Jacob Burnsley


Hand Size:
4 (25)


Jacob Burnsley was an ordinary, if older human being until he was given the most dangerous weapon in the universe by the Star Child. This weapon, the Star Brand, presumably gives Jacob the power to do virtually anything he wishes. Though he no longer wields it, the Brand made Jacob the most powerful being on earth for a time.


Immortality (s): after he accepted the Star Brand from the Star Child, Jacob was rendered immortal. He can be killed, but he won't die. If brought to zero health points and actually slain, his body will assume a regenerative form, a sort of fish-headed, pink humanoid looking thing with really loose, baggy skin (until he's all healed up). Even total body disintegration cannot stop this regeneration from occurring.

Longevity (s): while not ageless, Jacob most likely has a somewhat extended life-span, as do the many other folks who have wielded the Star Brand. The exact length of his extended life-span is really unknown, as Jacob has already lived past the expected allotment of human years; however, it is assumed that he's got at least fifty additional years in him, thanks to the Star Brand's power.

Hindrances / Augmentations:



the Star Brand (w): for a time, Jacob possessed the Star Brand, a device that could be used to draw forth an effectively infinite amount of energy from some unknown source. Jacob never really tried to channel an infinite amount of power from the thing, however. You see, he typically manifested Star Brand effects at intensity 15; this was, of course, if he barely concentrated on said effect.

If he wanted to, Jacob could increase the effect of any power he knew how to produce with the Star Brand; he could boost it to any intensity, with a typical ceiling of 25 unless noted otherwise in the specific power description. Jacob typically didn't utilize his powers at this level unless it was absolutely necessary, however, as this amount of energy use could produce unforeseen effects.

Furthermore, Jacob could utilize more than one Star Brand effect at a time. Operating two powers at once required an easy difficulty intellect action, and each additional power used at once raised the difficulty of this action by one difficulty level. In other words, he could theoretically use all of his Star Brand powers at once, but this was difficult for Jacob to concentrate on.

At any rate, Jacob has demonstrated these Star Brand abilities so far:

* Ability Boost (w): in addition to the already high level of strength offered to him by the Star Brand, Jacob can enhance his lifting ability to even greater heights if necessary. Wielding this power at intensity 25, Jacob can then boost his Strength to a like level, allowing him to move a tremendous amount of mass whenever he feels the need to do so.

* Body Armor (s): when he concentrates on it, Jacob can spread the Star Brand's energies throughout his body, achieving intensity 20 (+5) body armor. This makes him pretty much impervious to all but the most powerful of attacks - even when going toe to toe with other wielders of the Star Brand, as Jacob found out when he was forced to do battle with the Old Man.

* Energy Generation (i): by extending its energies outside himself, Jacob can create startling displays of the unknown, paradoxical power of the Star Brand. While he can focus this into a directional blast of power, it typically manifests as a sort of explosion centered on his body, inflicting intensity 15 damage to everybody within near missile distance.

If he should increase the effect above intensity 15, however, Jacob must make a desperate difficulty energy blast action to focus it into a beam, as opposed to detonating everything within his immediate area. Furthermore, the blast effect of this energy burst (if unfocused) is increased to affect everybody within far missile distance if Jacob has raised its intensity over 15.

* Environmental Independence (s): Jacob can utilize this power at intensity 30, essentially making it unnecessary for him to eat, drink, sleep, or breathe. So far, however, Jacob has only had to rely on the air part of this power in the past, so he doesn't likely know that he no longer needs those other things that are vital to life. He still eats, drinks and sleeps out of habit.

* Environmental Pocket (i): one of Jacob's favorite powers is his ability to create zones of perfectly normal, earth-like space in difficult environs. He's used this power to repair areas around the Pitt, and to make a fishing hole on the moon. This power allows him to render everything within near missile distance of his person a comfortable, habitable place to be. He can do this with intensity 15 skill.

* Flight (a): unlike most of his other Star Brand abilities, Jacob wields this power at intensity 30. In effect, this allows him to pretty much cross the globe in mere minutes, though he typically limits this power to intensity 5 within a city. This comes in real handy, as it allows Jacob to reach and respond to one crisis after another should he need to.

* Healing / Others (s): Jacob has demonstrated remarkable healing powers while using the Star Brand. For instance, he can cure diseases, including cancer, and has the ability to repair a body no matter how battered, broken, ruptured, burnt, or otherwise damaged it may be, as long as at least one cell still lives within it. This power functions at intensity 15 levels in Jacob's hands.

* Illusion Projection (w): when he tried to repair the Pitt itself, Jacob utilized the memories of Pittsburgh's million or so residents to recreate the city in full, or so he thought; it turned out that this massive reconstruction was simply an immensely intricate illusion, devoid of substance. He uses this power at intensity 15, but can occasionally push this farther (as evidenced above).

* Portability: the Star Brand itself is easily portable, and Jacob can move it about on his person as he sees fit. If he wants to get rid of it, it is similarly easy to just move it onto the body of another person, should they want the thing. However, it is vital to note that the Star Brand cannot exist on an inanimate object; placing it upon such a thing is a very, very bad idea.

This is because, without a true sentience to control it, the power will rage out of control, disintegrating the object (and a very large portion of the surroundings). For instance, placing the Star Brand into a bent ten pound weight destroyed said weight and all matter within a twenty-five mile radius, accidentally creating the Pitt. Needless to say, this also ruined Ken Connell's day.

Similarly, placing the Star Brand into a non-sentient animal isn't a good idea, either. This won't cause the calamity described above, but it will kill the animal over time, as the Star Brand's energies, unchecked, will consume it within days. Of course, this was discovered by the Old Man during his many attempts to rid himself of this weapon.

