the Brawler

The Brawler is a large, self-propelled gun and missile launcher. It's a tall tracked vehicle that features a 77mm howitzer as its main cannon, along with a bevy of other projectile weaponry - not to mention experimental ablative armor. The Brawler has these capabilities:

Ablative Armor (s): the Brawler makes use of ablative armor, shaped explosives that detonate outward from the Brawler proper. They explode before incoming warheads to minimize their effects. Each side of the Brawler benefits from a one-shot use of intensity 30, or +7, body armor.

Body Armor (s): on top of its ablative armor technology, the Brawler utilizes plain old armor as well. It has a 'blast proof' armor casing that is up to 20 inches thick around the occupants' area, providing an m.s. of 13 and intensity 16, or +4, protection to its occupants.

Communications Array (i): the Brawler is equipped with a gigahertz frequency, frequency wobbler clandestine operations radio system. This makes for intensity 5 comm power (with a 25 mile range), which also features intensity 10 signal encryption.

Electro-fire Machine Guns (a): each front corner of the Brawler is equipped with two twinned machine gun mounts. They can each fire a short burst to inflict the gunner's Agility +6 in damage, or be fired continuously to inflict their Agility +7 in damage.

If both mounts are utilized, bolster this damage by +1, whichever firing mode is attempted.

Grenade Launchers (i): the Brawler has four separate grenade launchers. These triple-rack 'super strike' tactical effect grenades inflict intensity 10 damage to all within near missile range of their detonation point, adding +1 for each additional projectile used.

Mega Concussion Cannon (i): this artillery piece is the main weapon on the Brawler. It is a 77mm howitzer that can fire shells capable of inflicting the gunner's Agility +9 damage per blast, enough to penetrate even the most hardened of complexes or vehicles.

Night Attack Machine Gun (a): the UIO-101 machine gun is mounted atop the mega concussion cannon, and is a computer-controlled weapon. It can fire a short burst to inflict the gunner's Agility +6 in damage, or be fired continuously to inflict their Agility +7 in damage.

Night Vision (w): the Brawler is equipped with a series of micro-radar emitters and visible imaging systems, which provide it the ability to fight even in complete darkness - unless something is acting to jam radio frequencies in its vicinity, that is.

Propulsion (a): while it's rather tough, the Brawler isn't too fast. It can move at intensity 2 speeds (60 miles per hour) on flat roads, thanks to its 'street friendly' treads, but only at about 3/4 of that when moving off-road.

Surface-to-Air Missiles (i): the Brawler is equipped with two large SAM launchers. These rather large projectiles can strike anything within line-of-sight of the Brawler - and often beyond if it tries to flee. They inflict intensity 13 damage, +1 if both hit at once.

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