the Strategic Defense Initiative Laser Emitter

This weapon was essentially meant to be a sort of last line of defense against nuclear assault upon the United States by foreign powers, such as the USSR. The device is basically a long-range laser beam weapon capable of inflicting Monstrous (75) Energy damage per devastating blast of photonic energy, likely enough to destroy any nuclear device in flight.

The only problem is that it apparently never got put into operation by the American government, as the US was successfully struck by several hundred nuclear missiles launched by the USSR during the War, the end of the New Universe as it we knew it. The targeting system could hit a quarter resting on the Earth's surface, so it could have likely hit other objects in orbit.

Had it been installed in orbit around the Earth, that is. Considering the shaky situation of Krotze International after the revelations of the late Fritz Krotze's odd dealings with the Club, one can surmise why the United States government was loathe to put its safety in the corporation's hands. Even, in the end, if the technology was sound.

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