* Power Amplification, Attenuation, and Control (i): a curious power that Jacob can utilize is the ability to alter the function of other paranormals' super-human powers. He can hijack control of somebody's powers, making them work at his whim, raising their functioning intensity, or even totally negating them, doing so with intensity 15 skill - for as long as he concentrates on doing so.


Boxing (s): a talent that Jacob gained in the military, this skill allows him to defend himself unarmed if necessary. In technical terms, this grants Jacob the ability to execute two unarmed melee attacks in a given exchange, the last of which will occur as a contingent action.

Guns (a): thanks to his military training, Jacob also has (or at least had) the ability to use any standard gun with competence. Though he doesn't really need this skill, he can nonetheless use it to wield any firearm at one difficulty level lower than is normally required.

Military / United States (w): in his day, Jacob was associated with the Army, giving him this skill as a general matter of course. In other words, in addition to gaining his other skills for free, he can interpret military commands with ease, and understands various military protocols.


Jacob was only a super-powered individual for a rather short period of time. People he knows that he could consider reliable contacts include his grandson, Billy, Roger Price, and the Star Child himself, should he return from his self-imposed exile in a temporal Mobius loop.


Responsibility of Power: when the Star Child gave Jacob the Star Brand, he told the older man to use it wisely in earth's defense. Jacob has strived to do just that, wielding his powers in selfless ways to help out his fellow earthlings to the best of his ability - no matter the personal cost!


While wandering about performing various good deeds, Jacob doesn't bother with a super-heroic costume whatsoever. He merely wears blue jeans, a long-sleeved red shirt, blue suspenders, and a pair of brown leather boots into action.


Jacob Burnsley is a kind older man, one who seems wise beyond his many years. Honest and dependable, he doesn't like to do others harm if he can at all avoid it. His short possession of the Star Brand has only magnified these traits, not dulled them, and that says a lot about him.

Real Name: Sergeant Jacob Burnsley, retired
Occupation: retired member of the US Quartermaster Corps
Legal Status: American citizen with no known criminal record
Marital Status: widower
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: none

Height: 5' 5"
Hair: gray
Eyes: blue
Weight: 160 lbs.
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Jacob appears as a short, overweight old man, with a large bushy moustache and round-rimmed glasses.


Little is known about the background of Jacob Burnsley, save for the fact that he was a Sergeant in the United States Quartermaster Corps. Also, his entire family, save for his grandson, Billy, was wiped out in the cluster blunder that created the Pitt. Though he survived the destruction of Pittsburgh, however, Billy was dying of cancer, and was about to pass on.

Before this could happen, the strange being known as the Star Child altered reality itself, changing things so that death itself no longer occurred. Right afterward, this being was going to leave the earth to explore his origins, but he wanted to leave his home world protected. As such, he decided to give the power of the Star Brand, his birthright, to a wizened, older man.

The responsible old man he found sufficient for this purpose was Jacob Burnsley. Thinking him an angel when he first appeared, Jacob asked what the Star Child wanted. After he explained his purpose, the Star Child took Jacob out into space and gave him the most dangerous weapon in the universe, and implored to use it responsibly in the defense of the earth.

Flying back to earth gleefully, thinking himself still in a dream, Jacob thought about what he could do with this power, the ability to do virtually anything. His first action, of course, was to cure his grandson of cancer; luckily, he did this right before the Star Child restored the process of death to the earth. Once he did this, Jacob confided with his grandson about his powers, and just what to do with them.

In order to think this out, Jacob built himself a comfy fishing hole in the most difficult place he thought possible - on the dark side of the moon! Of course, he also did this to test out a theory about his power and how he could use it. After several days, Jacob tested out his environmental alteration powers in several areas near the Pitt, rebuilding increasingly large hemispheres of normal suburbia.

This project cumulated with his attempt to rebuild the city of Pittsburgh itself, thus repairing the damage Ken Connell perpetrated against the earth. However, for all his might, Jacob couldn't pull this maneuver off, and he only managed to create the illusion of the city reborn. Defeated, Jacob simply left the place, despondent about his inability to fix things here.

Later, while exploring the soot-covered city of New York, Jacob encountered several paranormals under the mental sway of the President of the United States, one Philip Nolan Voigt. Unsure whether or not he should confront the leader of the free world, Jacob spent some time thinking about this and, once he decided he couldn't ignore the possibility, he went to the White House.

Shortly after arriving there, Nolan started pushing Jacob around with his so-called overpower, his ability to use the paranormal abilities of anybody on earth, but Jacob easily countered the man with his own power, the original power, the Star Brand! Turning his own abilities against him, Jacob burned Voigt's paranormal overpower out, though it cost him his life. Well, sort of.

He found himself revived soon after, and returned to his fishing hole to think things over and spend time with Billy. Soon enough, however, the Star Child returned to the earth, hoping to save the universe itself. To this end, he needed to collect everybody that had ever used the Star Brand, and when he had all of them save one, the Star Child sent Jacob to retrieve the last.

Of course, this man, the so-called Old Man, was rather reluctant to play ball, so Jacob had to beat the snot out of him first. During this fight, however, Jacob and the Old Man inadvertently knocked an innocent pilot out of the air with their magnificent energy exchanges, and before he could return to the Star Child's location, he had to patch this fellow back up first.

Once they were all together, the Star Child reclaimed Jacob's Star Brand, as well as the Star Brand powers of every other body that had ever wielded the device, to patch up a strange temporal paradox that had formed as a result of the Star Brand's very creation. Once this was done, the Star Child returned Jacob, Billy, and one other man, Roger Price, back to earth.

Though he still presumably possesses the relative immortality granted to all bearers of the Star Brand, it is assumed that Jacob has simply returned to the retired life, no longer having strange adventures. This has yet to be seen, however.

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