Rm 30
Gd 10
Rm 30
Rm 30
Rm 30
Rm 30
Ex 20
Ty 6
Fe +2



Jenny Swensen was an ordinary human (albeit one who flew about in an advanced suit of MAX armor), until she was exposed to mutagenic Pitt-juice. She gained her paranormal powers after that incident, which now makes her an altered human.

Known Powers:

Body Armor: after extended exposure to the so-called Pitt-Juice, Jenny's skin was transformed. Changing into a strange, organic steel exoskeleton, Jenny's skin now grants her Remarkable (30) ranked protection from injury, which breaks down as follows:

Rm 30 / Gd 10 / Pr 4 / Sh 0 / Sh 0

Environmental Independence: while she still needs to breathe and sleep, Jenny apparently doesn't require food and water to survive. She has this ability at Class 5000 rank, which means she can partake of food and water if she wants, but no longer has to.

Resistance to Drugs and Poison: another facet or her altered metabolism, Jenny has been given considerable resistance to chemicals which would control her body or alter her perceptions, for good or ill. This is an Unearthly (100) ranked protection to these substances.

Limitations / Enhancements:



None. While she used to have access to government funding and, of course, the various MAX suits, Jenny no longer uses these resources (nor does she need to). She simply relies upon her armored hide (and Captain Manhattan) to protect her while adventuring.


Stubborn: more than anything else, Jenny Swensen has been marked as a singularly stubborn woman. As such, once she makes up her mind on something, she must pass a Psyche FEAT roll at -2 CS to change her viewpoint should she wish to.


Aerial Combat: Jenny was specifically trained how to fight an opponent while flying, as her 3-D thinking style was apparently lacking (a trait that has since been repaired). She can now attempt combat FEAT rolls while airborne at a +1 CS.

Computers: Jenny is a skilled computer operator and programmer, and she's even been able to use a computer to create approximate graphical representations of actual events. She's also good at designing and building computers, too.

Detective / Espionage: working with the CIA has given Jenny the training she needs to perform surveillance missions, operate spy-type equipment, and detect whether or not she's being followed. She's also skilled at noting small details about her surroundings.

Education: Jenny had been a professor at MIT for years - well, at least she was before she acquired the MAX armor from her dead father's former employer. She lost her tenure shortly after that, but she still knows how to teach.

Engineering / Mechanical 2: her specialty, Jenny can engineer with the best of them, being able to design and build mechanical entities (either mundane or fantastic) with exceptional skill. In fact, she's one of the best in her field.

Leadership: Jenny is a highly charismatic young lady, and she is quite good at convincing people to do things. Of course, her military training has augmented this skill some, and she's quite good at leading groups in battle.

Martial Arts Types A and E: Jenny is quite skilled in self-defense, having been trained in Tai-Chi well before she was using the MAX armor. Of course, her time working for the government has only enhanced these fighting skills.

Military / United States: after she joined Project: Spitfire, Jenny had to learn the essentials of military life (even if she was mostly working with the CIA). She understands military protocols, can decipher military plans, and can lead a group of soldiers if necessary.

Repair / Tinkering: Jenny can also do quite well when attempting to modify any sort of mechanical system, whether it be standard technology or her father's MAX systems. She can usually jury-rig or kit-bash just about anything she needs (within reason, of course).


Jenny can rely upon her Displaced Paranormal friends for aid, particularly Captain Manhattan (who she's smitten with). Former contacts who might help her include her peers at MIT, the former Troubleshooters (who don't like her much) and various members of the CIA


For a time, Jenny didn't bother with any clothing at all - showing off her new steel skin as a 'costume' of sorts. As the vigilante Chrome, she instead wears a pair of cut-off army pants and an exceptionally short green top while roaming about on adventures.


Jenny is a smart, intelligent, and terminally head-strong woman who became a true hero at heart after acquiring the MAX technology. This heroism prompted her to disobey orders to save lives, which got her into a whole lot of trouble (and Pitt-juiced, to boot).

She does whatever she thinks is necessary in a situation, and lets other people worry about the consequences.

Real Name: Jenny Swensen
Occupation: adventurer, former government agent (cut loose on assignment).
Legal Status: US citizen suspected of murder (she's innocent).
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: Spitfire
Group Affiliation: DP 7, former agent of Project: Spitfire (a CIA operation), former member of the CIA's paranormal program.

