficulty level.

Service (w): on top of her other skills, Louise is a highly trained secretary. As such, she is well versed in appointment keeping (more important than you think, for somebody with a secret ID), note taking, and keeping a private agency running smoothly.


In the Golden Age, Louise can claim several law enforcement individuals as reliable contacts, in addition to Mark Mason (who she eventually married) and the All-Winners Squad. These days, she can call the She-Hulk and NYC District Attorney Blake Tower her contacts.


Adventurer: more than anything else, Louise fights crime for the sheer joy of it, getting a kick out of battling evil and exploring strange and wonderful environs as a heroine. Though unpowered, she tends to hang around other heroes, just waiting for them to get into trouble!


In the late forties, Louise wore rather revealing (for her time) red evening gown into action; it had short sleeves, and revealed a tiny bit of her cleavage and her waist (the horror!). It was a floor-length affair, and had several yellow and white stars on it.

She also wore a black domino mask and yellow high heels (about an inch high, that is). Now, she only wears standard clothing into action.


Louise Grant a spunky heroine. She's quite easy-going in nature, and goes through life in a care-free, light-hearted sort of way. She even has fun while doing her heroic work, cracking wise and otherwise turning serious situations into a joke - much to the chagrin of her foes.

Real Name: Louise Grant (later Louise Grant Mason)
Occupation: secretary, crime fighter
Legal Status: American citizen with no criminal record
Marital Status: widower
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: former member of the All-Winners Squad

Height: 5' 2"
Hair: blonde (of course), gray-brown before her rejuvenation
Eyes: blue
Weight: 130 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: though she's now in her seventies, Louise looks like she's still in her early forties, thanks to some bizarre, rejuvenative subterranean diamonds.


In the 1940s, Louise Grant was a secretary for the not-very prestigious Mark Mason Detective agency. In this capacity, she kept Mason's business functioning smoothly, and kept rather close to Mark, whom she liked... a lot. However, Mark never noticed, for he was himself in love with the Blonde Phantom, a local heroine that often assisted him in various cases he was working on.

Though he was a detective, Mason missed one rather obvious fact, however: Louise was the Blonde Phantom! She used her position as a secretary to find crimes to solve and criminals to bring in, until after the War, at least; after this point, she wound up becoming a member of the world's premiere super-team: the All-Winners Squad!

She went about the world with them, solving various crimes and handling several hot situations, until the team's eventual dissolution. At this point, she retired, revealing her secret identity to Mason, who promptly proposed to her. This was in 1949, and the duo was a happy couple until about a few years ago, when Mark died of old age. Though this was tragic, Louise quickly decided to get on with her life.

To this end, she got a job as the secretary to Blake Tower, then the District Attorney in New York City, and soon after managed to get a skilled lawyer, Jennifer Walters, a job with the DA's office. The two were good friends, and Louise began hanging around with the heroine (she was the She-Hulk, you know) while she busted up criminals; she may have no powers, but she's no pushover, either.

On one such adventure, Louise was exposed to the radiations of several bizarre, underground diamonds, radiations that have somehow rejuvenated her life processes; in essence, they regressed her in age to her early, early forties. This returned Louise to her prime, and has allowed her to resume her heroic activities, though she no longer uses her Blonde Phantom identity anymore.

It would seem that, in recent events, Louise is no longer partnered with the She-Hulk, and her current activities are as of yet unknown.

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