Drone Assault Vehicle, Mark 3 (Behemoth)

A weapon of war, the Behemoth was meant to be the next generation of battle tanks. Several peculiar engineering shortfalls prevented the model from taking off, however. Though government contractors, the engineers of Krotze International are likely to cover these in the next model.

The Mark 3 Drone Assault Vehicle has these capabilities:

Blending (a): the Behemoth's glossy black paint is so dark that, in dark conditions, opponents must pass a desperate Willpower action to spot it at all. The tank is still audible, so one can probably sense it coming, thus the Behemoth may well do best while lying in wait.

Body Armor (s): one of the most notable features of the Behemoth tank is its glossy black metal shell. This shell provides the tank intensity 20 (+5) protection from harm, which is enough to pad it against most assaults launched by normal humans - particularly with its m.s. of 12.

Machine Guns (a): the secondary weapons of the Mark 3 Drone Assault Vehicle, these top-mounted weapons complement the main cannon by disposing of human targets and small vehicles that attempt to battle the Behemoth (or slice its fiber optic tether). These are +5 armaments.

Main Cannon (a): the primary weapon of the Mark 3 Drone Assault Vehicle, this barrel is a +8 instrument of destruction, inflicting like damage to anyone within striking range of its target. This weapon is usually reserved for primary targets on missions, or very dangerous opponents.

Missile Launchers (i): the Mark 3 Drone Assault Vehicle is armed with two separate missile launchers, both mounted on the turret, flanking the main cannon itself. It can fire multiple missiles at once, each additional projectile increasing the base damage of 10 by +1.

Remote Control (i): The most interesting feature of the Behemoth is that it is piloted by remote control. There is nobody inside the tank driving it, and there is no radio transceiver broadcasting directions back and forth; it's all done via fiber optic tether, which is virtually invisible.

The trick with the Behemoth, and the cause of its eventual defeat at Spitfire's hands, is that there is no backup for the tether; sure, the fiber optic line is practically invisible, but it can be cut by opponents on purpose or incidentally, and if this happens, the Behemoth is dead in the water.

Smooth engineering move, that.

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