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Jeffrey John Walters, known to some as the Blur, is a paranormal. He was an otherwise normal human being who was forever changed by the mutagenic astronomical phenomenon known as the White Event. His metabolism and very body accelerated beyond his ability to control it, Jeffrey is one of many paranormals who cannot hide his status when amongst 'normals', no matter how hard he tries.

Known Powers:

Damage Reduction: one alteration his body has demonstrated to allow for his high speed motion, Blur has muscle tissues that are much more resilient than a normal human's. While he lacks overt body armor, Blur can withstand incoming conventional damage slightly better than most, as he may reduce its incoming intensity by 1 RS before it even affects him at all, as long as it is a physical or energy attack.

Resistance to Cold and Drugs: thanks to the nature of his powers, Blur is highly resistant to these attack types. His constant shaking heats the air around him, and his heightened metabolism quickly processes most drugs he's subjected to. He can easily shrug off the effects of these two forms of attack, resisting them with value 30 capability as long as his super speed is active (which it almost always is).

Super Running: complementing his super speed, Blur can run fast... really fast. When simply jogging, Blur can use this power to move at value 20 speeds on the Air column (since he has super running and super speed), which is around 136.36 miles per hour. He can do this for up to four hours before fatigue finally wears him down. Mind you, this is not Blur's top speed - he can move even faster if he has to.

When sprinting, Blur can enhance his speed by +2 RS, moving at up to 272.73 miles per hour. This is rank value 40 super running (again, on the air speed column), and he can do this as can anyone else who is running at top speed. He must pass a Fortitude ACT to keep up this speed at thirty (red), sixty (blue) and ninety (yellow) turns, and then every turn after one hundred twenty (yellow) have elapsed.

Super Speed: his main paranormal ability, this power allows Blur to function much faster than the average human. He wields this power at rank value 10, which, if functioning at full capacity, allows Blur to perform actions at ten times the rate of an ordinary person. While he has similarly enhanced reflexes, the down side of Blur's power is that it gives him a metabolism to match - he requires an immense amount of food to function.

While his metabolism can process nutrients much more efficiently than normal, Blur nonetheless must consume between five and ten times the normal caloric intake of a standard human - the specific amount depending on how active he is on a given day. If he goes hungry, Blur cannot function at his full speed and capacity, and will often suffer a -1 RS or -2 RS to his overall super speed as a result.

In combat, Blur can attempt an additional action each turn for every rank value of super speed he currently has. If attacking, Blur's multiple attacks count as bursting, allowing him a +1 RS to the damage he inflicts for every doubling of successful hits (always rounded down). When in top form, for instance, Blur can attack five times per turn, and if at least four attacks hit, he'll inflict +2 RS damage.

Outside of combat, Blur can cover distance quickly - even when not using his super running power. Just through the use of his super speed, Blur can zip about at a leisurely walking speed of 20.46 miles per hour (1.5 sectors per turn), bumping this up to 40.905 miles per hour (3 sectors per turn) if he breaks out into a run. Blur normally limits himself to his super speed indoors, saving his super running for when he steps outside.

The peculiar thing about Blur's super speed is that he cannot turn it off. He is always moving at a heightened velocity, no matter what he does. As such, Blur tends to look blurry at all times, as if composed entirely of speed lines - unless critically injured. He has to consciously talk with a drawl so that he speaks slow enough to be understood, and at top speeds, has a hard time hearing things in his environment.

Limitations / Enhancements:





Abnormal Attribute: Blur cannot hide his paranormality. His super speed is always active, which makes him constantly look as if he is about to shake apart, and his involuntary vibration transfers into objects he's touching. As a result of his heightened metabolism, Blur is constantly sweating, and often smells as though he's not bathed in days - even if he's done so just hours ago.


Guns: though he doesn't really rely upon their use in combat, typically just pummeling foes into submission with his super fast fists, Blur has been educated in the care, maintenance and operation of modern firearms. Whenever he wields such weaponry in ranged combat, Blur may do so as if his Coordination score was +1 RS higher than is listed above, whether it's a standard, semi-automatic, or fully automatic rifle or pistol.

