Hello! As you can see, I'm just getting started working on the DP 7 portion of the New Universe handbook. Arguably the most requested portion of this work, this series covers the adventures of Therapy Group C from the Clinic for Paranormal Research - at least, until they broke out of the place upon discovering its sinister agenda. Of course, it also covers a few hundred other folks as well.

As work begins on this reference, I'll be mainly doing issue guides and the cover gallery (note the below links will not be complete by any means, though they're minimally functional). As time permits I'll also start working on character descriptions as well. I have the original seven members of the team, as covered by Ty States from way back in the day, which I'll be using as a base for such.

And yes, I'll give him due credit (as you've seen on other major characters scattered across this reference). I used his work as a 'skeleton' for a lot of the 'primary' characters on here for various series, but will flesh them out as I am wont to do, and I'll definitely let y'all know when I've got something going on here for you. Stay tuned, for it should be a long, and wild ride!

Therapy Group C:

Antibody: while he originally wanted to be a doctor, medical intern Randy O'Brien's life was forever changed after the White Event, when he developed the power to generate negative-image duplicates of himself, which he had little - if any - control over! Availability:

Antibody (MSH Classic)

Antibody (4C System)

Antibody (Marvel Saga)

Blur: a former Burger King ™ manager, Jeffrey Walters was transformed into a super speedster in the wake of the White Event. Unable to deactivate his accelerated motion, Jeffrey is constantly shaking out of control - a veritable Blur! Availability:

Blur (MSH Classic)

Blur (4C System)

Blur (Marvel Saga)

Friction: a former dance student at the University of Wisconsin, Charlotte Yolanda Beck was forever changed by the White Event, which granted her the psionic ability to control the molecular attraction between objects - and ruined her cozy life...! Availability:

Friction (MSH Classic)

Friction (4C System)

Friction (Marvel Saga)

Glitter: Stephanie Harrington was originally a mild-mannered housewife in Wisconsin until the White Event, when she gained astounding recuperative powers. Her life has been on a rollercoaster of action, intrigue and heartbreak ever since! Availability:

Glitter (MSH Classic)

Glitter (4C System)

Glitter (Marvel Saga)

Mastodon: a former cheese factory worker, David Landers was dramatically altered by the White Event. His body changed him from a 150 pound normal to the 550 pound man-mountain of muscle, which has forced him to face down his 'freak' status ever since! Availability:

Mastodon (MSH Classic)

Mastodon (4C System)

Mastodon (Marvel Saga)

Scuzz: abused child and general hooligan Dennis Cuzinski was on the fast track to a life of crime when the White Event cursed him by making all of his bodily fluids acidic. Naturally, this didn't help the disposition of 'Scuzz' a bit! Availability:

Scuzz (MSH Classic)

Scuzz (4C System)

Scuzz (Marvel Saga)

Twilight: Lenore Fenzl was a retired Latin teacher who lived in a retirement home until the White Event turned her into a glowing, area effect energy leech. While afraid of her powers at first, Lenore ultimately used them to come into her own. Availability:

Twilight (MSH Classic)

Twilight (4C System)

Twilight (Marvel Saga)

Therapy Group E:

Salvo: Michael Crawley was a stereotypical nerd, more interested in science than in people. When the White Event 'blessed' him with the ability to blow things up with his mind, his lack of social skills hindered his ability to mesh with Psi-force for quite a while. Availability:

Salvo (MSH Classic)

Salvo (4C System)

Salvo (Marvel Saga)

Non-Clinic Allies:

Jenny Swensen (after the Pitt): after her exposure to Pitt-Juice, Jenny Swensen was forever altered. This mutagenic compound rendered her paranormal, and she developed an organic steel skin to replace the MAX armor she'd lost to the government. Availability:

Jenny Swensen (after the Pitt) (MSH Classic)

Jenny Swensen (after the Pitt) (4C System)

Jenny Swensen (after the Pitt) (Marvel Saga)

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