Height: 5' 10"
Hair: chrome
Eyes: chrome
Weight: 300 lbs.
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: other than the fact that her entire exterior body (including her hair and eyes) have transformed into some sort of organic chrome, none.


Professor Jenny Swensen was an MIT instructor until that fateful day when her father was killed, murdered by a minion of Fritz Krotze, who thought the Doctor was holding back on his development of MAX technology. A pacifist at heart, Doctor Swensen soon realized that his ultimate tool was being developed by Krotze as a deadly weapon.

As such, he did indeed hold back the prototype of his greatest work, an act that got him killed. Once this occurred, Jenny came to collect her things from the family home (which was situated on Krotze International property), when she discovered things that made her suspicious about the conditions surrounding her father's demise.

Soon after, Jenny broke into the place with the help of five MIT students, the so-called Troubleshooters, found the Mark 2 MAX suit, and discovered that her father had indeed been killed by Krotze's flunky. She then decided to steal the MAX suit and the mobile lab it was built in (it was three Mack trucks) and made for the sticks.

Krotze made several attempts to recover the suit and the laboratory, though he was ultimately thwarted when Jenny testified about the events surrounding her father's death and Krotze's shady dealings with the so-called Club, at which point the terrorists in that organization eliminated him for his failures; they then targeted Jenny and the Troubleshooters.

Their best operative, the assassin known as Steel Hawk, did a number on Jenny on many occasions, and managed to effectively wipe out the Troubleshooters (killing one and maiming another). As the remaining two Troubleshooters dealt with Steel Hawk once and for all, Jenny was kidnapped by the government, who had Plans for her.

Plans involving the creation of Project: Spitfire, a CIA program meant to deal with the proliferation of MAX technology, which was sold by Krotze (and through him, the Club) to various world powers, like the USSR Jenny worked with this group for a time, until she was caught up in the chaotic swirl of events surrounding the creation of the Pitt.

While there, she disobeyed orders to save the lives of several people, though she got dipped in Pitt-juice in the process (as did the people she saved). Jenny then left the Project, which got her landed in military jail for her troubles, though not before she met the paranormals that made up the group known as DP 7, who took her in as one of their own.

Of course, the Pitt-juice eventually caused a mutagenic effect in Jenny, an effect that changed her skin into a sort of flexible steel armor. Once this transformation was completed (with Glitter's unwitting help), Jenny joined up with the CIA's paranormal program for a time, though this time was somewhat limited. This was because of the Overshadow.

You see, the CIA's female paranormal force was sent to investigate Philip Nolan Voight, who was currently running for President of the United States, and doing quite well. He was, in fact, compelling people to vote for him, wielding Wayne Tucker's paranormal power to 'push' people into doing things (he could wield any paranormal's powers). While observing him, Jenny and her fellow CIA operatives fell to this power.

When the rest of DP 7 discovered this, they tried to defeat Voight, but were pummeled senseless by their mind-controlled friends. Realizing that they couldn't do anything at this time, the group simply got on with their lives, living under Voight's shadow until they convinced the current Star Brand to confront the now-President. He did so, and soon, Voight's powers were neutralized by the older Star Brand.

While this was taking place, however, Jenny met and befriended a local hero, a man who took the name Captain Manhattan, and introduced the man to the rest of the Displaced Paranormals. Furthermore, Jenny sort of fell for the guy, who was intensely driven to improve the city he loved, mostly by going about and roughing up criminals (never seriously injuring them, however).

Assuming she was a super heroine, Manhattan started calling her Chrome, and the name sort of stuck. The duo continued to fight crime for the next couple of years, protecting the dwindling population of New York City as best they could. This, of course, continued until the two participated in their world's defense against the Starblasters.

As a result of these alien marauders' actions, their earth was dragged into the Marvel Universe, where the Stranger began to study the paranormals within. Of course, the Living Tribunal ultimately stopped this, sealing the world off from the rest of the universe, as this cosmic being believed that the energies of the Star Brand were a dangerous contaminant in his reality.

Though their world was forever displaced, and supposedly sealed off from the rest of the Marvel Universe, it is assumed that Captain Manhattan and Chrome continued their super-heroic adventures together, possibly even trying to find a way to return their world to its rightful place in the omniverse!

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