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Dennis Michael Cuzinski, otherwise known as Scuzz, was an ordinary troubled youth before the White Event forever changed him. He was 'blessed' with the power of corrosion, his body making all of his various secretions quite acidic. He couldn't turn this effect off, but he could amplify it when thinking violent thoughts. Of course, the Cure has removed any trace of these powers once and for all.



Former Powers:

Corrosion (s): Scuzz's main parability was a permanent change in his biochemistry. As a result of this change, his body generated a strange, molecular acid that acted against most matter in an incredibly destructive fashion. He could work his way through anything of up to material strength 16, as lab tests have seen him burn through solid blocks of steel to determine how potent his acidic secretions really were.

Not that he was constantly that corrosive. No, Scuzz was usually only coated in a layer of acid of intensity 1 strength, which could burn through his clothing somewhat quickly, ruining it within about a day or so. The angrier he got, however, the stronger his acid grew, until he capped out at the above, intensity 16 levels. Scuzz's corrosive power worked at -4 versus organic matter (living or dead).

Scuzz has demonstrated the following power stunts to date:

* Aura / Fire (a): when he got sufficiently angry, Scuzz could generate enough chemicals to ignite the air around him! He could do this once per hour, for the duration of an encounter, at which point his body turned beet red, and he'd actually be aflame. Anything he touched (or vice versa) suffered intensity 10 SD energy damage during this time, instead of the normal metabolic damage his corrosion caused.

* Scuzz-Balls (a): by spitting into his hands and rolling the goo around with his sweat, Scuzz could create what he called Scuzz-balls. These globules of his corrosive material could be thrown, with explosive effect! When striking an object, they would detonate to leave holes similar to gunshot wounds. Thus, when flinging his Scuzz-balls, Scuzz could inflict intensity 10 piercing damage with each attack.

Resistance to Drugs and Poison (s): a curious side effect of Scuzz's corrosive nature is that he seemed to break down foreign agents in his body quickly. He's shaken off tranquilizers and other drugs with remarkable alacrity, thus giving him this ability at intensity 12 (+3) effectiveness. He could still get drunk or high or sick from bad food, but he tended to shake off the effects of such (or avoid lethal poisoning) rather easily.

Hindrances / Augmentations:







Scuzz can readily rely upon his fellow paranormals from therapy group C in the Clinic for Paranormal Research - despite the generally rotten way he treated them. Surviving members of the DDTeens could also be considered reliable contacts, despite how badly Scuzz generally treated them, too. Finally, Scuzz has proven to be an honored member of the White Eventists for his actions against the Cure.


Demolisher: while Scuzz was mostly out for himself, even with his temporarily trying to be a 'better person' after he got half of the DDTeens killed, this young man is simply damaged goods. He enjoys wrecking things, which his parabilities actually made quite easy (even if they ruined the rest of his life, such as it was). This likely hasn't changed with the loss of his paranormal power.


Scuzz didn't really rely upon a costume. He often wore mundane jeans, sneakers and T-shirts, occasionally accompanied by a denim jacket. Of course, with the way he worked through clothing, Scuzz was just as likely to be wearing anything, even ill-fitting clothes, as he replaced ruined items with whatever he could beg, borrow or steal from others. Anything he wears usually looks work out after about an hour.


While he had tried to get his hot-headed nature under control, even by submitting to religious brainwashing from the White Eventists, Scuzz has always been a violent and temperamental soul. He's quick to react negatively to anything he dislikes, and he dislikes a lot of things that don't immediately benefit him. Of course, his mouth has always written checks that his butt can't cash...

Real Name: Dennis Michael Cuzinski
Occupation: none
Legal Status: citizen of the United States with a likely criminal record
Marital Status: single
Alias(es), if any: Scorcher
Group Affiliation: member of an unnamed White Eventist chapter in New York City, former member of the DDTeens, DP 7 (therapy group C)

Height: 5' 7"
Hair: red-blonde
Eyes: blue
Weight: 140 lbs
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: while his powers were active, Scuzz was continually smoldering. This was a result of the acid in is sweat constantly eating away at whatever fabric he was wearing. This was often accompanied by a repulsive, acrid odor, depending on the kind of fabric he was breaking down at any given moment.


Dennis Cuzinski grew up in a rough home, his mother having died early in his childhood, and his father taking out his grief at her loss on Dennis. This caused him to grow up hard rather quickly, and he had a tendency to get into trouble quite often. He endured regular beatings from his strict father as a result, though in time Dennis grew to simply ignore the pain his father dished out to him - it was just normal.

Outside of the house, Dennis quickly gained the nickname of 'Scuzz' as a local hoodlum, and it sort of stuck with him - even after he acquired his paranormal powers. You see, Scuzz gained special powers after the White Event, though he didn't know it at first, and his body began to generate a strange, molecular acid soon after that bizarre astronomical phenomenon had washed over him and the earth.

