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Hand Size:
4 (25)


Roger Aubrey is an altered human being, forever changed by dastardly Nazi science experiments to reduce him in size. Temporarily permanent in nature, Roger has since been restored to his normal dimensions - though he can now reduce them at will!


Shrinking / Self (a): as a captive of the Nazis, Roger was subjected to an experimental, permanent shrinking effect. It reduced him to approximately 4.5 inches in height (or twelve centimeters, give or take, in his own words), thus giving him this power at intensity 4.

This power is extremely enhanced, however, allowing Roger to retain the full use of his normal Strength despite his diminutive stature. Furthermore, once the process that permanently shrank him was reversed, Roger could use this ability at will - though he did so rarely.

Hindrances / Augmentations:



Demolitions (a): a skill Roger has sort of picked up through trial and error, this talent demonstrates his knowledge of destroying vehicles and structures with explosives. He knows where to plant bombs to best cause such things to explode spectacularly.

Driving (a): Roger loves motorcycles, and he's good at driving them around. When performing any odd maneuvers or otherwise trying not to get himself killed while riding one of these beasts, Roger may reduce the difficulty inherent to such actions by one difficulty level.

Guns (a): engaging in a one-man war against the Axis powers, Roger has had to pick up the ability to use guns as a general matter of course. In combat, he is allowed to reduce the difficulty of gun usage by one level, whether it be regular, semi-automatic, or fully automatic.

Martial Arts (a): Roger has learned several fighting techniques after he was thrust into the adventurous life. Thanks to this, he may reduce the difficulty of actions intended to strike in melee, dodge attacks, or catch thrown weapons.

Performer (w): Roger is a skilled actor, and adopting other personas comes naturally to him. Whether working in a stage performance or on a movie set, Roger can distract any number of foes for one exchange with his act if he can pass a average Willpower (Willpower) action.


Roger is a former member of several groups of heroes, all of which revolved around the fight against the Nazi scourge. Originally a Crusader, Roger went on to found and lead the new V-Battalion, and was also a member of the short-lived, New Invaders.


Guardian: even if he's occasionally the victim of superior forces, Roger goes out of his way to protect his beloved Britain from harm. This is why he continues on as the costumed adventurer known as the Mighty Destroyer, despite his lack of super-human might!


While brainwashed into playing Dyna-Mite, Roger wore an odd costume that consisted of blue trunks, blue stretch fabric pants, red boots and gloves, a red 'shirt' (which was really just two strips of cloth winding over his shoulders), a red belt, and a black domino mask.

When he later adopted the Mighty Destroyer identity, Roger wore a gray, long-sleeved shirt with a skull drawn on it, gray trunks, a blue belt, red boots and gloves, red and blue striped stretch pants, a red belt, and a full, red head-covering hood with a pale blue face mask.

Once he joined the V-Battalion and retired from perpetual action, Roger used two different costumes. The first included an ankle-length purple overcoat with red cuffs under a black leather belt and a large, red 'V' shaped collar, and red leather boots.

When not operating 'outside', he wore a primarily dark blue spandex body suit, which was accessorized with red buccaneer boots, red and blue gloves, red and blue boots, a red 'V' shaped belt, and a red and white 'V' shaped collar with a blue and white cape attached.


Roger was a relatively coddled member of the British aristocracy who tried to help his country, but ultimately failed - hard. He has fought hard to make up for his mistakes, but one tragedy after another has weathered Roger, making him more surly and cynical towards the world.

Real Name: Roger Aubrey
Occupation: adventurer, aristocrat
Legal Status: British citizen with no known criminal record
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: Dyna-Mite
Group Affiliation: former leader of the V-Battalion, former member of the New Invaders, former member of the Crusaders

Height: 6' 2" (formerly 4.5")
Hair: gray, formerly blonde
Eyes: blue
Weight: 221 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: none


Roger Aubrey was, like his partner Brian Falsworth, a rich British aristocrat who had journeyed to Germany before World War 2 broke out full-swing. You see, these two fellows were attempting to go along with Britain's attempts to keep Germany from declaring war on it, and as such, were hobnobbing with various people in power at the time.

However, both of these gentlemen soon found out just how diabolically evil Hitler and the Nazi party were, and they attempted to leave soon after. However, the Nazis didn't like this idea, and locked the two up in a prison camp. While Brian made his escape thanks to Professor Eric Schmitt, Roger wasn't so lucky, and was subjected to German experiments.

The fiends who worked Roger over brainwashed him, and used some experimental techniques to shrink him down to 1/16th of his original size. Dubbing him Dyna-Mite, these scientists insinuated Roger into the Crusaders, a team of British heroes that the Nazis were secretly assembling to destroy the Invaders. As one of these dupes, Roger actually battled those heroes until the truth was discovered.

You see, the Crusaders had no idea that they were being funded by Nazi thugs, and once they found this out, they took these villains apart (with the Invaders' assistance), and then went their separate ways. Though he eventually recovered from the brainwashing the Nazis inflicted upon him, Roger was still incredibly small, and wished to resolve this situation.

To this end, he journeyed back to Germany with Union Jack 2 (Brian's new identity) and the heroine Spitfire. While there, they 'liberated' the scientist who reduced his size, one Doctor Deitrich, and forced him to reverse the process that transformed Roger into Dyna-Mite. When this was done, they released Deitrich, but Roger didn't go home with his allies.

You see, he decided to pick up where Brian left off with his Mighty Destroyer routine, being the third person to wear the costume and assume the mission of dismantling the Nazi regime from behind enemy lines. Though he (mostly) lacks super-powers, Roger did quite a good job at inflicting sabotage upon the villainous regime that did him wrong, at least until he was captured by the Master Man.

This super-powered Nazi had a particularly nasty scheme in mind, and after abducting Roger, he stole his costume and began fighting as the Destroyer - but for the Axis powers! With the help of the heroic Invaders, Master Man's latest plot was defeated, and Roger was free to resume his personal war with Germany. He presumably did so throughout the War.

In fact, during one such encounter, Roger found himself mixed up in a plot by the Iron Cross to destroy the American east coast with some new, long range homing missiles, but with the aid of Union Jack 2 and the Blazing Skull, Roger managed to defuse this plot and, apparently, end the Iron Cross' threat once and for all. Roger's other adventures in Germany have yet to be detailed.

After the War, Roger formed a new group of clandestine heroes known as the V-Battalion, named after the original group founded by Citizen V. Originally intended to collar escaped Nazi war criminals, this group's actions slowly grew in scope as things became more desperate in the world. Roger didn't mind this at all, as he was able to finally fight evil alongside his partner, Brian.

At least, until Brian's tragic death in 1953. When Brian died, something in Roger went with him, and the man has slowly grown colder and more distant ever since, using his position as the leader of the V-Battalion to engage in increasingly dangerous and risky operations. This state continued for decades, until Roger was killed - but brought back shortly afterward - by the immortal Marduk.

Taking stock at this point, Roger retired from the V-Battalion, leaving former Invader Jim Hammond in charge of the group - despite his dislike for the man, the Silver Scorpion convinced Roger that Jim was the best 'man' for the job. He's enjoying his retirement, though he still gets mixed up in the fantastic now and then, like when vampires came after his old friend, Spitfire.

Of course, Roger wasn't about to let them get away with such chicanery, oh no. Even out of costume, Roger is more than prepared to take names to protect the few people he still cares for - even if it means working with folks he doesn't like - like the aforementioned Hammond. After all, the older he and his friends get, the fewer of each other they have left to care for!

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