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Peter Noble was just another sailor, as far as he knew, until he found himself trapped within a sinking submarine. Quickly discovering that he could somehow breathe underwater, Peter also found out that he could withstand the incredible pressures of the deep. As such, it is likely that the man is some kind of mutant, in that he has no other origin to explain the presence of his powers.

Known Powers:

Dual Respiration: after growing accustomed to moving about under water, Peter quickly discovered that he could breathe in water as well as air. Thanks to this super-human ability, Peter can extract oxygen from most earth-normal liquid and gaseous environments. This power may work on other substances as well, but it has not yet been so tested (no reason to try yet).

Longevity: an ability he has gained thanks to extended exposure to his enchanted cutlass, Peter has had his natural lifespan greatly extended; as far as anyone can tell, he hasn't aged a day since he found the thing. He presumably has this power at least at rank value 2, granting him an approximate 560 year eventual lifespan, but it may be even greater than this.

Resistance to Pressure Variance: the first power he discovered he had, if under duress, this ability grants Peter exceptional resistance to all kinds of pressure variance within the environment. Functioning at rank value 50, this power gives Peter the strength to survive at levels of pressure too high (or too low) for ordinary humans to withstand, either on the sea floor or in the upper atmosphere.

Limitations / Enhancements:



Enchanted Cutlass: found in a ship sunken for over two hundred years, this blade caught Peter's attention while he was exploring the sea floor one fateful day. Enchanted to be unnaturally sharp, Peter can use this weapon to inflict Armor Piercing Slashing damage with every deadly swipe, and can easily use it to cut through anything of up to material value 100.

the Infiltrator: this staggeringly advanced warship was built on a foundation of Kalahian technology, and could easily slip between and through the dimensions at will. Able to invisibly go just about anywhere needed, this dangerous craft was easily helmed by Peter thanks to his extensive naval experience. It is described in its own vehicular entry.

Pistol: Peter also carries his trusty semi-automatic Colt M1911A1 on him while on an adventure, in addition to his eldritch blade. In battle, he can use it to inflict rank value 6 Piercing damage in a single shot, or rank value 10 Piercing damage in a clip-exhausting burst of ammunition. He prefers not to use this weapon unless it is necessary, though, as he doesn't like to kill if he can avoid doing so.




Guns: a skill gained during his basic military training, Peter has learned how to effectively utilize a gun in combat. Whether it be a standard, semi-automatic, or fully automatic rifle or pistol, Peter may use such a weapon as though his Coordination trait was +1 RS in value. He likely has the ability to utilize more... eccentric, sea-based weaponry, such as harpoon guns, as well.

Martial Arts style B: another talent that he picked up during his basic training, this skill represents Peter's ability to defend himself should he find himself unarmed. In any offensive, unarmed melee maneuver, whether it be a punch, kick, elbow smash, knee drop, head butt, or even a body check, Peter may attempt the applicable ACT roll as though his Melee trait was +1 RS in value.

Military / United States: a member of the United States Navy - at least until he sank in a submarine, at any rate - Peter is naturally knowledgeable regarding U.S. military practices and protocols. In addition to knowing such things almost instinctively, he can perform various ship-based duties, and can claim quite a few, bonus military contacts thanks to his service.

Underwater Combat: after having gotten used to a life both over and under the sea, Peter has trained himself (or received training from the citizens of Neptunia) in the fine art of underwater combat. Should he find himself in melee under the waves, Peter can attempt combat actions without penalty, allowing him equal footing against Atlanteans and other assorted undersea dwellers.


Though he was a somewhat well-publicized hero (having been covered in various newspapers after his victories against the Nazis), Peter doesn't have all that many contacts amongst the world's heroes. He is the King of Neptunia, however, and can naturally rely upon its many undersea citizens for assistance in any endeavor he wishes; when you get down to it, it's good to be the king!


While active as the Fin, Peter Noble wears a distinctive uniform. It consists of a gray shirt with red trim and a sort of diagonal 'sea horse' patch on the chest and right shoulder, gray trousers, dark gray gloves (again with red trim), red boots, a red belt with a red holster for his pistol, black trunks, a pair of flight goggles, and of course, his distinctive 'shark fin' head piece.


