the Bridge Layer

The Bridge Layer (colloquially known as the Toss 'n Cross) carries an armored, vehicle-launched bridge. Built on a converted tank chassis, the Bridge Layer can drop said bridge to allow other vehicles to proceed over most any terrain, and has these characteristics:

105mm 'RAP' Cannons (a): The principal defense on the Bridge Layer, these cannons are mounted on each side of the vehicle - though not symmetrically. Armed with a laser designator for a +1 to hit, these guns inflict their operator's Agility +7 in damage per deadly burst.

Armored Hull (s): the Bridge Layer's frame utilizes a titanium alloy / micro-mesh bonded hull, making it considerably durable. It has an m.s. of 14, and provides intensity 12 (+3) armor to its occupants, making it very, very difficult to disable while being used as intended.

Communications Array (i): the Bridge Layer has a gigahertz frequency, frequency wobbler clandestine operations radio system, allowing for constant team communications. This makes for intensity 5 comm power (25 mile range) that has intensity 10 signal encryption.

HTS-T2 Forced-Induction 1700 HP Engine (a): this powerful engine allows the Bridge Layer to operate the hydraulic equipment required to deploy and retract its armored bridge, and also allows it to move over land at approximately 45 miles per hour (intensity 3 propulsion).

Reinforced Bridge (a): the primary function of the Bridge Layer is to drop this device over a bad span of terrain, whether it be a narrow cavern or deep stretch of water. Spanning twenty-three feet, this bridge is armored to the point that it has a material strength of 15.

Rocket Launchers (i): the Bridge Layer has a secondary defense in the form of these launchers, which can fire intensity 10 anti-tank or anti-personnel missiles. These launchers can be fired in tandem to inflict +1 damage, and have up to 40 rounds available.

Extra Goodies:

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