Martial Arts style B: while he was never in great shape before the White Event, Blur has learned how to fight competently afterwards, both due to the nature of his parability and thanks to formal combat training in the Army's Paranormal Platoon. As such, he can attempt any unarmed melee attacks as if his Melee score was +1 RS higher than is listed above, whether punching, kicking or charging a foe.

Military / United States: unlike many of his fellow paranormals, Blur embraced the idea of serving in the military, for it afforded him the opportunity to get revenge on whoever it was that destroyed his family in Pittsburgh. As such, he has learned how to function within modern fighting units with ease, and knows the Army Standard Operating Procedure like the back of his quivering hand.

Service: before the White Event, and before he was Drafted into the Army, Blur was originally the overweight manager of a Wisconsin Burger King ™. He began as an ordinary employee but worked at it until he was running the place, learning the ins and outs of the fast food business all the while. As such, should he resume such work for some reason, Blur should receive a +1 RS on any applicable ACT rolls.


Blur can readily rely upon his fellow paranormals from therapy group C in the Clinic for Paranormal Research - even Scuzz, who originally left them on hostile terms. Over time others have joined their little band, including Captain Manhattan, Chrome, Metallurge, Mutator, and Sponge. Blur is also on very good terms with his fellows from Paranormal Platoon Able - particularly Pit Bull, who treats him like family.


The Blur wears a variety of different costumes. Before he was Drafted, most of them consisted of exercise gear in some form or another. He seemed to have settled on black stretch fabric with green racing stripes, as well as heavy duty running shoes, before he joined the Army's Paranormal Platoon. After this, he mostly wore Army fatigues in the service, whether in the field or simply ambling around the barracks.


Jeffrey Walters, the Blur, has been described as 'corny' by his friend Charlotte. The man is considerably upbeat, and usually tries to cheer up those around him who aren't in a good state of mind - no matter how difficult this may get. He went through a rough patch when his family was wiped out in Pittsburgh, but ultimately worked his way through this tragedy and has resumed trying to be the very best person he can be.

Real Name: Jeffrey John Walters
Occupation: unknown, former Army operative, former Burger King ™ manager
Legal Status: citizen of the United States with no known criminal record
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: none
Group Affiliation: DP 7 (therapy group C), former member of Paranormal Platoon Able

Height: 5' 10"
Hair: black
Eyes: brown
Weight: 175 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Blur is constantly shivering and shaking due to his uncontrolled super speed, hence his name.


Jeffrey Walters was raised in a loving family, and was very close to his mother and siblings. He grew up to be a lighthearted, hard-working young man, and got a job at the local Burger King ™ at an early age. Unlike many of his peers however, Jeffrey stuck with the job, learning everything that he could. His inherently cheery disposition, combined with his hard work, eventually earned him the position of manager at his restaurant.

Of course, Jeffrey had taken to eating the profits over the years, and as a result he'd become quite portly. While he was seemingly content with this state of affairs, Jeffrey's life would forever change in the wake of the so-called White Event. This bizarre astronomical phenomenon, which bathed the entire earth in a strange white light for several seconds, acted on Jeffrey's body in strange and unexpected ways.

Not that he knew it right away. It took a while for the changes the White Event had wrought to manifest in Jeffrey, but when they did - whoa! One night, while working at the King ™, Jeffrey was overcome with a strange, nervous energy. He went outside to catch his breath, only to find he had the overwhelming need to run - run as fast as he could! This was odd to Jeffrey, what with him having never been athletic before.

Jeffrey nonetheless went with his body's flow, and took off running. And run he did! Before Jeffrey knew it, he was passing speeding cars like they were in park. Eventually making his way back to work, Jeffrey was admonished by his co-workers for vanishing... and for smelling like he hadn't showered in days. Jeffrey told them he'd close the place up, but before he did, he had to work off the mad hunger his run had instilled within him.

It quickly became apparent that something was amiss with Jeffrey, for he was rapidly burning off all of his excess, and was ravenous all the time. Before he knew it Jeffrey was in peak physical condition for someone his size... and was needing more and more food to just 'break even'. Furthermore, he was starting to shake uncontrollably, his body's movements getting faster and faster over time!

Not sure what to make of his predicament, Jeffrey was pointed in the direction of the Clinic for Paranormal Research, a local facility designed to handle things that 'ordinary science' could not. There, he was studied at length by the operators of the Clinic, who invited Jeffrey to stay for a while to get a handle on his new state of existence. Taking a leave of absence from the King ™, Jeffrey did so.