Not sure how to handle this, Scuzz's father shipped him off to a place he'd heard of, the Clinic for Paranormal Research, since the Clinic said Scuzz could be 'treated' for free. Upon his arrival, the Clinic's scientists began to study Scuzz and his powers, and learned just how caustic his strange natural acids really were. And, of course, the Clinic's paranormal staff went to work on Scuzz's mind.

They were engaging in radical behavior modification techniques on him and the Clinic's other patients - at least, until patient Randy O'Brien, in Scuzz's therapy group, discovered this thanks to his mysterious antibodies. When Randy chose to leave, he was attacked by the Clinic's security force, prompting the entire therapy group to escape the place in order to avoid whatever nefarious goals they had in mind for paranormals.

Scuzz went along with this because hey, an outlaw life on the road! He stuck with the rest of his therapy group for some time, until he began to feel increasingly alienated from them due to various personality conflicts - mostly conflicts caused by Scuzz. This culminated with a fight between him and the others which saw him ditching them and their 'crummy' Winnebago in the wilds of Wisconsin.

Wandering alone for a bit, Scuzz quickly ran afoul of several bikers, who beat him severely for messing with their rides (or so they imagined). He was cared for after his hospital release by a waitress at the bar he'd been beaten at, until she put the moves on him and his powers burned her. Realizing that he was cursed to a life without sex, Scuzz decided that he was going to end it all - and how!

But he had a few loose ends to wrap up first. Returning to the bar where he'd been beaten, Scuzz destroyed the motorcycles of the bikers that assaulted him, and when they came out to fight him again, he grew violent and angry enough to activate his 'scorcher' mode, literally burning off his clothes... and the very air around him! He made quick work of the goons who'd humbled him, and then stole a surviving bike.

Driving off into the wild, Scuzz was going to detonate it - and take himself out at the same time. His rage faded in the cold of the Wisconsin night however, what with him being naked and all, and Scuzz's flames died out. Seeking clothing and shelter soon after, he was quickly nabbed by a gang of Clinic headhunters who'd been tracking him down, and thought him an 'easy' target without his friends to protect him.

Back in the Clinic, Scuzz was brainwashed anew, though this didn't stick. Once the Clinic captured the others, they had to contend with two who were seemingly immune to their mental influence: O'Brien and David Landers. A fight broke out between those two and the Clinic's leader, Philip Nolan Voigt, which ended with him faking his own death and leaving the Clinic in the care of those two - and its remaining, human staff.

Free from mind control, the various paranormals quickly returned to their normal personalities, and Scuzz was no exception. Seeing a variety of 'gangs' forming amongst the paranormal population, Scuzz decided to create his own, consisting of the teenagers and younger children who were resident there. This gang was his 'answer' to the Black Powers and the like, and he christened them the DDTeens.

While the DDTeens caused a bit of trouble in the Clinic, they didn't do any serious damage at first. Of course, when their antics caused the local 'normals' to discover the Clinic, Scuzz saw the writing on the wall, and had them flee the place shortly afterwards. This proved to be a good idea, since the place was closed down shortly after, thanks to a gun fight between the paranormals and local law enforcement.

On the run, the DDTeens landed at the house of Stephanie Harrington, another member of Scuzz's original therapy group. She let them stay in her basement for a time, though when she and her family moved to Maryland so she could work for the CIA, the DDTeens squatted in the home. Until they ran afoul of the police in Sheboygan, and almost died when fleeing the cops in the Harrington station wagon, anyway.

This wreck killed half of the DDTeens, and seriously injured most of the others. Scuzz was despondent over this, and was about to attempt suicide again, when he was talked out of it by Milnius, the leader of the so-called White Eventists. He may or may not have used mental powers to do this, considering how stubborn Scuzz is, but the man played on Scuzz's guilt in order to bring him into the fold of his cult.

For a time, another former member of the DDTeens, Michael Crawley, also joined the Eventists, but fled once he realized they were up to no good. He came back for Scuzz in time however, along with their mutual acquaintance, David Landers. They drug Scuzz off to New York City, where he quickly began to preach to the locals. This made him a prime target for a gang who were busy torturing and killing paranormals.

When rescued (again) by David, Scuzz moved in with a local White Eventist cell, where he grew attracted to Hannah, another paranormal he was held captive with. He couldn't touch her however, which caused him considerable teenage angst, and culminated with him pondering using the powers of the so-called Cure to rid himself of his abilities. That would, at least, let him touch Hannah without hurting her.

She rejected this idea flat out, saying he was being tested, and should be 'strong'. Scuzz seemingly snapped out of his White Eventist conditioning at this point, his rage suddenly returning. With that, he decided he'd show her and the others how 'strong' he really was, and went after the Cure - with murder in his heart! When that man began curing paranormals of their powers, Scuzz attacked him!

Using his corrosive abilities, he severely wounded the hands of the Cure, though that man reflexively used his own powers to save himself... wiping out Scuzz's own abilities. While the White Eventists supposedly believed in a peaceful way of life, they nonetheless applauded Scuzz for his 'heroic action', and allowed him to stay with them despite the loss of his powers. Which was kind of hypocritical, but hey.

At least he was finally able to touch his most recent love, anyway.

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