Peter seems a rather noble sort (pardon the pun), in that once he discovered that he had the ability to exist (and even thrive) underwater, he decided to utilize his capabilities for the betterment of America instead of for personal gain. He seems more heroic than a lot of his golden age peers as well, in that while he will kill an opponent if he must, he generally doesn't do so he can at all avoid it.

Real Name: Admiral Peter Noble
Occupation: King of Neptunia, Navy seaman, adventurer
Legal Status: American citizen with no known criminal record, King of Neptunia
Marital Status: married
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: former member of the New Invaders, former member of the Crazy Sues

Height: 6' 1"
Hair: brown
Eyes: brown
Weight: 190 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: none


Lieutenant Peter Noble was originally but an ordinary Navy officer, doing his bit for his country in its hour of greatest need - the height of World War 2. However, the submarine he was serving in sank under the high seas, though through an unexplained miracle Peter found that not only could he breathe underwater, but he could actually move about normally, despite the crushing pressure around him.

Having a whole new world opened up to him, Peter began to explore everything he could under the sea, eventually finding himself in the under water nation of Neptunia. Somehow, despite all logic, this outsider eventually found himself in charge of the place, where he likely received further training in the use of his newly found aquatic powers (and learned how to fight properly underwater).

After an encounter with the villainous Barracuda, Peter, in his new identity of the Fin, began to explore ever deeper under the seas, eventually coming across a veritable graveyard of old ships. On one such ship, he found a bizarre, 'creepy feeling' cutlass, one he would've left behind if he hadn't discovered its amazing powers in the process of trying to discard the thing.

Seeing that it could cut through most ordinary metal like a hot knife through butter, Peter decided to hang on to the thing, and returned to the surface at long last. Shortly after his arrival, he was abducted by the crew of a secret Nazi ship that was forcing local sailors to serve their evil purpose - they were revealing the locations of various American ships to the Nazi navy.

Peter eventually broke free of his captors, only to find that they were working from a nearby atoll. Journeying there, Peter found a veritable Nazi sea base far off the coast of Georgia, and did all he could to disable the many submarines there. Returning to the ship where he'd so recently been held captive, he radioed the U.S. Navy to get them in on the act, and to clean up the rest of the mess.

The rest of Peter's solo activities as the Fin have yet to be documented, though he seemed to be rather well-known in sea-going circles, and even made several headlines over time. Naturally, he was scoffed at by the Sub-Mariner, who considered Peter a pale shadow of himself. However, one cannot argue that, as the Fin, Peter made quite an impact upon the criminal underworld, and on the Nazi scourge as well.

In time, Peter abandoned solo heroism and rejoined the American military, to serve as one of its so-called Crazy Sues. These ascendant humans were trained in the fine art of killing for Uncle Sam, and let loose in a variety of Axis hot spots in support of conventional troops. Peter's previous military training greatly aided him in this endeavor, and he was a powerful asset for the Crazy Sues while he was with them.

After the War, Peter devoted most of his time to the stewardship of his undersea kingdom, Neptunia - except when he was wooing his would-be wife, Mia. Half-Atlantean, this telepathic young girl was the daughter of Lady Lotus and Merrano. They lived happily ever after until Peter was approached by the Thin Man, who wanted him to serve as the captain of his ship, the Infiltrator.

This ship was to be used as the New Invader's platform to End All Wars, starting with one being waged by the Axis Mundi against... well, everyone. Seeing the need, Peter agreed and joined the team, and since the New Invaders were originally sponsored by the US government, he gained a rank appropriate to his age, experience, and nobility: he was made an Admiral in the United States Navy!

This team couldn't last forever, however, and after foiling the Red Skull's plot to melt the Antarctic Ice and kill the original Invaders at the same time (his scheme 'only' claimed the original Human Torch), Peter's ship was destroyed. As such, he and Mia returned to Neptunia to resume their direction of the offshoot Atlantean colony, hopefully in a peaceful fashion.

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