He was quickly placed in a therapy group with several others who had developed strange, paranormal powers, and Jeffrey was finding that he liked it at the Clinic more and more every day. Little did he know, however, that his mind was being tampered with by the Clinic's staff, several of which also possessed paranormal powers of their own! They continued to do so until they were discovered by one of Jeffrey's fellow 'groupies'.

When Randy O'Brien - Antibody - discovered what was going on, he rallied his therapy group (including Jeffrey) to escape the Clinic at once. They did so, though Jeffrey and company were pursued by the Clinic relentlessly for some time. In one lull of this activity, Jeffrey convinced the others to attempt to have their powers exorcized by a priest his mother knew, but this did not rid him, or his six friends - of their odd abilities.

Eventually, the Clinic managed to separate and recapture all of its lost paranormal charges, Jeffrey included. Its leadership was subsequently deposed by David Landers - Mastodon - when his newly tamper-proof mind made him immune to the Clinic's brainwashing. Under new management, the Clinic continued its original, public mission: that of helping paranormals to adjust to their parabilities and return to 'normal' life.

Things began to get weird in the Clinic, however, when its patients started running various aspects of the facility. Several of these paranormals abused their perceived authority and began to cause problems, which ultimately caused them to fracture into several, gang-like factions. As all of this began to go down, Jeffrey's mother was visiting the city of Pittsburgh when something terrible happened to it. Something apocalyptic!

In a panic, Jeffrey ran from the Clinic, which was based in Wisconsin, to Pittsburgh, as fast as he could. When he got there, he discovered that the city had literally been vaporized, and that there was a massive, smooth crater reaching miles into the earth where the city once stood. Inadvertently running right into it, Jeffrey circled the Pitt to avoid falling into the growing mass of Pitt-juice and lava at its center.

Luckily for him, his friends from the Clinic came to help him, and Jeffrey was rescued from the Pitt by Mastodon - even if the big lug broke several of Jeffrey's ribs in the process. Shortly afterwards, Jeffrey and those who came to rescue him were captured by the United States Army, and Jeffrey was informed that he was to be conscripted into a new, paranormal fighting force that the Army was assembling.

They were doing this, you see, to combat paranormal threats like that which destroyed Pittsburgh. That was all Jeffrey needed to hear, and not even waiting to be Drafted proper, he enlisted on the spot. Though his friends who had been Drafted weren't too amused by the prospect of military service, Jeffrey embraced the Army life one hundred percent, doing everything he could to get a shot at whoever killed his family.

During his basic training, Jeffrey managed to work out some of his despair over the death of his mother and siblings, as well as his aunt and uncle - all of which were in Pittsburgh when it was annihilated. While he worked on this, Jeffrey managed to save the life of the strange and monstrous Pit Bull, who'd menaced his friends near the Pitt - but quickly came to think of Jeffrey as his own family, the two becoming close friends.

However, he still carried a seething rage in his heart, one that was held in reserve for his family's murderer. And when the government caught wind of someone claiming responsibility for the city's eradication, Jeffrey was elated. He'd finally get his revenge. Thus, he was more than ready when the Army shipped him and the rest of Paranormal Platoon Able out to South Africa, to hunt down the creator of the Pitt.

This turned out to be a falsehood however, arranged by several mad white supremacists intent on starting a nuclear war with their enemies. Quickly discovering the deception, Jeffrey and company tried to stop this plot... but were too little, too late. It took the power of the almighty Star Child to disable the nuclear weapons the rogue South Africans launched... along with those the rest of the world fired off in retaliation.

This just left the Paranormal Platoon to put a stop to the man who authored this whole mess: Colonel Oort. They managed to do this at least, though Jeffrey was shot in the process, and severely wounded. He ultimately survived the gunshot that pierced his chest, and Jeffrey eventually left the service, possibly getting an honorable discharge and several shiny medals in the process.

Once out of the Army, Jeffrey reunited with his old friends from therapy group c in the Clinic, who were now living in New York City. The town had been partially abandoned due to relentless fallout from the volcano inside the Pitt, and thus it was a great place for paranormals to settle - nobody else seemed to want them, after all. He even brought an Army buddy, Metallurge, along for the ride!

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