Krotze International

Owned by millionaire Fritz Krotze, Krotze International was a government-grade weapons manufacturer, who had Department of Defense contracts to produce various items for the United States military. However, Fritz was a dirty dealing man, and as such, he had connections to the Club, an international arms dealer, terrorist organization, and all around group of Bad Guys.

The company was known to employ these three individuals (of note):

Mick Bronson: unlike many of the people he worked for, Mick wasn't too bright. Though he lacked the engineering wizardry of Fritz Krotze, or even Richard Faylen, he had a certain something the two of them lacked: the capability and willingness to kill. Availability:

Mick Bronson (MSH Classic)

Mick Bronson (4C System)

Mick Bronson (Marvel Saga)

Richard Faylen: after committing statutory rape one fateful night (she said she was sixteen), engineer Richard Faylen was forever bound to Fritz Krotze. His boss scrubbed his record clean, but then forced him to do all manner of dirty tricks for him. Availability:

Richard Faylen (MSH Classic)

Richard Faylen (4C System)

Richard Faylen (Marvel Saga)

Fritz Krotze: owner of Krotze International and a member of the Club, Fritz Krotze was a sleaze ball that sold various national secrets of a technical nature to the highest bidder. Unfortunately for him, his treason ultimately cost him his life. Availability:

Fritz Krotze (MSH Classic)

Fritz Krotze (4C System)

Fritz Krotze (Marvel Saga)

Krotze would apparently develop weapons for the DoD, and then sell the prints off to the Club, with spectacular profit. However, this scheme eventually backfired when Krotze's deal with Doctor Karl Swensen for his revolutionary MAX technology went sour, and one of Krotze's flunkies killed the man. This was bad, as Krotze hadn't received the latest prototype for Swensen's newest MAX suit yet.

While Krotze was looking for the suit (he knew Swensen had finished it), his daughter went and stole thing, suspecting (rightly so) that Krotze had her father killed. With the Club breathing down his neck, Krotze threw everything he had at Jenny Swensen, including lots of his experimental systems, but against the Mark 2 MAX suit, KI's other technology failed again and again.

After Jenny seized proof of Krotze's dealings with the Club in her last encounter with the man, the Club had decided that Krotze was expendable. As such, they sent one of their best hit men, Steel Hawk, to eliminate Fritz, which he did in a way to implicate Swensen in the deed, killing two birds with one stone (at least, that was the idea). This didn't work, but isn't the point here.

Thanks to a disc Jenny seized, Krotze (and thus, Krotze International) came under investigation for treason, among other things. The ultimate result of these hearings is unknown (with Krotze's death, it'd be hard to force any convictions), but Krotze International was still in operation for a little while after Fritz's death. However, the status of the company at this date is unknown.

While the company's final fate may be up in the air, however, their gear is well known to the intelligence community (especially thanks to Krotze's deal with the Club), so these items may appear in the arsenal of any government or organization with billions of dollars to spare. Not too many groups fit this description, mind you, but those that do can utilize this stuff:

the Behemoth Remote Controlled Tank: this ominous, glossy black tank was an advanced, remote controlled weapon of war that Krotze International had developed for the Department of Defense to wage war without putting American soldiers at risk. Availability:

the Behemoth (MSH Classic)

the Behemoth (4C System)

the Behemoth (Marvel Saga)

the Mark 1 MAX Suit: Doctor Karl Swensen's first Man-Amplified Experimental armor was a revolutionary application of his heuristics technology. Intended for peaceful purposes, it was converted into a weapon by Swensen's corporate backers. Availability:

the Mark 1 MAX Suit (MSH Classic)

the Mark 1 MAX Suit (4C System)

the Mark 1 MAX Suit (Marvel Saga)

the SDI Laser Emitter: this experimental weapon was, obviously, a laser emitting device developed by Krotze International for the Department of Defense's Strategic Defense Initiative - you know, Reagan's whole 'Star Wars' concept. Availability:

the Strategic Defense Initiative Laser (MSH Classic)

the Strategic Defense Initiative Laser (4C System)

the Strategic Defense Initiative Laser (Marvel Saga)

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